Once the parties decide to move their matter forward, they can schedule a Pre-Hearing Dispute Resolution Conference (DRC), unless they request that the matter go directly to mediation.

The DRC is a conference call to discuss and attempt to resolve procedural issues and facilitate getting the matter to hearing or mediation. A notice outlining the details of the DRC is sent to all pertinent parties. The notice gives the telephone number to call and the Conference ID.


When the parties decide to move their matter forward, a Pre-Hearing Dispute Resolution Conference (DRC) is held to identify key issues and determine whether the matter will move forward to a mediation or hearing.

Step 1. Request a Dispute Resolution Conference (DRC)

Once a DRC is requested, the Board will provide the parties with available dates.

Unlike hearings, DRCs are not open to the general public.

Step 2: During the DRC

DRCs are typically held through a conference call. In special circumstances, the DRC may be held in person.

A Board Member or Case Manager will guide the discussion and provide an informal setting for parties to explore the likelihood of resolution.

The Board Member/Case Manager will seek to set deadlines for the parties to exchange documents (such as expert reports), conduct questioning, and establish facts and issues that are not in dispute. If necessary, the Board Member/Case Manager will set a hearing date.

Step 3. After the DRC

If the parties do not come to a resolution, the matter will likely proceed to another DRC, mediation if both parties agree, or a hearing.

No detailed minutes will be taken at the DRC, though a DRC Record will be sent to the parties who were invited to the DRC outlining the outcomes and actions required.


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