The competition status page displays a list of Alberta Public Service job postings and their stage in the hiring (competition) process.

The list includes the Job ID number, job title and status. If a job posting included a position profile, a link to the profile will be included next to the job title.

Job postings will be listed for 30 days after the competition status (filled, closed or cancelled) is set.

Job ID numbers noted as "Limited" reference job postings for current Alberta Public Service employees.

For questions regarding the status of a competition, please contact the ministry or department's Human Resource office advertising the job posting.

Competition status definitions

Active requisition
Applications are being accepted until the closing date.
Screening requisition
Applications are being reviewed to determine who will be invited for an interview.
Interview requisition
Interviews are underway with selected applicants.
Offer in progress
An offer has been extended to an applicant for this position.
Filled requisition
The most suitable candidate has been hired to fill the position.
Closed requisition
The candidate has been hired and the recruitment process is complete.
Requisition on hold
The competition has been delayed.
Cancelled requisition
The competition has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Competition status listing

View job postings by ministry/department

Job ID Number Job Title Status
01047391 Closed Requisition
01046600 Offer in Progress
01051729 **EXTENDED** Engagement Officer, Property Rights Advocate Office Review (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051726 **EXTENDED** Research Officer, Property Rights Advocate Office Review (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051753 **Extended**Correctional Peace Officer 1 - 2 (Casual on-call)Screening Requisition
01051923 *EXTENDED* Correctional Service Worker - WAGE (CASUAL/ON-CALL)Screening Requisition
01051334 *Extended*Judicial Clerk / Senior Judicial ClerkOffer in Progress
01049081 4-H Specialist (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050045 AB Supports CoordinatorOffer in Progress
01050048 AB Supports CoordinatorOffer in Progress
01051408 AB Supports Coordinator (PS 1)Interview Requisition
01051409 AB Supports Coordinator (PS 1)Interview Requisition
01051883 AB Supports Coordinator (PS 1)Screening Requisition
01049546 AB Supports Coordinator (PS1) (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050774 AB Supports Coordinator [PS1]Screening Requisition
01051528 AB Supports Coordinator: 2 part time (Blairmore & Taber) 1 full time (Pincher Creek) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050592 - Limited AB Supports Services SupvsrOffer in Progress
01050799 - Limited ACES Administrator (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01045169 AISH Application AssessorScreening Requisition
01050302 AISH GENERALISTClosed Requisition
01042842 AISH GeneralistOffer in Progress
01047915 AISH GeneralistScreening Requisition
01049384 AISH GeneralistInterview Requisition
01050024 AISH Generalist (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051625 AISH Generalist (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051721 AISH Generalist (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051725 AISH Generalist (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01047460 AISH Generalist (HSW 3)Interview Requisition
01050668 AISH Generalist (HSW 3)Offer in Progress
01051418 AISH Generalist (HSW 3)Interview Requisition
01051511 AISH Generalist (HSW 3)Interview Requisition
01051720 AISH Generalist (HSW 3)Interview Requisition
01047458 AISH Generalist (HSW3)Interview Requisition
01051069 AISH Generalist (Temporary)Screening Requisition
01051532 AISH Generalist - Temp (HSW 3)Interview Requisition
01051638 - Limited AISH Supervisor (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051343 AIT Officer (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051999 AIT Officer (Bonnyville) (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01052016 AIT Officer, SSC3 - Peace River (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01047022 - Limited ARC Advisor (AS 4)Offer in Progress
01047256 - Limited ARTS Administrator (AS5)Offer in Progress
01051090 ARTS Coordinator (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01042659 ARTS CoordinatorRequisition on Hold
01050283 Access and Privacy Advisor (PS4) (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01047540 - Limited AccountantClosed Requisition
01047984 Accounting OfficerClosed Requisition
01050381 Accounts Payable Administrator (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051675 - Limited Accreditation Analyst (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01052085 Accreditation Specialist (2 Vacancies) (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01046145 Action Request Tracking System (ARTS) CoordinatorInterview Requisition
01051096 Addictions CounselorInterview Requisition
01050773 Adjudicator (4 Positions) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01043223 Admin AssistantInterview Requisition
01050556 Admin Assistant-CIOffer in Progress
01050373 - Limited Admin Asst (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01042717 - Limited Admin Team Lead [AS5]Interview Requisition
01050963 Administration Team Lead (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051344 Administrative AssistantScreening Requisition
01048350 - Limited Administrative AssistantClosed Requisition
01051118 Administrative Assistant (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051119 Administrative Assistant (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051222 - Limited Administrative Assistant (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01048762 Administrative AssistantOffer in Progress
01048944 - Limited Administrative AssistantOffer in Progress
01050961 Administrative AssistantInterview Requisition
01051115 Administrative AssistantInterview Requisition
01051309 Administrative Assistant (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01049844 - Limited Administrative AssistantInterview Requisition
01050093 - Limited Administrative AssistantFilled Requisition
01050828 - Limited Administrative AssistantScreening Requisition
01051516 Administrative AssistantScreening Requisition
01051593 - Limited Administrative AssistantInterview Requisition
01051781 Administrative AssistantScreening Requisition
01051868 Administrative AssistantScreening Requisition
01049847 Administrative AssistantClosed Requisition
01051420 Administrative AssistantScreening Requisition
01051424 Administrative AssistantScreening Requisition
01038764 Administrative AssistantScreening Requisition
01047477 - Limited Administrative AssistantRequisition on Hold
01051111 Administrative AssistantOffer in Progress
01048826 Administrative Assistant (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051599 Administrative Assistant (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01046161 - Limited Administrative AssistantInterview Requisition
01049161 Administrative AssistantInterview Requisition
01040888 Administrative AssistantScreening Requisition
01046458 Administrative AssistantScreening Requisition
01048562 Administrative AssistantScreening Requisition
01049577 Administrative AssistantScreening Requisition
01050018 Administrative AssistantClosed Requisition
01050329 Administrative AssistantOffer in Progress
01050624 Administrative AssistantOffer in Progress
01050802 Administrative AssistantScreening Requisition
01051125 Administrative AssistantInterview Requisition
01051463 Administrative Assistant ( Lethbridge/ Medicine Hat)Offer in Progress
01052049 Administrative Assistant (2 Positions) (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051513 Administrative Assistant (60% part-time)Screening Requisition
01051724 Administrative Assistant (AS 3)Screening Requisition
01043787 Administrative Assistant (AS 3)Interview Requisition
01044053 Administrative Assistant (AS3)Interview Requisition
01050872 Administrative Assistant (AS3)Interview Requisition
01044814 Administrative Assistant (AS3)Screening Requisition
01045511 Administrative Assistant (AS3)Offer in Progress
01049943 Administrative Assistant (AS3)Offer in Progress
01050294 Administrative Assistant (AS3)Filled Requisition
01050934 Administrative Assistant (AS3)Closed Requisition
01043785 Administrative Assistant (AS3) Metis Settlement, St. PaulInterview Requisition
01043843 Administrative Assistant (AS4)Offer in Progress
01052071 - Limited Administrative Assistant (AS4) (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01050244 - Limited Administrative Assistant (AS5) (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01047098 - Limited Administrative Assistant (Legal Assistant) AS4Interview Requisition
01051682 Administrative Assistant (Metis Settlements)Interview Requisition
01050171 Administrative Assistant (Multiple Positions) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050320 Administrative Assistant - AS4 (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01043694 Administrative Assistant - Community & Social Services Intern Program for Persons with DisabilitiesRequisition on Hold
01052103 Administrative Assistant - Temp to February 28,2020 (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01050205 - Limited Administrative Assistant AS 4Offer in Progress
01051663 Administrative Assistant Coordination 511Screening Requisition
01042535 - Limited Administrative Assistant Supervisor (AS4)Offer in Progress
01050480 Administrative Assistant to Review and Assessment Officer and Case Management CounselFilled Requisition
01051381 Administrative Assistant, Driver Examination Program (2 positions)Interview Requisition
01051767 Administrative Assistant, Inspection Programs (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051817 Administrative Assistant, Third Party Auditor ProgramActive Requisition
01047828 Administrative Assistant/Coordinator (Various Positions)Screening Requisition
01051972 Administrative Assistant/Reception (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051425 Administrative CoordinatorScreening Requisition
01045696 Administrative Coordinator - Post Adoption Registry (AS 5)Offer in Progress
01050894 Administrative Program SupportFilled Requisition
01051241 Administrative Specialist (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050996 - Limited Administrative SupervisorOffer in Progress
01050326 Administrative Supervisor(AS5)Offer in Progress
01051601 - Limited Administrative Supervisor_Lethbridge (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050466 Administrative Support (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050966 - Limited Administrative Support (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01046156 Administrative SupportClosed Requisition
01050138 Administrative SupportClosed Requisition
01046975 Administrative SupportClosed Requisition
01048022 Administrative SupportClosed Requisition
01048862 Administrative SupportScreening Requisition
01049363 Administrative SupportClosed Requisition
01049748 Administrative SupportClosed Requisition
01050063 Administrative SupportScreening Requisition
01050076 Administrative SupportInterview Requisition
01050831 Administrative SupportFilled Requisition
01051104 Administrative SupportClosed Requisition
01051281 - Limited Administrative SupportClosed Requisition
01051331 Administrative SupportInterview Requisition
01052004 Administrative SupportScreening Requisition
01052109 Administrative SupportScreening Requisition
01049978 Administrative Support (Temporary, 1 year)Closed Requisition
01051231 Administrative Support (Temporary, 1 year)Closed Requisition
01051172 Administrative Support (Wage/casual)Screening Requisition
01052069 Administrative Support - Finance (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051777 Administrative Team Lead (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01047992 - Limited Administrative Team LeadOffer in Progress
01045145 Administrative Team Lead (AS6)Interview Requisition
01047438 Administrative Team Lead (AS6)Offer in Progress
01051881 - Limited Administrative Team Lead (Temporary / Secondment approximately for 6 months and 2 years) (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01050504 Administrator - Temporary 1 year position (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01051882 - Limited Adoption Worker (HSW5) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01048377 Adoptions Caseworker (HSW5)Offer in Progress
01048659 Adoptions Worker-Permanency Planning Worker (HSW 5)Offer in Progress
01051751 Advisor, Assessment & Property Tax Policy (Temporary, 2 Years) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051348 Advisor, Education Tax and Equalized Assessment (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01049732 Advisor, Prudential Supervision (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051612 Advisor, Prudential Supervision (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01046389 AdvocateClosed Requisition
01050032 AdvocateClosed Requisition
01048184 Advocate for Person With DisabilitiesClosed Requisition
01051013 Afterhours Assessor (Wages)Interview Requisition
01051084 Agency Compensation Analyst (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050881 Air Quality Specialist (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01050687 Aish GeneralistOffer in Progress
01046729 Alberta Public Service Policy Internship ProgramInterview Requisition
01047529 Alberta Student Ministerial InternsInterview Requisition
01040864 Alberta Supports Contact Centre Services CoordinatorOffer in Progress
01044223 Alberta Supports CoordinatorOffer in Progress
01046898 Alberta Supports CoordinatorInterview Requisition
01044921 Alberta Supports Coordinator (PS1)Interview Requisition
