The Lake Trout Working Group was established in September 2022 to develop proposed recreational sportfishing regulations that support a sustainable lake trout population in Cold Lake.

The Working Group will share their experiences and knowledge about angling in Cold Lake, and help suggest and review options for proposed sportfishing regulations that support a sustainable lake trout population.

Cold Lake is a unique aquatic ecosystem and is an important contributor to the quality of life for local communities and the local and regional economy. After the collapse of the fishery in the 1940’s, Alberta's government has been working to recover the lake trout population. Recent index netting shows that population levels are now sufficient to explore the opportunity for increased levels of recreational harvest. 


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  • Results under review

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Who is listening

Ministry of Environment and Protected Areas


The working group will support finding sportfishing regulatory options for lake trout in Cold Lake that best serve the needs of all lake users and meet the desired fisheries management objectives.


The working group includes stakeholders from:

  • Beaver River Fish & Game (representing the Alberta Fish and Game Association)
  • City of Cold Lake
  • Cold Lake Chamber of Commerce
  • Cold Lake Fish and Game Club
  • Municipal District of Bonnyville
  • Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment
  • Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation
  • local angling guide (representing the guiding community)
  • local angling expert with strong connections to the provincial community
  • local angling community 



Proposed sportfishing regulation options from the working group may be used in annual sportfishing regulation engagement (PDF, 564 KB).


Email: [email protected] 

Last updated: September 28, 2022