July 15, 2019 edition of Agri-News

Articles on hailed out crops, export services for Alberta agriculture and food companies, beef and forage issue series and more.

Services and information

What to consider when salvaging damaged cereal, oilseed or hay crops after a hail event to avoid issues with nitrate accumulation.

Recent hailstorms in the province have left some producers with severely damaged crops, but they could still have value as a feed source.

Where to view broadcasts of the Cows and Chaos - Feed, Forage and Management Strategies webinars after they air.

The drastic range of rainfall amounts around the province over the last few weeks poses a challenge for making good quality hay.

Much of the province will soon be buzzing with hay bines and baling equipment, and doing the job safely should remain top of mind.

Two new videos outline the services available to Alberta companies that are considering expanding into the export arena.

This six part series looks at various beef and forage related issues discussed during a recent tour of east-central Alberta farms.