Keep Canada Working campaign

This ad ran in British Columbia newspapers on Wednesday, February 21, 2018.

We used to be so close.

Despite the current differences between our governments, British Columbians and Albertans share the same goals.

We both agree that climate change is one of the greatest threats facing our generation.

That’s why Alberta has taken decisive action.

We’re the first jurisdiction in the world to voluntarily cap its emissions. We’ve introduced Canada’s strongest carbon pricing. And we’re phasing out our coal power—currently the source of most of our electricity—over the next 12 years.

The federal government recognized these actions when it approved the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion, which laid the foundation for our national climate plan.

Our national climate plan puts an end to the self-destructive impulse to pit the economy against the environment. It sees necessary infrastructure like Trans Mountain paired with new protections that will guard the coast and reduce emissions nationwide.

The B.C. government is now trying to break the rules of Confederation and ignore the national climate plan, choosing to agree with only parts of the federal decision.

This disregard for the rule of law puts our national economy in danger. To investors, it makes us look like a risky bet. And it could put an end to the national climate plan.

Over the next 20 years, the Trans Mountain expansion is conservatively expected to generate $46.7 billion in government revenue to pay for public services across the country.

That’s $5.7 billion in B.C., $19.4 billion in Alberta and $21.6 billion across the rest of Canada.

That’s $46.7 billion for roads, schools and hospitals from coast to coast. That’s $46.7 billion that helps transition Canada to the next economy.

Generational problems aren’t solved overnight. And while Canada transitions to a lower carbon, greener economy we can’t ignore or leave behind the millions of Canadians who rely on natural resources such as forestry, mining and energy to provide for their families and support their communities.

Pipelines are the safest, greenest, most cost-effective way to move oil to market. They also happen to be a federal responsibility.

Canada succeeds when Alberta and British Columbia succeed. British Columbia is the second-largest net contributor to the Canadian federation, sending $886/person more than received. Alberta is the largest at $5,148/person. Canada will fail if Alberta and British Columbia fail.

So let’s work together for the benefit of everybody. We’re asking you to ask the B.C. government to come back to Confederation and the rules of our country.

Albertans and British Columbians share more than a border and an economy.

We share the same goals. Let’s support good jobs for working people together with a national climate plan—and bring this country back together.


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