When an Expropriating Authority requires a certain area of land or an interest in land, it may be necessary for the land or interest to be expropriated.

The Expropriation Act sets out the processes by which expropriation occurs in the Province of Alberta. The authority to expropriate can come from various other provincial laws, and it may be necessary to refer to that legislation.

The expropriation process usually happens outside of the Board, however, when an Expropriating Authority is not a municipality or the Crown, the Board is responsible for inquiring into whether expropriation is fair, sound and reasonably necessary and determining whether it should be approved.

The expropriation process is for general information only, and in all circumstances the Expropriation Act, Regulations (Rules of Procedure and PracticeForms Regulation) and other Acts are the law.

Parties may enter into section 30 agreements, where parties may consent to the transfer of land or interest, may agree to compensation, or agree to the expropriation and request the Board determine compensation (Expropriation Act, section 30).


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