01051581 - Limited AnalystInterview Requisition
01050400 - Limited Analyst (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051667 AnalystScreening Requisition
01045066 Analyst (PS 4) - Temporary PositionOffer in Progress
01050902 Analyst, Advisory, Engagement and Advocacy (PS3)Offer in Progress
01050662 Analyst, Strategic Integration (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01050702 Anlst-ED Ed Research (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051306 - Limited Anti-Racism Community Grant Consultant (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050388 - Limited Anti-Racism Grant Program Manager (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01052047 Appeals Assistant - Calgary (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01046230 Application ManagerRequisition on Hold
01047705 Approvals ManagerClosed Requisition
01051570 - Limited Archival Technician (Position Profile)Cancelled Requisition
01052073 Archival Technician (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051287 - Limited Area AssistantScreening Requisition
01050691 Area Forester (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051525 Area ForesterScreening Requisition
01051865 - Limited Art Collections Administrator (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050781 - Limited Arts Services Consultant - Policy and Planning (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01047455 Assessment AdvisorOffer in Progress
01047018 Assessment SpecialistScreening Requisition
01046455 AssessorInterview Requisition
01047088 AssessorOffer in Progress
01049371 AssessorClosed Requisition
01050377 AssessorFilled Requisition
01050632 AssessorInterview Requisition
01050684 Assessor (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051315 - Limited Assessor (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050457 Assessor (HSW 6)Closed Requisition
01049369 Assessor (HSW6)Screening Requisition
01051359 Assessor (HSW6) - ExtendedScreening Requisition
01047753 Assessor (Human Services Worker 6)Offer in Progress
01048967 Assessor (Human Services Worker 6)Closed Requisition
01051400 Assessor (Temporary)Cancelled Requisition
01050635 Asset Management Specialist (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01052123 Asset Reporting AnalystActive Requisition
01049725 AssistantInterview Requisition
01051662 Assistant Deputy Minister, Financial Sector Regulation and Policy (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051502 - Limited Assistant Deputy Minister, Innovation and Strategic Operations (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051279 - Limited Assistant Deputy Minister, Municipal Assessment and Grants (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01047169 Assistant Deputy Minister, Parks DivisionClosed Requisition
01051126 - Limited Assistant Deputy Minister, Seniors Services (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051676 - Limited Assistant Deputy Minister, Transportation Services (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01045139 Assistant Director, CommunicationsActive Requisition
01050739 - Limited Assistant Public GuardianClosed Requisition
01051202 - Limited Assistant to Exec DirectorInterview Requisition
01051060 Assistant to Executive Directo (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051238 - Limited Assistant to Executive Directors (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051932 Assistant to the Collections Team Lead (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051505 Assistant to the DirectorScreening Requisition
01048831 Assistant to the Director (AS5) (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050500 - Limited Assistant to the Executive DirectorScreening Requisition
01049075 Assistant to the Executive Director (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01048726 Assistant to the Registrar/Executive DirectorRequisition on Hold
01051736 Assistant to the Supervisor - Rehabilitation 1 (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050454 - Limited Associate Director - Edmonton Region (Senior Manager 2) (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051446 - Limited Associate Director, Child Intervention Programs and SupportsScreening Requisition
01051447 - Limited Associate Director, Child Intervention Service DeliveryScreening Requisition
01049381 Assurance AnalystClosed Requisition
01050909 Audio Visual Systems SpecialistScreening Requisition
01050421 Audit ManagerInterview Requisition
01049804 Audit ScientistRequisition on Hold
01045475 Bargaining Unit Long Term Disability Income Continuance Plan Second Level Appeal Board MembersInterview Requisition
01048971 Barrister and SolicitorClosed Requisition
01049520 Barrister and SolicitorClosed Requisition
01050284 Barrister and SolicitorOffer in Progress
01050436 Barrister and SolicitorInterview Requisition
01050501 Barrister and SolicitorOffer in Progress
01050554 Barrister and SolicitorFilled Requisition
01051533 Barrister and SolicitorInterview Requisition
01051910 Barrister and SolicitorScreening Requisition
01050275 - Limited Benefits Consultant (Temporary) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01048344 Biodiversity BiologistInterview Requisition
01049995 Biodiversity Biologist (NR8) (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01051218 - Limited Biodiversity Planner (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01045074 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Scientists (4 Positions)Requisition on Hold
01052114 Bioinformatician (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051673 - Limited Board Administrator (Temporary, 1 Year) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01036867 Board Director (Non-lawyer, Public Member) Alberta Law FoundationRequisition on Hold
01052048 Board Hearing AssistantActive Requisition
01036341 Board Members for the Fatality Review BoardRequisition on Hold
01051251 Board Officer (2 Positions) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050456 - Limited Board Project Analyst (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051973 Braille Transcriber/Proofreader (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01048756 Branch Administrator (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01045562 Branch AdministratorInterview Requisition
01051891 - Limited Branch Administrator (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051650 - Limited Branch Administrator & Assistant to the Executive Director (AS6) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01052121 - Limited Branch Administrator (1Year Temporary)Active Requisition
01045980 Branch CoordinatorClosed Requisition
01050842 Branch CoordinatorScreening Requisition
01051269 Branch CoordinatorScreening Requisition
01052094 - Limited Branch Financial CoordinatorActive Requisition
01051771 Bridge Planning EngineerScreening Requisition
01050999 Budget Analyst (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050677 Budget Analyst (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01050434 Budget AnalystScreening Requisition
01050796 - Limited Budget AnalystFilled Requisition
01051560 Budget AnalystScreening Requisition
01048870 - Limited Budget Officer (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01050159 Budget Officer - Temporary/Secondment for 14 months (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01046736 Budget Officer Level 3Closed Requisition
01047432 - Limited Budget and Human Resources LeadOffer in Progress
01051023 Building Support ManagerScreening Requisition
01049364 Business Analyst (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051289 Business Analyst (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01049903 - Limited Business AnalystScreening Requisition
01051461 - Limited Business Analyst (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051284 - Limited Business AnalystInterview Requisition
01050658 - Limited Business Analyst (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051014 - Limited Business Analyst (PS2) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051780 Business Analyst (PS3) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050245 Business Analyst (PS4) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051983 - Limited Business Analytics and Performance Analyst (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01050743 Business Continuity Officer (Emergency Management) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01048445 - Limited Business CoordinatorClosed Requisition
01050553 Business Information Analyst (Information & Reporting) (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01045854 Business Intelligence AnalystCancelled Requisition
01048358 - Limited Business Planning, Policy and Research AdvisorClosed Requisition
01051793 Business Relationship Coordinator (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051004 Business Relationship Manager (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01046794 - Limited CALP CoordinatorOffer in Progress
01049253 - Limited CE Program Administrator (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01045086 CECOffer in Progress
01049399 CECScreening Requisition
01049656 CECClosed Requisition
01050224 CECFilled Requisition
01050465 CECOffer in Progress
01049239 - Limited CEC (PS 3)Interview Requisition
01050653 - Limited CI Data Advancement AnalystOffer in Progress
01051993 CI TAPIS Reporting & Support AnalystActive Requisition
01044847 CYC CounselorOffer in Progress
01046297 CYC Team LeadInterview Requisition
01050181 CYC Team LeadInterview Requisition
01052077 CYC Team Lead (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01050880 - Limited Cabinet Coordination OfficerInterview Requisition
01051496 - Limited Cabinet Coordination Officer (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01049116 Call Centre SupportFilled Requisition
01051969 Capital Planning Analyst (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051449 Capital Programs Analyst - 1 year temp. (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01045752 Carbon Capture and Storage Senior Policy AnalystRequisition on Hold
01051308 Carbon Offset Policy AnalystInterview Requisition
01045606 Career & Employment Consultant (Temporary) - LethbridgeOffer in Progress
01051436 Career & Employment Consultant - Temporary - December 2018 (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051773 Career and Employment Consultant (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01040370 Career and Employment Consultant (CEC) (PS3)Screening Requisition
01049410 Career and Employment Consultant (PS 3)Interview Requisition
01049938 Career and Employment Consultant (PS 3)Filled Requisition
01050670 Career and Employment Consultant (PS 3)Offer in Progress
01047242 Career and Employment Consultant (PS3)Offer in Progress
01049801 Career and Employment Consultant (PS3)Offer in Progress
01050386 Career and Employment Consultant (PS3)Interview Requisition
01050907 Career and Employment Consultant (PS3)Interview Requisition
01048936 Career and Employment Consultant (Temporary 1 year)Interview Requisition
01043058 Career and Employment Consultant - (PS3)Interview Requisition
01046742 Career and Employment Consultant - (PS3)Interview Requisition
01051065 Career and Employment Consultant - PS3Screening Requisition
01044574 Career and Employment Services (CES) Supervisor (PS4)Offer in Progress
01051333 Caregiver TrainerInterview Requisition
01044760 CaretakerInterview Requisition
01045226 - Limited Caretaker ForemanInterview Requisition
01051681 CarpenterScreening Requisition
01050017 Case Aide (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050920 Case Aide (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050994 Case AideInterview Requisition
01042186 Case Aide (HSW 1)Interview Requisition
01042229 Case Aide (HSW 1) Wage OpportunityOffer in Progress
01046210 Case Aide (HSW 3)Interview Requisition
01046926 Case Aide (Human Services Worker 3)Interview Requisition
01049183 Case Aide (Northwest Alberta)Closed Requisition
01045671 Case Aide FSCD/PDDOffer in Progress
01050703 Case Coordinator (1 Permanent and 1 Temporary - 1 year) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050139 Case Management CounselOffer in Progress
01044430 Case Management Officer (2-year contract)Screening Requisition
01047063 Case Mgr-GOA Rec InitiativesClosed Requisition
01050874 Case Mgr-GoA RecInitiatives (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01049821 Case OfficerClosed Requisition
01051559 Case OfficerInterview Requisition
01047775 Casework Summer Intern - Wainwright / LloydminsterScreening Requisition
01047939 Casework Summer Interns (Northwest Alberta) - 4 PositionsInterview Requisition
01048968 Casework SupervisorInterview Requisition
01048300 Casework Supervisor (HSW 7)Offer in Progress
01050462 Casework Supervisor (HSW 7)Cancelled Requisition
01051388 Casework Supervisor (HSW 7)Interview Requisition
01052059 Casework Supervisor (HSW 7) - TemporaryActive Requisition
01050792 Casework Supervisor (HSW7)Screening Requisition
01046984 Casework Supervisor (Human Services Worker 7)Interview Requisition
01051615 Casework Supervisor (Metis Settlements)Cancelled Requisition
01051622 Casework Supervisor (Metis Settlements)Active Requisition
01051143 Casework Supervisor (Northwest Alberta)Interview Requisition
01051522 - Limited Casework Supervisor - Temp to on or before October 2019 (Position Profile)Cancelled Requisition
01041344 Casework Supervisors (HSW7)Offer in Progress
01032206 CaseworkerScreening Requisition
01046329 CaseworkerScreening Requisition
01047080 CaseworkerScreening Requisition
01047264 CaseworkerOffer in Progress
01048401 CaseworkerScreening Requisition
01049370 CaseworkerClosed Requisition
01049473 CaseworkerInterview Requisition
