We gathered input from unions and unionized employers on how to implement changes that ensure unions share financial statements with their members, and members can choose whether to pay union dues for political activities and causes.

These changes were introduced as part of the Restoring Balance in Alberta’s Workplace Act in July 2020.

Stakeholder input will inform the development of a regulation that meets their needs and protects workers’ rights.


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  • Results under review

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Who is listening

Ministry of Labour and Immigration

Input received

Discussion guide

Discussion guides were sent to the following groups to gather input that will help us inform the development of a regulation:

  • For union financial disclosure: unions, labour associations
  • For union dues election: unions, labour associations, unionized employers, unionized employer associations


Feedback gathered from stakeholders will help develop and finalize a framework and regulations under the Labour Relations Code and proclaim the related sections in the Restoring Balance in Alberta’s Workplace Act.

Last updated: August 31, 2021