June 24, 2019 edition of Agri-News

Articles on late blight in potatoes and tomatoes, fungicide application, cow market update, Alberta companies at SIAL Canada, and more.

Services and information

This disease affects mainly potatoes and tomatoes and continues to be a risk for all solanaceous crops grown in Alberta.

A research trial is looking at feeding hybrid rye versus wheat grain to hogs in grower-finisher diets.

How to assess the degree of risk to the crop when deciding on fungicide application.

Jason Wood, provincial livestock market analyst with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, updates the numbers as of June 19, 2019.

Six Alberta companies took part in this key tradeshow for the Canadian agri-food industry.

The app helps with managing manure, tracking applications, transfers and record keeping. It includes weather data, nutrient and soil tests.

The benefits of rolling a crop - either after seeding or after emergence - and tips to ensure its success.

It is possible to extend the grazing period of stressed pastures using these suggestions.