01049974 Caseworker (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01041727 Caseworker (HSW 5)Interview Requisition
01044153 Caseworker (HSW5)Offer in Progress
01049366 Caseworker (HSW5)Interview Requisition
01049719 Caseworker (HSW5)Offer in Progress
01050615 Caseworker (HSW5)Interview Requisition
01050730 Caseworker (HSW5) 1 Temp; 1 PermCancelled Requisition
01046923 Caseworker (Human Services Worker 5)Interview Requisition
01051085 Caseworker - (HSW5) - temp - July 31, 2019 (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01047166 Caseworker - Human Service Worker 5Interview Requisition
01050916 Caseworker - Intake (HSW5)Cancelled Requisition
01046158 Caseworker - Intern (HSW3)Screening Requisition
01047841 Caseworker Intern (HSW 1)Interview Requisition
01044329 Caseworker [HSW5]Screening Requisition
01049961 Caseworker-Child InterventionOffer in Progress
01052079 - Limited Caseworker-Child InterventionActive Requisition
01052072 - Limited Cataloguing / Metadata Technician (125ICA) (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01048090 Chamber's ClerkScreening Requisition
01050865 Change Support Intern (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01048310 Chief Crown ProsecutorClosed Requisition
01049461 Chief Crown ProsecutorScreening Requisition
01050953 Chief Crown ProsecutorInterview Requisition
01051474 Chief Crown ProsecutorScreening Requisition
01048182 Chief Legislative CounselClosed Requisition
01052011 Chief Provincial Plant Health Officer (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01049119 - Limited Chief of Staff, DMOClosed Requisition
01040722 Child & Youth Care CounsellorOffer in Progress
01048399 Child & Youth Care CounsellorInterview Requisition
01051317 Child & Youth Care CounsellorInterview Requisition
01048514 Child & Youth Care WorkerOffer in Progress
01050111 Child & Youth Care WorkerOffer in Progress
01050099 Child & Youth Care Worker (Female/Midnight Shift) (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050116 Child & Youth Care Worker (Female/midnight shift)Screening Requisition
01048406 Child & Youth Care Worker - On Call Wage (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01045572 - Limited Child Care Licensing & Home Study Supervisor (Permanent)Interview Requisition
01050187 Child Care Licensing Officer (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01050405 Child Care Licensing Team LeaderCancelled Requisition
01050943 - Limited Child Care Subsidy Supervisor (Administration 1) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051795 Child Intervention Caseworker - Metis SettlementsScreening Requisition
01041659 Child Intervention Manager - Hinton and EdsonInterview Requisition
01047973 Child Intervention Practice SpOffer in Progress
01051857 - Limited Child Intervention Program CoordinationScreening Requisition
01045398 - Limited Child Intervention Program Review Specialist (HSW 7)Offer in Progress
01047762 - Limited Child Support Services Worker (PS3)Closed Requisition
01045942 Child and Youth Care Counselor (CYCW 1)Requisition on Hold
01049811 Child and Youth Care Counselor (CYCW 1)Interview Requisition
01051654 Child and Youth Care Counselor (CYCW 1)Screening Requisition
01052099 Child and Youth Care Counselor (CYCW 1)Active Requisition
01047218 Child and Youth Care Counselor (CYCW 1) - On Call WageInterview Requisition
01047518 Child and Youth Care Counselor (CYCW 1C)Screening Requisition
01047222 - Limited Child and Youth Care Team Lead (065CCB)Offer in Progress
01049324 - Limited Child at Risk Response Team (CARRT) Specialized Assessor (HSW6)Screening Requisition
01050807 Claims Mail Specialist and Claims Specialist (2 Positions) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051452 Clean Innovation Program CoordinatorInterview Requisition
01049728 Cleaning Porter (FS2)Offer in Progress
01050868 Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01048302 - Limited Client Rel Bus AnalystScreening Requisition
01048173 Client Services AssistantClosed Requisition
01049332 Client Services AssistantClosed Requisition
01050444 Client Services AssistantScreening Requisition
01051580 Client Services Assistant (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01047038 Client Services Supervisor (Financial)Closed Requisition
01050423 - Limited Collections Team Lead (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051443 Commodity Tax Auditor (3 Positions) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01048960 Communication Advisor Internship Program (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050306 - Limited Communication and Reporting AnalystScreening Requisition
01045130 Communications AdvisorActive Requisition
01049082 Communications Advisor and Communications Writer - 2 positionsClosed Requisition
01049572 - Limited Communications Advisor, PCUScreening Requisition
01049347 Communications OfficerClosed Requisition
01050089 Communications Specialist - Digital Public Engagement (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050643 Communications Specialist - Graphic DesignerInterview Requisition
01051687 - Limited Communications Team LeadOffer in Progress
01046876 Communications TechnicianClosed Requisition
01049475 - Limited Communications Writer (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01044461 Community Connection-Child Care Metis Settlement (HSW 4)Interview Requisition
01051180 Community Engagement Analyst (PS2)Screening Requisition
01050461 - Limited Community Initiatives Advisor (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051689 Community Initiatives Advisor (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050838 - Limited Community Recreation Policy Analyst (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01052042 Community Rehabilitation Worker (Individual Support 2) (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01047787 Community and Policy LiaisonOffer in Progress
01045676 Community and Social Services Intern Program for Persons with Disabilities - Admin AssistantOffer in Progress
01050518 Compliance Analyst (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01051283 Compliance Analyst (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051072 Compliance Manager (Grande Prairie and/or Peace River) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01047947 - Limited Compliance Manager (SM1)Closed Requisition
01050783 - Limited Compliance Officer (2 Positions) (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01043272 Compliance Officer, Filing Compliance and CollectionsInterview Requisition
01050752 Consultation AdvisorFilled Requisition
01051621 Containment Level Housekeeping Technician (Part-time) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051368 Contaminant Hydrogeologist (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051600 Contin. Improv. Program LeadScreening Requisition
01050685 Continuous Improvement & Innovation Analyst (PS4) (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01051129 Continuous Improvement Advisor (Temporary Position) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050408 - Limited Continuous Improvement Program Lead (12 months)Interview Requisition
01052147 Contract & Procurement CoordinatorActive Requisition
01050004 - Limited Contract Administrative Support (AS 5) (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050978 - Limited Contract Analyst (PS4) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051611 Contract InvestigatorsClosed Requisition
01049988 Contract Management Specialist (FIN3) (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01046481 Contract Procurement CoorScreening Requisition
01051714 Contract Resource Specialist (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051415 - Limited Contract Service Coordinator (Position Profile)Cancelled Requisition
01045105 - Limited Contract Services CoordinatorRequisition on Hold
01050034 Contract Services Coordinator (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01052105 - Limited Contract Services Coordinator (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01052039 Contract Services Coordinator - Perm Position (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01050885 - Limited Contract Services Specialist (PS3)Active Requisition
01051448 - Limited Contract Specialist (Lethbridge Alberta)Screening Requisition
01051978 - Limited Contract Specialist (Lethbridge, AB.)Active Requisition
01051745 - Limited Contract Specialist, Corporate Procurement Office (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01046536 - Limited Contract Specialist- Medicine HatOffer in Progress
01044990 Contract and Procurement SpecInterview Requisition
01047651 - Limited Contract and Procurement Specialist (Extended)Closed Requisition
01049872 CookOffer in Progress
01051379 - Limited Coordinator, Budget and ForecastInterview Requisition
01049879 Coordinator, Community & Specialized ProgramsClosed Requisition
01051247 Coordinator, Continuous Improvement (PS2) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050570 Coordinator, Indigenous Research and Evaluation (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01052038 Coordinator, Provincial Affordable Housing Strategy Implementation (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01045377 - Limited Corporate Administrator (AS5)Active Requisition
01051942 - Limited Corporate Security AdvisorCancelled Requisition
01049916 Corporate Solutions Architect & PIN Systems Analyst (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01047897 Correctional Peace OfficerInterview Requisition
01048990 Correctional Peace OfficerClosed Requisition
01050511 Correctional Peace OfficerClosed Requisition
01050582 Correctional Peace OfficerClosed Requisition
01050669 Correctional Peace OfficerFilled Requisition
01049930 Correctional Peace Officer 1 - 2Screening Requisition
01049115 Correctional Peace Officer 1 - 2 (Casual on-call)Screening Requisition
01051372 Correctional Peace Officer 1- 2 (Casual on-call) *Extended*Screening Requisition
01048863 Correctional Peace Officer 1-2Offer in Progress
01050021 Correctional Peace Officer 1-2Screening Requisition
01050911 Correctional Peace Officer 1-2Screening Requisition
01051010 Correctional Peace Officer 1-2 ( Wage Position, Casual- On- Call)Screening Requisition
01048720 Correctional Peace Officer 1-2 (Casual on-call)Offer in Progress
01051508 Correctional Peace Officer 1-2 (Casual on-call)Screening Requisition
01047894 Correctional Service WorkerInterview Requisition
01043208 Correctional Service Worker 1/2 (Casual/On-Call)Offer in Progress
01049434 - Limited Correspondence Coordinator (AS4)Closed Requisition
01050819 - Limited Correspondence Coordinator (AS6) (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01050929 Cost ManagerInterview Requisition
01048635 Court Counter ClerkFilled Requisition
01051068 - Limited Court Supervisor/Trial CoordinatorClosed Requisition
01048079 Court/Counter ClerkClosed Requisition
01047272 Crew Leaders / Crew Sub Leaders- Junior Forest RangersClosed Requisition
01051634 Cross-Divisional Financial AnalystScreening Requisition
01046897 Crown ProsecutorClosed Requisition
01047266 Crown ProsecutorClosed Requisition
01047284 Crown ProsecutorClosed Requisition
01047868 Crown ProsecutorClosed Requisition
01048133 Crown ProsecutorClosed Requisition
01048711 Crown ProsecutorActive Requisition
01049011 Crown ProsecutorOffer in Progress
01049330 Crown ProsecutorActive Requisition
01049731 Crown ProsecutorInterview Requisition
01050967 Crown ProsecutorInterview Requisition
01051168 Crown ProsecutorInterview Requisition
01051784 Crown ProsecutorScreening Requisition
01052026 Crown ProsecutorActive Requisition
01051704 - Limited Cultural Industries Program Consultant (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051838 Curriculum Assurance Consultant - 2 positions (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051848 Curriculum Consultant English Language Arts High School (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051852 Curriculum Consultant, Arts Education (K-9) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051851 Curriculum Consultant, Careers/Dual Credit/Off-Campus (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051835 Curriculum Consultant, English Language Arts (Grades 5-9) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051467 Curriculum Consultant, French First Language (Francais langue premiere) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051847 Curriculum Consultant, Mathematics (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051165 Curriculum DesignerInterview Requisition
01051127 Curriculum Lead, Humanities (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01049977 DS Caseworker (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051153 Data AnalystFilled Requisition
01051739 Data Analyst (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01052093 Data Analytics Lead (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01050122 Data Management Analyst (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01049032 Data Management Specialist (Water Supply)Closed Requisition
01050820 Data Production ClerkFilled Requisition
01051499 Data and Program Evaluation Specialist (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01049965 - Limited Data and Research Analyst (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01048044 Death InvestigatorClosed Requisition
01049007 - Limited Delegation Trainer (HSW 7)Interview Requisition
01045865 - Limited Delivery Project LeadInterview Requisition
01044754 - Limited Delivery Services Supervisor (PS4)Screening Requisition
01050787 - Limited Delivery Services Supervisor (PS4) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01042638 Delivery Supervisor (PS4)Interview Requisition
01042639 Delivery Supervisor (PS4)Interview Requisition
01051589 Dental Assistant - Temp (80%) -Screening Requisition
