Call for proposals

Labour Market Partnerships (LMP) grants support Alberta’s industry sector and employer associations with common labour market challenges. These provincial grants help people prepare to participate in the dynamic labour market.

Alberta Labour and Immigration will have one request for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the Industry Workforce Partnerships LMP program.

The Labour Market Partnerships program

The LMP program helps industries build their workforce. It is designed to support projects with industries that have the same workforce-related needs.

Examples of LMP program activities

  • Research and analysis of labour market trends.
  • Developing strategic plans to prepare for future skill requirements and/or prevent skills shortages.
  • Promoting current labour market needs or heightening awareness of labour market issues such as the attraction and retention of under-represented groups.
  • Sharing best practices in human resource development.

For information on regional and Indigenous LMP grants, see Workforce Partnerships.

Important dates

To be announced.

How to apply

To be announced.


Submit questions to:
Email: iwp@gov.ab.ca