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Alberta Child Welfare Class Action Settlement

If you were injured while under the care of Alberta Child Welfare, up until February 19, 2008, you may be eligible to receive a settlement.

Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team

Bringing together of Alberta's integrated policing units to strategically tackle serious and organized crime.

Civil forfeiture

Civil forfeiture takes away criminal property, such as cash, vehicles and homes, and uses it to help victims and support community programs.

Complaints about how you were treated as a victim of crime

If you feel you weren't treated fairly by a victim services unit, or by the Financial Benefits Program, you can file a complaint.

Complaints regarding the criminal justice process

If you feel you weren’t treated fairly during the criminal justice process, you can send a complaint to any of the organizations involved.

Correctional services

Correctional facilities and staff responsible for supervision, custody and programs for adult and young offenders.

Fine payment

Pay traffic tickets and other fines.

Fines enforcement

Collection of overdue no-cash bail forfeitures and Criminal Code and Traffic Safety Act fines.

Get a Restraining Order Without Notice

How to file a restraining order against someone who has made you fear for your safety.

Get an Emergency Protection Order

How to file an Emergency Protection Order if you’ve been in a family violence situation and need police protection.

Help for victims of crime

Support if you've experienced physical or emotional harm, property damage or economic loss as a result of a crime.

Law enforcement

Enforcement of Alberta laws through education, investigations, deterrence and rehabilitation.

Law enforcement security programs

Oversight, licensing and compliance for the security, investigator and locksmith services industries in the province.

Office of the Sheriff – Civil Enforcement

This office regulates Alberta’s civil enforcement industry.

Online training for victim services providers

Service providers can take online training to provide better support for victims of crime.

Property seizures and evictions by civil enforcement agencies

Hire an agency to collect on someone’s outstanding debts or evict them if they don’t respond to your court order.

Rights as a victim of crime

As a victim of crime, you have rights that protect your safety and dignity.

Safer communities and neighbourhoods unit

Targeting of properties that are continually used for ongoing illegal activities.