01046184 Department Security OfficerClosed Requisition
01051641 Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01052044 Deputy RegistrarActive Requisition
01051267 Designated Authority SupportOffer in Progress
01049613 Desktop Publisher (French) (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01050992 Development SupervisorInterview Requisition
01048292 - Limited Dir, Land and Env Plan NorthClosed Requisition
01052136 - Limited Director Budget and Fiscal AnalysisActive Requisition
01050627 - Limited Director and Strategic Advisor (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051387 - Limited Director of ResearchInterview Requisition
01047257 - Limited Director's Assistant, Social Studies and Career PathwaysScreening Requisition
01051479 - Limited Director, Inspection and Investigation (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051335 Director, AIDO & Intergovernmental Relations (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051444 - Limited Director, Arts Services (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051801 Director, Audit Assurance (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050765 - Limited Director, Business Relationship Management - People, Families and Communities (SM2)Screening Requisition
01050590 - Limited Director, Capital PlanningClosed Requisition
01051981 Director, Capital PlanningScreening Requisition
01048998 Director, Capital Planning & Infrastructure (SM2)Closed Requisition
01051485 Director, Change Management (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050077 Director, Commissioner Development (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01045144 Director, CommunicationsActive Requisition
01052068 - Limited Director, Community Engagement and Outreach (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01049574 - Limited Director, Community Grants (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01046611 Director, Complex Accounting & ProcurementInterview Requisition
01041518 - Limited Director, Continuous Service ImprovementInterview Requisition
01051149 Director, Corporate Planning and Reporting (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01049983 Director, Curriculum (2 positions) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051747 - Limited Director, Deputy Minister Office Operations (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051363 Director, Driver Examination StandardsFilled Requisition
01051844 Director, Early Years (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01052133 Director, Economic DevelopmentActive Requisition
01049901 Director, Economic Information & Analytics (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01050769 - Limited Director, Economic Security - 1 year temporary position (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01049057 - Limited Director, Facilities and Fleet ServicesInterview Requisition
01051914 Director, Financial Policy (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051278 - Limited Director, Financial Reporting and Internal Controls (1 Year Temporary) - Closing Date Extended (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01052005 Director, First Nations, Metis and Inuit Services (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051898 - Limited Director, Forest Tenure (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01047340 Director, HR Transformation - Temporary 14 monthOffer in Progress
01051211 Director, Health Evidence and Policy (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050784 Director, Health Standards Quality & Access and Director, Health System Planning (2 Positions) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050849 Director, High School Social Studies and Career Pathways (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051510 - Limited Director, Housing Policy (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050734 - Limited Director, Information Management - Government Services (SM2) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01049020 Director, Irrigation Management Section (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050569 - Limited Director, Legal & Legislative Services (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01049955 - Limited Director, Non-profit/Voluntary Sector Policy & Strategy Unit (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01042658 Director, Operations & CommunicationsInterview Requisition
01049723 - Limited Director, Policy Initiatives & Intergovernmental RelationsScreening Requisition
01051772 Director, Primary & Community Health Implementation Unit (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01049299 - Limited Director, Procurement Transformation (Sr Mgr 2) (Position Profile)Requisition on Hold
01050793 Director, Production Management (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01049891 - Limited Director, Program Design and Supports (SM2) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050568 - Limited Director, Project and Business Process Management (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01048561 Director, Provincial Recovery Coordination (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01049816 - Limited Director, Strategic Asset & Accommodation PlanningScreening Requisition
01052045 Director, Strategic Initiatives, Social Innovation (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051016 - Limited Director, Strategic Policy & Energy Diversification (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01042764 - Limited Director, Strategy & IntegrationScreening Requisition
01050689 Director, System Assurance and Leadership Excellence (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01049529 - Limited Director, Treasury Board Coordination (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051451 - Limited Director, Women in Leadership and Democratic Participation (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050835 - Limited Director,Community Development Unit (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051595 Disability Caseworker - Temporary Positions (Camrose/Olds/Wetaskiwin)Screening Requisition
01041476 - Limited Disability Services Case Worker/FSCD Caseworker (HSW5)Screening Requisition
01051620 Disability Services Casework SupervisorScreening Requisition
01048754 - Limited Disability Services Caseworker (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01040327 Disability Services Caseworker (HSW 5)Interview Requisition
01042449 Disability Services Caseworker (HSW 5)Offer in Progress
01051616 Disability Services Caseworker (HSW5)Screening Requisition
01047234 Disability Services Coordinator (Human Services Worker 5)Offer in Progress
01051005 Disability Services SupervisorInterview Requisition
01051665 Disability Services SupervisorScreening Requisition
01047128 - Limited Disability Services Supervisor (HSW 7)Offer in Progress
01049599 Disability Services Worker (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051635 Disability Services Worker (Temporary Position)Screening Requisition
01051061 Disclosure ClerkScreening Requisition
01050725 Disclosure CoordinatorOffer in Progress
01050859 District ClerkInterview Requisition
01050692 District Clerk - Temporary Salary (12-18 months)Closed Requisition
01050222 District Maintenance Foreman (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051257 District Maintenance Foreman (Saskatoon Island Provincial Park) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050720 Divisional Issues / Communications Coordinator (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01049616 Documentation ClerkScreening Requisition
01051543 Driver Examiner (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051354 Driver Program Administrator (Edmonton & Calgary)Offer in Progress
01051892 - Limited ECM Policy Analyst (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051530 EHS Policy Analyst and Business Analyst (2 positions) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050263 EISC AdvisorOffer in Progress
01049810 EXTENDED Wildlife Technician (Temporary 6 Months - Grande Prairie/Peace River) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051630 - Limited Early Childhood Education AssessorInterview Requisition
01051617 Editor/Writer (FR) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050895 Editorial Services Coordinator (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01050564 Education and Knowledge Management Administrative AssistantOffer in Progress
01052006 - Limited Effective Practices Specialist (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051336 Election ClerkScreening Requisition
01050824 Electrical Technical Advisor (Temporary) (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01041863 ElectricianScreening Requisition
01044320 Electronic Systems SpecialistScreening Requisition
01051585 Electronics Systems SpecialistScreening Requisition
01051487 Emergency Management AnalystInterview Requisition
01051151 Emergency Managment Planners, 2 positions (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01048298 Emergency Services Officer - TrainingRequisition on Hold
01050749 Emerging Technology Specialist (Temp FT) (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01044701 Employee Engagement Strategy ConsultantScreening Requisition
01045047 Employee Engagement Strategy ConsultantScreening Requisition
01048170 - Limited Employee Relations Consultant (HR 3)Screening Requisition
01048328 - Limited Employee Relations Consultant (HR 3)Screening Requisition
01049411 Employment Development Worker - Painter (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01049927 Employment Development Worker - Painter (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051052 Employment Development Worker - PainterInterview Requisition
01050473 Employment Partnerships Coord.Filled Requisition
01048616 Employment Standards Officer (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01049360 - Limited Engagement Coordinator (PS3) (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051571 Engagement SpecialistScreening Requisition
01049792 Environmental Management Frameworks (EMF) Implementation Technician (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01049205 Environmental Scientist (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01046745 Envtl Protection OfficerClosed Requisition
01048997 Eval and Research AnalystClosed Requisition
01051913 Evaluation and Research Analyst (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01049931 Exam Administration Support/Field Testing Support (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051456 Examinations Liaison Officer (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051070 Exe Asst to ED, Recovery (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050334 - Limited Executive AdministratorClosed Requisition
01051556 Executive Administrator - Fair Practices Office (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01052013 Executive Advisor (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01042153 - Limited Executive AdvisorScreening Requisition
01051002 - Limited Executive Advisor (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051237 - Limited Executive Advisor (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051737 - Limited Executive Advisor to the ADM (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050598 - Limited Executive Advisor, Deputy Minister's Office (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01052110 - Limited Executive Advisor, System Excellence (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01049508 - Limited Executive Advisor/Director of Planning and Coordination (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01049842 - Limited Executive Assistant (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050265 - Limited Executive Assistant (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01044539 Executive AssistantInterview Requisition
01051349 - Limited Executive Assistant (1 year temp.) (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051920 Executive Assistant (1 year temporary position)Screening Requisition
01044196 - Limited Executive Assistant (Executive Support 1)Screening Requisition
01048695 - Limited Executive Assistant to the Assistant Deputy Minister (Executive Support 2) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01049445 - Limited Executive Coordinator (Temporary) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01052022 Executive Director, Labour and Employment Policy (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01048342 Executive Director, Banking and Debt OperationsClosed Requisition
01051488 Executive Director, Business Intelligence and Analytics (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01047175 - Limited Executive Director, Cabinet CoordinationClosed Requisition
01051248 - Limited Executive Director, Climate Change Policy (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01047884 - Limited Executive Director, Compliance and MonitoringClosed Requisition
01046851 - Limited Executive Director, Consumer ServicesClosed Requisition
01047879 - Limited Executive Director, Corporate Performance BranchClosed Requisition
01051389 - Limited Executive Director, Early Childhood Development (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01049856 Executive Director, Enterprise Data and Analytics (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01050860 Executive Director, Fair Practices Office (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051828 Executive Director, Finance and Administration and Senior Financial Officer (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050321 Executive Director, Financial Institutions Policy (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01046873 Executive Director, Financial PlanningClosed Requisition
