• Job Title: Intake Officer
  • Work Unit: Intake and Adjudication Support
  • Ministry: Alberta Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner
  • Competition Number: 1055451


The Information and Privacy Commissioner is an Officer of the Legislature and reports directly to the Legislative Assembly. The Commissioner and the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (OIPC) are independent of the Government of Alberta and provide oversight of Alberta’s public, health and private sectors to ensure compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the FOIP Act), the Health Information Act (HIA), and the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).

The Intake and Adjudication Support (IAS) unit performs the initial review function on all matters coming before the OIPC. The initial review function is essential for the OIPC as it establishes whether parties coming to the OIPC understand and are properly exercising the rights set out in Alberta’s three access and privacy laws and whether the matters or issues identified by the parties are within the Commissioner’s legislative jurisdiction and warrant further review or investigation. The IAS unit also manages the administrative functions of the inquiry process, where the OIPC operates as a quasi-judicial tribunal and the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness are of the utmost importance.

Reporting to the Manager, the position communicates with stakeholders (including members of the public, elected and senior officials, media, public bodies, custodians and organizations) on a diverse range of subject matters. The position provides the first-level review and assessment on matters that come before the OIPC to determine jurisdiction, applicable legislation, and issues, for example, privacy impact assessments, and self-reported breaches.  The position also provides back-up for the adjudication support functions.

The position maintains much of the file information in the OIPC’s electronic case management system as a case moves through the different phases within the OIPC. This includes entering and updating data in the system to open, track and close files, ensuring the proper parties and issues for a case are correctly identified within the system and the required documentation is generated or scanned and placed on the case file, and creating reports and statistics as required. 

Responsibilities and Activities

The work performed by the position is integral to the Commissioner’s ability to ensure the privacy and access rights of Albertans are upheld; ensure that public bodies/custodians/organizations comply with their duties and responsibilities under the Acts; and provide fair, independent and impartial reviews. The position’s specific accountabilities include:

  • Providing first level review and assessment on matters that come before the OIPC by conducting an initial review and assessment of Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA), Self-reported Breaches (SRB) and Requests for Information (RFI), for jurisdiction, application of legislation and issues; determining whether PIAs, SRBs and RFIs, are submitted in accordance with the requirements of the Acts and the OIPC.
  • Reviewing and providing an initial assessment for compliance with the Acts and regulations of all PIAs including:
    • managing and processing
    • ensuring that documentation and requirements of OIPC are met
    • writing or informing parties when PIAs are incomplete
    • initiatives in which the OIPC has established an expedited review process
    • drafting acceptance letters for the Director, Compliance and Special Investigations
  • Reviewing and providing an initial assessment for compliance with the Acts and regulations of all SRBs including:
    • managing and processing
    • writing or informing parties when the breach report is deficient of information
    • drafting letters related to breach reports under the direction of Director, Compliance and Special Investigations
  • Maintaining the case files within the OIPC electronic case management system by:
    • opening, tracking and closing files within the system
    • entering, monitoring and updating data relevant to cases and parties associated with cases, including contact information for parties, case types, subject matters, issues, relevant legislation, timelines and phases within the OIPC process
    • generating letters, notifications and supporting documents
    • ensuring paper copies of correspondence and documents received by the OIPC are scanned accurately and placed on the appropriate file
  • Managing the OIPC’s SRB or PIA email accounts by:
    • reviewing SRB and PIA queries and submissions that are submitted to the OIPC PIA or SRB email
    • identifying issues and matters that need to be responded to related to PIAs or SRBs
  • Responding to queries, requests and complaints in person, over the phone, and in writing by:
    • determining the parties’ issues or concerns; identifying jurisdiction and applicable legislation; referring non-jurisdictional complaints or queries to the appropriate authorities
    • informing parties of their rights under the Acts and how they may exercise their rights under the Acts
    • advising as to the mandate of the Commissioner and the OIPC
    • providing comments and clarification to public bodies, health custodians and private sector organizations as to the application of the Acts and their respective obligations under the Acts
  • Conducting searches on the Corporate Registries System (CORES) to confirm whether private sector organizations are active, to obtain corporate contact information and to determine jurisdiction for OIPC
  • Processing file closures.
  • Assisting with processing non-jurisdictional submissions under the direction of the Manager
  • Providing back-up to the Intake Advisors as required and may include:
    • providing an first level review and assessment, and complete the processing of complaints and requests for review
    • managing the OIPC’s general information email account
  • Providing back-up to Reception positions as required and may include:
    • breaks and limited absences
    • answering switch board, receiving and sending mail by Canada Post, Courier, or Express Post
  • Providing back-up for the adjudication support functions, including:
    • communicating with parties
    • generating documents
    • entering data and documents in the case management system
  • Undertaking special projects as assigned by the Manager


The position must apply legislation in a complex and multi-stakeholder environment. The access and privacy legislative framework in Alberta is extremely complex. The FOIP Act applies to the public sector, HIA applies to the health sector and PIPA applies to the private sector. However, there are public bodies subject to the FOIP Act that are also custodians under HIA. In addition, dependent on contractual or agency relationships, private sector organizations may be “employees” of public bodies under FOIP or “affiliates” of custodians under HIA. The application of the legislation becomes more complicated given the increasing partnerships involving public, health and private sectors. This is challenging, as the position must correctly identify the correct jurisdiction and legislation.

As the first point of contact for the OIPC, the position must ensure that the correct information is provided to applicants, complainants, public bodies, health custodians and organizations. The position needs to be clear on the rights and the application of the relevant legislation. Queries can range from straight-forward single issues to complex multi-jurisdiction matters which require some research work. In a fiscal year, Intake consistently receives 2500 – 3000 non-case related queries. 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

College diploma or University undergraduate degree in a related field with two years progressively responsible related experience.  Equivalencies will be considered.

  • Working knowledge of the practical application of Alberta’s three access and privacy Acts. 
  • General understanding of access and privacy legislation in other jurisdictions.
  • Knowledge and experience dealing with difficult individuals.
  • Experience in interpreting and explaining legislation in terms understandable to parties.
  • Demonstrate skills and experience in computer and data entry, working with databases, compiling statistics, and reports
  • Extensive experience in Microsoft Office programs (eg: Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint and Access)
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills (verbal and written). 
  • Proven problem-solving and analytical abilities. 
  • Judgment, tact and diplomacy in handling sensitive/confidential matters/information. 
  • Attention to detail
  • Must be able to accurately manage numerous time-sensitive, complex tasks.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills to balance diverse and heavy workload.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a team environment.
  • General office and senior level administrative skills.


Clients Frequency Nature and Purpose of Contact
Members of the public; government ministries, boards and agencies; post- secondary institutions; schools; municipalities; law enforcement; health custodians and providers; professional regulatory bodies and associations; private sector organizations and businesses; complainants; applicants, media Daily Respond to queries, requests, and complaints. Inform and educate. Clarify and resolve disputes. Determine legislation, jurisdiction and issues.
Manager, Intake and Adjudication Support Daily Reports to and receives direction from the Manager; informs; provides status updates on work; provides recommendations on non-jurisdiction and timeline issues
Commissioner, Assistant Commissioners, senior management As required Provides statistics, information

Supervision Exercised

This position is not supervisory.

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