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Reason for vote

The purpose of this plebiscite was to consider whether lamb producers desire a refundable or non-refundable service charge model.

The Alberta Lamb Producers (ALP) requested this vote in accordance with the:

Understanding the voting options

The plebiscite asked producers to vote on the following matter.

“I would like the Alberta Lamb Producers to operate with a:

  • Non-refundable service charge model


  • Refundable service charge model”

A vote for a non-refundable service charge means the service charge paid would be non-refundable and retained by the Alberta Lamb Producers. This would be a change from the current service charge model.

A vote for a refundable service charge means to continue using the current service charge model. The service charge paid would continue to be refundable at the request of the producer.

When to vote

Voting closed on November 16, 2022, at noon MST.

Voting results

The time period to submit an application to contest the results has passed, and as no applications were received by Marketing Council the results are final.

Alberta Lamb Producers plebiscite – reporting of results

As the plebiscite resulted in a vote for the service charge model to remain refundable, there will be no change to the current service charge structure or regulations.

Service charge model background

The service charge model is a structure under which the ALP collects a check-off from producers on the purchase of ear tags and the sale of wool. Under ALP’s current regulations, a producer may request a refund of all or a portion of the service charge they pay from ALP.

Before 2009, ALP used a non-refundable service charge model. MAPA was amended in 2009 to make all agricultural commissions operate with a refundable service charge model. MAPA was then amended in 2017, to provide autonomy to agricultural commissions to determine the service charge model that would work best for their industry, through a plebiscite of producers.

Marketing Council role

Marketing Council does not have a position on the question of service charge model and is acting in an administrative capacity only as the Returning Officer, responsible to oversee the plebiscite process. As part of its oversight role, Marketing Council retained the services of MNP, who was the Deputy Returning Officer for the plebiscite, responsible for working with Marketing Council to administer the plebiscite per the established plebiscite directive.

Plebiscite directive

The plebiscite was governed by a directive, which was made by Marketing Council with the approval of the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation under section 5.1 of the MAPA. The directive was also reviewed by ALP. The directive is available for review and download.


For questions about the plebiscite, contact Marketing Council:

Phone: 780-427-2164
Email: [email protected]

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