01050655 Executive Director, Financial Services and Senior Financial Officer (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01048226 Executive Director, High School CurriculumClosed Requisition
01050571 Executive Director, Innovation System Engagement (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051904 Executive Director, Internal Audit Operations (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01047878 - Limited Executive Director, Land PolicyClosed Requisition
01050680 Executive Director, Land Use Secretariat (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01046655 - Limited Executive Director, Project Management Office, Financial Sector Regulation and PolicyClosed Requisition
01047877 - Limited Executive Director, Regional Operations, ParksClosed Requisition
01048361 - Limited Executive Director, Strategic Planning and InitiativesClosed Requisition
01052107 Executive Director, Tax Services (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051370 Executive Lead, Enterprise Information Management and Technology Services (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01047901 - Limited Executive Lead, PDD ReviewClosed Requisition
01042581 Executive SchedulerScreening Requisition
01049485 - Limited Executive Scheduler/Office Coordinator (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01052074 - Limited Executive SupportActive Requisition
01049416 - Limited Executive Support (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051109 - Limited Extended-Issues Management Specialist (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01048676 FISHES Project EngineerClosed Requisition
01049207 FN Field Officer (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01047516 Facilities CoordinatorInterview Requisition
01050311 Facilities CoordinatorInterview Requisition
01051383 - Limited Facilities ManagerScreening Requisition
01051546 Fairness Review Officer - Fair Practices Office (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01050443 Family Justice Navigator (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051718 Family School Liaison WorkerScreening Requisition
01045002 Family Violence Initiative Coordinator (HSW6)Offer in Progress
01051918 Field Services Analyst (2 Positions - 1 Central, and 1 South) (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051116 Field Services Analyst - FNMI Services (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051577 Field Services Analysts (2 Positions) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01052010 Field Services Manager - South Services Branch (Edmonton) (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01047383 File Review SpecialistOffer in Progress
01049504 - Limited Fin Compliance & Ops Analyst (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01048181 Finance InternFilled Requisition
01050136 - Limited Finance Officer (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051414 Finance Officer (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01052025 Finance and Administration Unit Lead (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050969 Financial Administrative Support (Position Profile)Cancelled Requisition
01049232 Financial AnalystActive Requisition
01049283 Financial AnalystScreening Requisition
01050586 - Limited Financial Analyst (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051672 Financial Analyst (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051040 - Limited Financial Analyst (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01049693 - Limited Financial AnalystOffer in Progress
01051224 Financial Analyst (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01049740 Financial AnalystOffer in Progress
01052108 Financial Analyst (1 Permanent, 1 Tempoary)Active Requisition
01050629 - Limited Financial Analyst (1 Temporary, 1 Permanent)Screening Requisition
01051643 Financial Coordinator (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01049273 - Limited Financial Operations & Compliance Manager (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01050033 Financial Operations and Accountability Analyst (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01052080 Financial Policy & Compliance AnalystActive Requisition
01050927 - Limited Financial Review Clerk (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01030291 - Limited Financial ReviewerScreening Requisition
01045254 - Limited Financial SupervisorOffer in Progress
01045767 Financial Systems AdministratorInterview Requisition
01050505 Financial Systems Analyst (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01047410 Fire Technical AdvisorClosed Requisition
01048235 Fisheries Technician (Lake Assessment)Interview Requisition
01042564 Fisheries Technician (Multiple)Screening Requisition
01048240 Fisheries Technician (Stream Assessment)Interview Requisition
01051405 Fleet CoordinatorInterview Requisition
01047015 Forencic Pathology TechnicianScreening Requisition
01051678 Forensic Pathology TechnicianScreening Requisition
01051996 Forensic Pathology Technician (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01052012 Forest Area ManagerActive Requisition
01051274 - Limited Forest Area Manager (Lac La Biche)Closed Requisition
01048172 Foster Care CaseworkerOffer in Progress
01044310 Foster Care Caseworker (HSW5)Screening Requisition
01046316 Foster Care Caseworker (Human Services Worker 5)Interview Requisition
01045014 Foster Care Worker (HSW 5)Interview Requisition
01048465 - Limited Foster and Kinship Care Caseworker (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01043859 - Limited Foster and Kinship Care Caseworker (HSW5)Screening Requisition
01051489 GIS Specialist (Tech 6) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051341 - Limited GMS Analyst (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051493 General Counsel - Fair Practices Office (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01046286 GeneralistOffer in Progress
01047372 GeneralistOffer in Progress
01047441 GeneralistInterview Requisition
01048404 GeneralistScreening Requisition
01049561 GeneralistClosed Requisition
01042180 Generalist (HSW 6)Interview Requisition
01043194 Generalist (HSW 6)Interview Requisition
01049030 Generalist (HSW 6)Interview Requisition
01050407 Generalist (HSW 6)Offer in Progress
01050884 Generalist (HSW 6)Screening Requisition
01051080 Generalist (HSW 6)Interview Requisition
01049703 Generalist (HSW 6) - Temp for 1 yearOffer in Progress
01049272 Generalist (HSW 6) Temp 1 YearInterview Requisition
01051226 Generalist (HSW 6) Temp 1 YearInterview Requisition
01045395 Generalist (HSW6)Interview Requisition
01050933 Generalist (HSW6)Closed Requisition
01045769 Generalist (Human Service Worker 6)Offer in Progress
01046180 Generalist (Human Services Worker 6 )Requisition on Hold
01046545 Generalist (Human Services Worker 6 )Interview Requisition
01048121 Generalist - Northwest Alberta (HSW6)Offer in Progress
01050049 Geologist (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051019 Geomatics Collections Coord. (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01050968 Geomatics Technologist (Tech 5) (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01048699 - Limited Geospatial Information LiaisonClosed Requisition
01051490 Geotechnical Asset Management SpecialistInterview Requisition
01048714 - Limited Grant Spec-Agri-Processing EngClosed Requisition
01052041 - Limited Grants Consultant (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01052111 - Limited Grants SpecialistActive Requisition
01051614 Green Certificate Project CoordinatorInterview Requisition
01051548 - Limited Greenhouse Rebate Program Specialist (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01047131 GroundsworkerScreening Requisition
01051024 Groundwater Technologist (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01049392 HAR Writer/SFP WorkerOffer in Progress
01051842 HIA Policy AnalystScreening Requisition
01050937 HR Consultant (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01049665 - Limited Head, Project Analysis and ReportingClosed Requisition
01051895 Health Advocate Representative (2 year temporary - 2 positions) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051902 Health Data Analyst (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01047635 Hearing Office ClerkClosed Requisition
01051652 Hearing Office ClerkInterview Requisition
01051507 Help Desk AnalystScreening Requisition
01051856 High School Research and Engagement ConsultantScreening Requisition
01045665 Housing & Homeles Sup, Prg IntOffer in Progress
01037065 - Limited Human Resource AssistantFilled Requisition
01049163 Human Resource Assistant (AS4 - AS5) (Multiple Positions) Edmonton/Calgary (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050137 Human Resource Assistant (Multiple Positions) (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01050206 Human Resource ConsultantClosed Requisition
01049894 Human Resource Consultant (Calgary) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01049296 Human Resource Consultant (Multiple positions in Edmonton and Calgary)Screening Requisition
01051291 Human Service Workers (Various Locations in Alberta) (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01050836 Hydrogeologist (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051245 IM Compliance Officer (PS4) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051816 - Limited IMT Configuration & Change Management Specialist (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050806 ITS & Traffic Safety SpecialistFilled Requisition
01051722 ITSM System Analyst (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051008 Income Support Contact Centre (ISCC) Advisor (PS 1 - WAGE) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01047900 Indi. plan. and engmnt. supp.Interview Requisition
01049958 Indigenous Case Specialist (HSW6)Interview Requisition
01048993 Indigenous Engagement ConsultantClosed Requisition
01051624 - Limited Indigenous Initiatives Coordinator (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01049436 Indigenous Initiatives Program Advisor (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01047719 Indigenous Interns, 4 positions [PS1&PS2]Offer in Progress
01049252 - Limited Indigenous Learning Consultant (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050006 - Limited Indigenous Pol&Prog Consultant (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050930 Indigenous Practice Specialist (HSW7) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051468 Indigenous Program Specialist (HSW6) 1 Perm / 1 Temp Position (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01047681 Individual Support WorkerClosed Requisition
01044657 Individual Support Worker (IS 1)Offer in Progress
01040569 Individual Support Worker (IS 2)Offer in Progress
01052122 Individual Support Worker (IS1) WAGEActive Requisition
01051187 Individual Support Worker (IS2) - WageInterview Requisition
01040405 Individual Support Workers (IS 1)Offer in Progress
01047549 - Limited Industry Development OfficerScreening Requisition
01044743 Industry Development Officer (PS4)Screening Requisition
01050747 Industry Intelligence AnalystClosed Requisition
01050316 Industry Network Liaison (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051171 - Limited Information Management/Data Coordinator (Temporary Position)Interview Requisition
01049896 Information Management/Data Coordinator (Temporary Position) - Extended Closing Date (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01049815 Information Officer (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051693 Information Officer (Temporary)Screening Requisition
01048055 Information Officer Support (2 positions)Closed Requisition
01050597 - Limited Information Sharing Analyst (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051703 Information Sharing Analyst (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050531 Information Technology Services (ITS) Team LeadFilled Requisition
01050360 - Limited Information and Events Officer (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051929 Infrastructure Engineer (Eng 2) (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051162 Infrastructure/Operations ManagerFilled Requisition
01051185 Innovation Lead (two positions)Screening Requisition
01046741 Intake WorkerClosed Requisition
01049860 Intelligence OfficerInterview Requisition
01049766 Interactive Media Technician (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050696 Intergovernmental Officer (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050850 Intermediate Compliance Officer (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01048530 Intern - Engagement Analyst (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01047503 Intern-CI CaseworkerOffer in Progress
01047101 - Limited Internal Communications Consultant (PS 3)Interview Requisition
01049241 - Limited Internal Communications and Engagement Specialist (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050107 Internship and Education Advisor (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01048163 Invasive Plant TechnicianClosed Requisition
01051271 Inventory Management SpecialistInterview Requisition
01046002 Investigations AnalystClosed Requisition
01046000 InvestigatorClosed Requisition
01049744 InvestigatorClosed Requisition
01050596 - Limited Issues Analyst (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051853 - Limited Issues Coordinator (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051855 Issues CoordinatorScreening Requisition
01051754 - Limited Issues Manager (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01045126 Job Eval and Comp SpecialistOffer in Progress
01049898 Judicial AssistantClosed Requisition
01050667 Judicial AssistantOffer in Progress
01050686 Judicial AssistantClosed Requisition
