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GeoDiscover products

Metadata and details for the following products can now be found in GeoDiscover.

A collection of provincial land use geo-administrative boundaries are provided by Alberta Environment and Parks to AltaLIS Ltd. for distribution to the public under the Province of Alberta's Open Government Licence.

These boundaries are offered as fee-free downloads from their website and are provided in ESRI Shapefile format. See AltaLIS Ltd.

In addition to what is available through AltaLIS Ltd., the following land use data sets are distributed by Alberta Environment and Parks through GeoDiscover.

Alberta Human Footprint Monitoring Program (AHFMP) – Footprint sublayers

The goal of the AHFMP is to improve the accuracy of the human footprint data and to focus expertise from the various organizations on a single footprint product.

Oil sands industrial features

This landcover/land use dataset has been produced and submitted to Alberta Environment and Parks to partially fulfil requirements for conservation and reclamation data submission under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) oil sands approvals (2010 onwards). Historical landcover/land use data (1980s to 2015) was created from a variety of sources including satellite imagery classification, operator data and base features.

Peat Application Area

The Peat Application Area dataset depicts available land which may contain peat resources and the requirement of a peat application in Alberta. Note: peat exploration is not allowed if there are environmental concerns for water, wildlife or parks. This product represents where a peat harvesting application can be submitted.

The Peat Application Area dataset was created to support the directive Allocation and Sustainable Management of Peat Resources on Public Land.

Provincial Grazing Reserves (PGRs)

PGRs provide summer pasture for Alberta's farmers and ranchers on public land, enabling them to use their own land for crop and hay production. The reserves also offer opportunities for recreation, wildlife and industry. Digitized boundaries for all 32 Alberta PGRs.

Water Act Codes of Practice

The Water Codes of Practice set out the standards and conditions to be met to ensure any activity minimizes the disturbance and impact on the environment. Alberta Environment and Parks is the ministry responsible for administration and enforcement of the act.

Wildlife sensitivity maps – Data sets

Information on these maps can be found at: Wildlife sensitivity maps.