01050109 Judicial ClerkScreening Requisition
01051684 Judicial Clerk - French BilingualInterview Requisition
01047567 Judicial Clerk / Senior Judicial ClerkClosed Requisition
01049404 Judicial Clerk / Senior Judicial ClerkOffer in Progress
01051035 Judicial Clerk / Senior Judicial ClerkInterview Requisition
01051106 Judicial Clerk / Senior Judicial Clerk (40% Part-Time)Interview Requisition
01051669 Judicial Clerk / Sr. Judicial ClerkInterview Requisition
01050997 - Limited Judicial Clerk SupervisorOffer in Progress
01050251 Judicial Clerk/Senior Judicial ClerkOffer in Progress
01050254 Judicial Clerk/Senior Judicial ClerkOffer in Progress
01051374 Judicial Clerk/Senior Judicial ClerkOffer in Progress
01052019 Judicial Clerk/Senior Judicial ClerkActive Requisition
01052032 Judicial Clerk/Senior Judicial ClerkActive Requisition
01052035 - Limited Judicial Clerk/Senior Judicial ClerkActive Requisition
01051346 Judicial Clerk/Senior Judicial Clerk (2 Full-time/1 Part-time)Interview Requisition
01051018 Judicial Clerk/Senior Judicial Clerk *Extended*Interview Requisition
01048277 Judicial Clerk/Senior Judicial ClkClosed Requisition
01047882 Judicial Clerk/Sr. Judicial ClerkClosed Requisition
01049683 Judicial Clerk/Sr. Judicial ClerkOffer in Progress
01048092 Judicial Clerk: StrathmoreOffer in Progress
01050200 Judicial Orders Prod.ClerkFilled Requisition
01048763 Judicial Orders Production ClerkScreening Requisition
01051401 Judicial Orders Production ClerkScreening Requisition
01049104 Junior Air Monitoring Technologist (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01049256 Junior Project Coordinator (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01045868 Junior Project Engineer, Oil SandsRequisition on Hold
01046277 Kinship CaseworkerOffer in Progress
01051140 Knowledge & Innovation AnalystInterview Requisition
01052145 Knowledge & Innovation AnalystActive Requisition
01049162 Knowledge and Innovation Analyst (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01049929 Knowledge and Innovation AnalystInterview Requisition
01049888 Labour Relations Officer (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01050853 Land Analyst (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01050179 Land Titles Analyst (LA2) (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01047421 Lands OfficerClosed Requisition
01047639 Law Court SheriffOffer in Progress
01048032 Law Court Sheriff *** UPDATED***Offer in Progress
01050925 Law Court Sheriff *Extended*Screening Requisition
01050931 Law Court Sheriff *Extended*Screening Requisition
01050631 Law Library Coordinator (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01049873 Lead Inspector-Grande PrairieClosed Requisition
01051192 - Limited Lead, Internship Program (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01042613 Learner Benefit CoordinatorFilled Requisition
01050046 Learner Benefit Coordinator (AS6)Offer in Progress
01050778 Learner Income Support Office (LISO) Support Services Supervisor (AS6)Offer in Progress
01048227 Learning Clicks Ambassador - 21 part time wage positionsInterview Requisition
01044503 - Limited Lease Administrator (Temporary Position)Screening Requisition
01047320 Legal AssistantClosed Requisition
01048543 Legal AssistantOffer in Progress
01049136 Legal Assistant (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01049906 Legal AssistantOffer in Progress
01049948 Legal AssistantFilled Requisition
01049990 Legal AssistantFilled Requisition
01050260 Legal AssistantOffer in Progress
01050372 Legal AssistantScreening Requisition
01050613 Legal AssistantInterview Requisition
01050839 Legal AssistantOffer in Progress
01051034 Legal AssistantScreening Requisition
01051320 Legal AssistantInterview Requisition
01051500 Legal AssistantInterview Requisition
01052082 - Limited Legal AssistantActive Requisition
01050983 Legal Assistant (temporary and permanent positions)Screening Requisition
01048335 Legal Assistant (two positions: one full-time permanent, one part-time temporary)Closed Requisition
01048549 Legal Assistant - 2 positions (One Full-time Permanent, One Part-Time Temporary)Closed Requisition
01047486 Legal Assistant/Office Manager (2 positions)Closed Requisition
01051419 Legal Coordinator, Contracts and Procurement [Admin 1]Interview Requisition
01050594 Legal Counsel (Re-Posted)Interview Requisition
01051148 Legal Counsel (2-Year Contract - Temp FT)Interview Requisition
01050486 - Limited Legal Issues Advisor *UpdatedOffer in Progress
01052102 Legislative Auditor (Senior Staff Auditor)Active Requisition
01051396 Legislative CoordinatorInterview Requisition
01051450 Legislative Counsel - ExtendedInterview Requisition
01049734 Legislative and Governance Analyst (PS4)Interview Requisition
01046825 - Limited Liaison for Intervention and In-Custody Kids (LIINK) Coordinator (HSW 6)Offer in Progress
01051459 Licensed Practical NurseInterview Requisition
01049322 Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)Interview Requisition
01050814 Licensing Inspector (Red Deer) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050660 Licensing Officer (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01043439 Linear Assessment AdvisorFilled Requisition
01042511 Linear Assessment Advisor (6 positions)Filled Requisition
01049845 - Limited Litigation AssistantScreening Requisition
01050984 Litigation AssistantInterview Requisition
01052095 Litigation AssistantActive Requisition
01051087 Litigation Assistant (2 Positions)Interview Requisition
01052138 Mail Clerk (AS2)Active Requisition
01027018 Maintenance Service WorkerScreening Requisition
01045637 Maintenance Service WorkerScreening Requisition
01050356 Maintenance Service WorkerInterview Requisition
01051492 Maintenance Service WorkerScreening Requisition
01047318 Maintenance Service Worker (Multiple Positions)Screening Requisition
01051193 Maintenance Service Worker (Drumheller)Screening Requisition
01042319 Management, Opted Out and Excluded Long Term Disability Income Continuance Plan Second Level Appeal Board MemberInterview Requisition
01043438 Manager - Special Projects, NADC (M2)Screening Requisition
01042799 - Limited Manager - Supportive Housing and Capital PlanningOffer in Progress
01042601 - Limited Manager Access and Service Delivery (M41Z2)Offer in Progress
01042609 - Limited Manager Children's Services (M41Z2)Offer in Progress
01042594 - Limited Manager Complex Needs (M41Z2)Offer in Progress
01050932 Manager Finance, Risk and Administration (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051445 Manager Information ServicesInterview Requisition
01042604 - Limited Manager Integrated Services (M41Z2)Offer in Progress
01051064 Manager Integrated Training ProgramsInterview Requisition
01051101 - Limited Manager International Education Policy & Planning (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01042642 - Limited Manager Regional Contracts (M41Z2)Screening Requisition
01051825 - Limited Manager Stakeholder Engagement (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051860 Manager Strategic Resource Standards (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050697 - Limited Manager of Contracting and Procurement (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050846 - Limited Manager of Contracting and ProcurementOffer in Progress
01051562 - Limited Manager, Accountability (Temporary/Secondment for 18 months) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051827 - Limited Manager, Analysis & Administration (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01049928 Manager, Analysis and Design (Manager Zone 2) (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051859 - Limited Manager, Asset Analytics and ReportingScreening Requisition
01051798 Manager, Business Processes, Standards and Reporting (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01049775 Manager, Business Relations & Delivery Services (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01049549 - Limited Manager, CSD AISH Application & Adjudicator (Manager 2)Closed Requisition
01051899 - Limited Manager, Capital Grants (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051566 Manager, Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Programs (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051233 - Limited Manager, Caribou Range Planning (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01046852 Manager, Child InterventionInterview Requisition
01050886 - Limited Manager, Children's Intervention/Family & Comm. ResilencyFilled Requisition
01041465 - Limited Manager, Communications (Mgr 2)Offer in Progress
01049528 - Limited Manager, Communications (two positions)Interview Requisition
01050533 Manager, Compliance (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051876 - Limited Manager, Contract Monitoring and EvaluationScreening Requisition
01051836 Manager, Curriculum Implementation and Delivery (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051997 - Limited Manager, Divisional Executive OperationsActive Requisition
01051702 Manager, Driver Examinations (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051707 Manager, Driver Examinations (Two Positions) (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051416 - Limited Manager, Early Intervention and Child CareInterview Requisition
01051313 - Limited Manager, Edmonton Region (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050887 Manager, Emergency ServicesInterview Requisition
01049570 - Limited Manager, Employee Engagement Strategy (Temporary - Maternity Leave cover off) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050755 - Limited Manager, Employment Standards Program Delivery (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051067 Manager, Engineering and Technical Support Services (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051987 Manager, Environmental Scanning and Performance Measurement (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01043100 - Limited Manager, FOIP Services (M2)Screening Requisition
01051298 Manager, Fairness Review Branch - Fair Practices Office (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01043893 Manager, Family and Community Safety Grant ProgramScreening Requisition
01051664 - Limited Manager, Federal Programs (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01047468 Manager, Financial AccountingScreening Requisition
01050497 - Limited Manager, Financial Client Payments and RevenueInterview Requisition
01051156 - Limited Manager, Financial OperationsScreening Requisition
01050732 Manager, Financial Policy and Standards (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051956 Manager, Financial Processes and Reporting (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01049912 - Limited Manager, Financial Reporting (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050921 - Limited Manager, Health System Access (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050706 - Limited Manager, Income and Employment Program Policy (Mgr 2) (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051329 Manager, Investigation Services (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01049023 Manager, InvestigationsClosed Requisition
01051568 Manager, Key Accounts (Temporary 15 months) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051469 Manager, Mid-Sized Plants / Manager, Major Plants (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051604 Manager, NSC and Compliance Programs (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051302 Manager, Navigate the System Branch - Fair Practices Office (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050376 - Limited Manager, Occupational Health & Safety (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051375 Manager, Operations & Compliance (South)Interview Requisition
01049972 - Limited Manager, Opioid Implementation Team (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01051845 - Limited Manager, Planning and Reporting (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051959 - Limited Manager, Policy Coordination and Engagement (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01049267 - Limited Manager, Policy Initiatives, Early Intervention and Prevention (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050965 - Limited Manager, Policy Priorities (M41Z2) (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050683 Manager, Practice Measurement UnitOffer in Progress
01044989 Manager, Primary & Community Health ImplementationInterview Requisition
01050095 Manager, Professional Standards UnitFilled Requisition
01050487 - Limited Manager, Program Reporting and Analytics (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051265 Manager, Property Rights Advocate Office Review (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01049071 Manager, Quality Assurance & PlanningClosed Requisition
01051744 Manager, Regulated Assessment (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01042531 - Limited Manager, Residential and Support Services (Mgr - Zone 2)Interview Requisition
01051561 Manager, Resource Programs (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050726 - Limited Manager, Revenue Services (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01042917 - Limited Manager, Royalty PolicyRequisition on Hold
01051512 - Limited Manager, Stakeholder and Community Engagement (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01052018 Manager, Stewardship Engagement and Relationships - NorthActive Requisition
01050804 - Limited Manager, Strategic InitiativesInterview Requisition
01044396 - Limited Manager, Strategic Initiatives (Manager Zone 2)Interview Requisition
01042698 Manager, Strategic Planning & PolicyScreening Requisition
01051232 - Limited Manager, Strategic Planning and Research (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050096 - Limited Manager, Strategic Policy (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01048364 - Limited Manager, Strategic PolicyInterview Requisition
01051031 - Limited Manager, Strategic Policy Development (M41Z2) (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050453 - Limited Manager, Transcript Management Services (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051715 Manager, Transcript Management Services (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050962 - Limited Manager, Volumetric and Cost Reporting (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01050857 - Limited Manager, Web Content (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051750 - Limited Manager,Strategic Initiatives (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051549 Market Policy Analyst (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050926 - Limited Marketing and Communications Advisor (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01049924 Meat InspectorClosed Requisition
01051949 Meat Inspectors (Various Locations)Active Requisition
01046420 Medical AdjudicatorClosed Requisition
01050821 Medical Legal Records SupportScreening Requisition
01052001 - Limited Medical Panels Coordinator (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050437 Metis Cultural LiaisonInterview Requisition
01051197 Metis Cultural LiaisonInterview Requisition
01051138 - Limited Mgr, Contracts&Procurement (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050707 Mgr, Macroeconomic Forecasting - Temporary, 2 Year Opportunity (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01046275 Mgr-Child Intervention (M41Z2)Interview Requisition
01051048 - Limited Mgr-POC (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050121 Mgr-Private Sector (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01040727 - Limited MgrStrategicPlanning&ReportingOffer in Progress
01046914 - Limited Ministry Contract and Procurement Program Support Specialist (HSW7)Interview Requisition
01051806 Mobility and Rehabilitation Consultant (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051322 - Limited Motor Vehicle Specialist (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051258 - Limited Multiple Administrative Support 5 RolesInterview Requisition
01051912 Municipal Financial Advisor (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01046228 - Limited Municipal Water Program Implementation SpecialistInterview Requisition
01050364 Museum EducatorOffer in Progress
01049423 Museum Front of House Cooks and Servers (Wage Part-Time)Closed Requisition
01048849 Museum Kitchen Supervisor (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01048854 Museum Shop, Admissions, and Service Supervisors (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051862 Museum Technician (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051823 NSC and Compliance ClerkActive Requisition
01051552 Navigation Support Specialist - Fair Practice Office (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051355 - Limited Network Analyst (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051696 Network Analyst (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050952 Network Systems Analyst (Wage - 2 Positions)Screening Requisition
01050745 Northern Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) Coordinator (HSW7) (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051250 Nurse [MH2] Wage (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01049479 OHS Informatics AnalystFilled Requisition
01046872 OHS Lead InvestigatorClosed Requisition
01051020 - Limited OHS Lead Investigator (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01049464 OLO Program ManagerClosed Requisition
01050877 OSM ICBM Program Coordinator (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051802 Occupational Hygienist (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01049152 - Limited Office Administrator (AS5) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01048749 - Limited Office ManagerClosed Requisition
01051045 Office ManagerInterview Requisition
01050913 Oil Sands Monitoring Program Officer (Temporary 3 years) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01052003 Oil Sands Monitoring Science Advisor (3 Years Temporary) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051166 Operational Analyst (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050970 - Limited Operational Excellence Advisor (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051200 Operations Administrative AssistantFilled Requisition
01051155 Operations EngineerScreening Requisition
01050409 Operations Infrastructure Technologist Intern (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01048938 Operations Manager - Northern & Southern Jubilee Auditoria (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050092 Operations Research Coordinator (PS4)Requisition on Hold
01050384 Outreach Worker (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01044252 PDD Service CoordinatorInterview Requisition
01049225 PDD Service Coordinator (HSW 5) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01024023 ParalegalFilled Requisition
01050078 ParalegalFilled Requisition
01048483 Parks Development Planner (Two Year Temporary)Interview Requisition
01051695 Payment AnalystInterview Requisition
01050249 Payroll & Personnel AdministratorOffer in Progress
01050413 Payroll Admin (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051572 Performance Management Framework (PMF) Measures AnalystInterview Requisition
01045958 Permanency Caseworker (Human Service Worker 5)Offer in Progress
01050771 Permit Program Delivery Representative (Temporary)Screening Requisition
01050023 - Limited Personnel AdministratorScreening Requisition
01051582 Pharmaceutical Policy Consultant (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051636 Pharmaceutical Program Specialist (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01049937 - Limited Pilot Coordinator (2 year temporary)Cancelled Requisition
01041087 - Limited Placement CoordinatorOffer in Progress
01047652 Planning AdvisorFilled Requisition
01045110 - Limited Planning Analyst and Information Coordinator (PS3)Offer in Progress
01051301 - Limited Planning ManagerInterview Requisition
01051123 Policy Advisor (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01052144 - Limited Policy AdvisorActive Requisition
01051132 Policy Advisor and Policy Analyst (2 Positions) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01049277 - Limited Policy Analyst (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050682 - Limited Policy Analyst (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051220 - Limited Policy Analyst (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01052067 Policy Analyst (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01050562 Policy Analyst (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01050980 Policy Analyst (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01046100 Policy AnalystScreening Requisition
01051012 Policy Analyst (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01046006 Policy AnalystClosed Requisition
01046129 Policy AnalystInterview Requisition
01051544 Policy Analyst (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051670 Policy AnalystScreening Requisition
01051952 Policy AnalystActive Requisition
01050226 Policy Analyst (Early Childhood Development) - 2 positionsInterview Requisition
01052037 - Limited Policy Analyst (PS3) (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01050289 - Limited Policy Analyst (PS4 & PS3) (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051494 Policy Analyst - Environment Integration (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051380 Policy Analyst Positions (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050665 Policy Analyst and Business Analyst (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01049819 Policy Analyst, Coal Transition (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01049704 Policy Analyst, Distribution Policy (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01048634 - Limited Policy Analyst, Engagement and Capacity Building (Temporary - 18 month) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01049261 Policy Analyst, Resilience and Strategy (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051723 - Limited Policy Design AnalystScreening Requisition
01044791 - Limited Policy Development AdvisorScreening Requisition
01050061 - Limited Policy PlannerOffer in Progress
01051697 - Limited Policy Researcher (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050488 Policy and Project AnalystOffer in Progress
01050515 - Limited Policy and Projects Advisor (PS4) (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051471 - Limited Portfolio Director (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051058 - Limited Post Adoption /Post Guardianship Analyst (HSW6)Interview Requisition
01050073 Post-Sec. Institution Analyst (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050277 Postal Specialist (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01043068 Power Plant EngineerScreening Requisition
01050993 Power Plant Engineer 4th ClassOffer in Progress
01047559 Preventative Maintenance SpecialistRequisition on Hold
01048462 - Limited Priority Issues Coordinator (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050445 Priority Issues Coordinator (PS3) (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01048950 Privacy/Access Specialist (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050605 Private Sewage Technical Advisor (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01047109 - Limited Probation OfficerFilled Requisition
01047745 Probation OfficerClosed Requisition
01050041 Probation OfficerScreening Requisition
01051554 Probation OfficerInterview Requisition
01048030 - Limited Probation Officer (50% PART-TIME)Closed Requisition
01050939 Process Enhancement Coordinator/Consultation Policy and Evaluation CoordinatorOffer in Progress
01048156 Procurement OfficerClosed Requisition
01051557 - Limited Procurement and Contracts SpecialistScreening Requisition
01051875 - Limited Program & Policy Analyst (PS3)Screening Requisition
01048035 Program AdministratorOffer in Progress
01051003 Program AdministratorScreening Requisition
01051799 - Limited Program Administrator, Transit Funding & Program Officer, Transit FundingScreening Requisition
01048576 Program Advisor, Financial Reporting Analyst & Financial Assurance Analyst (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050467 Program Advisor, Tax Programs and Exemptions (2 Positions) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01046053 Program AnalystRequisition on Hold
01050328 - Limited Program Anlst (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01049499 Program Assistant (part-time)Closed Requisition
01050204 Program Consultant (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01048852 - Limited Program Consultant (HSW7) (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01045080 Program Consultant (PS4)Offer in Progress
01051339 - Limited Program Consultant, Practice Supports/Policy SupportsInterview Requisition
01049702 Program Coordinator (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051411 - Limited Program Delivery SpecialistInterview Requisition
01052104 Program Delivery SpecialistActive Requisition
01051390 Program Development OfficerInterview Requisition
01051113 Program Engineer (Eng 2) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051304 - Limited Program Information Assistant (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050746 - Limited Program Lead, Digital InnovationInterview Requisition
01051655 - Limited Program Office Administrative Assistant (Edmonton/Calgary - Temporary Position) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050761 Program Officer (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01049590 Program Officer, Interactive Digital Media (IDM) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050003 - Limited Program Operations & Systems Coordinator (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01052053 Program Planner (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01050593 - Limited Program Policy Advisor (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051994 Program Reporting Verification OfficerActive Requisition
01049403 - Limited Program Specialist (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01050561 Program Specialist (HSW7) (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01051565 Program Specialist (Human Services Worker 7) PMU (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01047642 - Limited Program SupervisorOffer in Progress
01050189 Program SupervisorOffer in Progress
01038141 Program SupportScreening Requisition
01041769 Program SupportScreening Requisition
01051071 Program SupportInterview Requisition
01049466 Program SupportClosed Requisition
01051472 Program Supports Coordinator (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050232 Program and Planning SpecialistScreening Requisition
01049796 - Limited Program and Policy Advisor (HSW7)Interview Requisition
01046024 - Limited Program and Policy Coordinator (Temporary - 9 months)Offer in Progress
01050623 - Limited Project Advisor (Temporary) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051770 - Limited Project Analyst (PDD Review)Interview Requisition
01052096 Project Assistant (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01050250 - Limited Project Contracting Manager (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01049501 Project Coordinator (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050891 Project CoordinatorInterview Requisition
01051056 Project CoordinatorInterview Requisition
01051629 Project Coordinator (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050100 - Limited Project Coordinator (SA2) (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051063 Project ManagerInterview Requisition
01051538 Project ManagerScreening Requisition
01051649 Project Manager (2 Positions Calgary)Screening Requisition
01051089 Project Manager (3 Year Temporary)Offer in Progress
01047363 Project Manager, AHESPInterview Requisition
01050625 - Limited Project Manager, HR Transformation (Temporary) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051710 Project Procurement OfficerScreening Requisition
01050269 Project Procurement SpecialistInterview Requisition
01050134 Project Procurement Specialist (Temporary up to 2 years) (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01052034 Project Team Lead (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01048186 Property Rights AdvocateInterview Requisition
01049944 Prosecution Business StrategistClosed Requisition
01050319 Prosecution Business Strategist (PS4) (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051240 Provincial Fire Weather Network TechnicianScreening Requisition
01051049 Provincial Pesticide Approvals & Registration Specialist (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01051097 Provincial ProsecutorInterview Requisition
01051073 Provincial Telecommunications Business Analyst (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050172 - Limited Provincial Telecommunications Business Analyst (PS 3) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051440 Provincial Traffic Production Centre ClerkScreening Requisition
01050574 Provincial Vaccine Depot Technician (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050464 Provincial Wildfire Information Unit Lead (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01049238 Public Guardian RepresentativeClosed Requisition
01049609 Public Trustee Representative (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01050513 Public Trustee RepresentativeInterview Requisition
01050903 Public Trustee RepresentativeInterview Requisition
01051227 Public Trustee Representative (Position Profile)Cancelled Requisition
01051480 Public Trustee Representative (Financial / Investment Management) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01046395 Public Trustee, Office of the Public Guardian and TrusteeInterview Requisition
01050897 Quality Assurance Analyst (Temporary - 12 months) and PMF Measures Analyst (Permanent)Filled Requisition
01050851 Quality Assurance CoordinatorFilled Requisition
01049345 Quality Assurance Specialist **EXTENDED**Offer in Progress
01046011 Quality Control Special-AuditOffer in Progress
01050196 RCSD Analyst (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01045929 Rangeland AgrologistScreening Requisition
01048882 Rangeland Agrologist (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01049444 Rangeland Agrologist (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050535 Rangeland Agrologist (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01049917 Rangeland Agrologist - EXTENDED CLOSING DATE (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01049825 Rating Analyst (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01048199 Rec Mgmt Trail Crew LeadInterview Requisition
01051640 ReceptionScreening Requisition
01050211 Reception ClerkClosed Requisition
01040571 Reception/File Clerk (AS 2)Offer in Progress
01051369 ReceptionistScreening Requisition
01051288 Records CoordinatorScreening Requisition
01050167 Records CoordinatorFilled Requisition
01049294 Records Operations Support Analyst (AS4) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01048307 Records TechnicianOffer in Progress
01049215 - Limited Records and Information Coordinator (2 year Temporary) (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01049005 Records and Information Management (RIM) Analyst (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051632 Recovery Program Team LeadScreening Requisition
01048191 Recreation Management Trail Crew (8 Positions)Offer in Progress
01049198 Recreation Management Trail Crew Lead (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01050827 Recreation and Resource Management Field Operations Lead (Temporary) (Position Profile)Cancelled Requisition
01046786 Regional Administrative Lead (AN1)Offer in Progress
01051481 - Limited Regional AdministratorInterview Requisition
01051555 - Limited Regional Business AdminstratorScreening Requisition
01048766 Regional Information Technologist (2 Year Temporary)Screening Requisition
01051791 Regional Occupational Health & Safety Coordinator (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051026 - Limited Regional Operations Coordinator (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051114 Registries Specialist (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01047070 - Limited Research & Foresight Strategist (Temp. 18 mo's)Offer in Progress
01051686 Research Analyst (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050888 Research Analyst (2 yr. temporary) (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01052142 - Limited Research Analyst - Governance SecretariatActive Requisition
01051465 Research Analyst - Statistics & DataInterview Requisition
01050705 - Limited Research Officer (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01044554 Research Officer (PS2)Screening Requisition
01049698 - Limited Research Officer (PT 50%) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01046087 Resident Key Worker (IS2)Interview Requisition
01049500 Resident Key Worker (IS2)Interview Requisition
01051730 Resident Services Team Lead (Rehab 2) TemporaryScreening Requisition
01049706 Residential Care Worker (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01048876 Residential Key WorkerRequisition on Hold
01047771 Residential Key Worker (IS2)Interview Requisition
01051360 Residential Key Worker (IS2)Interview Requisition
01051979 Residential Key Worker (IS2)Active Requisition
01046242 - Limited Resilience Project Coordinator (PS 4)Screening Requisition
01048589 Resource Data Technician (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01046900 Returning OfficerClosed Requisition
01051353 Revenue Administrator (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051215 - Limited Revenue Analyst (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01051775 - Limited Reviewing Officer (Temporary)Screening Requisition
01051531 - Limited Roadside Development EngineerInterview Requisition
01048518 Rural Crown ProsecutorClosed Requisition
01048590 Rural Utilities Development Officer (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01048148 SAR Sage Grouse TechnicianClosed Requisition
01050830 - Limited SFA Coordinator (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01044753 SFSCInterview Requisition
01047608 SFSCOffer in Progress
01049926 SFSC (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01050573 SFSCFilled Requisition
01048295 - Limited SME - EAM/IWMOffer in Progress
01051373 Scheduling CoordinatorInterview Requisition
01049236 Seasonal Water Quality TechOffer in Progress
01050577 Senior Information & Privacy Manager (2 Positions) (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051303 - Limited Senior Accommodation PlannerScreening Requisition
01051357 Senior Accommodations Planner (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01049304 - Limited Senior Administrative Assistant (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050640 - Limited Senior Administrative AssistantScreening Requisition
01050805 - Limited Senior Administrative AssistantScreening Requisition
01046151 Senior Administrative SupportClosed Requisition
01051242 Senior Advisor, Advanced TechnologiesScreening Requisition
01050575 Senior Advisor, IDMTC (PS4)Screening Requisition
01048139 - Limited Senior AnalystClosed Requisition
01051574 Senior Analyst, Energy Information and Analysis (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051598 - Limited Senior Analyst, Measures and RiskScreening Requisition
01051960 - Limited Senior Analyst, Planning and Evaluation (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051674 - Limited Senior Area Forester (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051783 - Limited Senior Area Forester (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01043245 - Limited Senior Budget AnalystInterview Requisition
01047515 - Limited Senior Budget AnalystOffer in Progress
01051537 - Limited Senior Budget OfficerScreening Requisition
01051365 Senior Collections Support ClerkScreening Requisition
01043560 Senior Commodity AuditorScreening Requisition
01051864 Senior Commodity Tax Auditor (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01050559 Senior Compliance Investigator (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051990 - Limited Senior Consolidation Reporting Analyst (Temporary/Secondment for approximately 1 year ) (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051609 Senior Court SupervisorScreening Requisition
01049429 - Limited Senior Data Officer (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051542 Senior Driver Examiner (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051361 Senior Driver Programs AdministratorFilled Requisition
01050737 Senior Economist (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051567 Senior Emergency Planning Officer (Temporary) (Position Profile)Requisition on Hold
01047373 Senior Employee Relations AdvisorScreening Requisition
01048793 Senior Executive Director, Budget Development and Planning (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050371 - Limited Senior Financial Analyst (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051886 Senior Fire/Building Technical Advisor (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051618 Senior Fiscal Analyst (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01050644 Senior Fisheries Biologist (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051107 Senior Fisheries Biologist (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050585 Senior Fisheries Technologist (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01052117 - Limited Senior Governance AdvisorActive Requisition
01048883 Senior Human Resources InvestigatorScreening Requisition
01045688 Senior IMT Planning and Investment AnalystRequisition on Hold
01052036 Senior Information OfficerActive Requisition
01051332 - Limited Senior Investigator (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051473 - Limited Senior InvestigatorScreening Requisition
01050038 - Limited Senior Issues CoordinatorOffer in Progress
01048867 Senior Judicial ClerkClosed Requisition
01050331 Senior Judicial Clerk/Judicial ClerkOffer in Progress
01050184 Senior Land Titles Analyst (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01049941 Senior Lands Officer (NR7) (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051293 Senior Lead, Operational ExcellenceScreening Requisition
01048367 - Limited Senior Legal AssistantFilled Requisition
01045264 Senior Legal Counsel to the Chief Justice of Alberta (Legal Officer 2/3)Requisition on Hold
01044338 Senior Manager (M42Z1) Location to be Determined in North CentralInterview Requisition
01048312 - Limited Senior Manager - Program Policy, Financial Supports (SM, Zone 1)Offer in Progress
01050069 - Limited Senior Manager Fiscal Planning and Analysis (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051051 - Limited Senior Manager, Ambient Air Policy (SM1) (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01049782 Senior Manager, HIA Policy (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01049534 - Limited Senior Manager, Issues & Coordination (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01050081 Senior Manager, Risk Management (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01045243 - Limited Senior Manager-Child/Youth Program Coordination Unit (M42Z1)Offer in Progress
01051660 - Limited Senior Operations Analyst (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050998 Senior Policy & Program Support Analyst (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01047490 - Limited Senior Policy AdvisorRequisition on Hold
01047060 - Limited Senior Policy AdvisorOffer in Progress
01048588 Senior Policy Advisor (1 Position), Policy Analyst (2 Positions), Policy Advisor (1 Position) (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050679 Senior Policy Advisor (PS4) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051797 - Limited Senior Policy Advisor, Transit Policy & Policy Advisor, Transit Policy (Temporary)Screening Requisition
01048642 Senior Policy Advisor, Violence Against Women and Girls (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051319 - Limited Senior Policy AnalystScreening Requisition
01042916 Senior Policy AnalystOffer in Progress
01048751 - Limited Senior Policy Analyst (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01050430 - Limited Senior Policy Analyst (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051212 - Limited Senior Policy Analyst (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051135 - Limited Senior Policy AnalystClosed Requisition
01050628 - Limited Senior Policy Analyst (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051683 - Limited Senior Policy Analyst (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01052065 - Limited Senior Policy Analyst (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051037 Senior Policy Analyst (PS4) (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01050950 - Limited Senior Policy Analyst (PS4)Offer in Progress
01052083 - Limited Senior Policy Analyst (PS4)Active Requisition
01044875 Senior Policy Analyst (PS4)Interview Requisition
01050733 - Limited Senior Policy Analyst (PS4) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051648 Senior Policy Analyst (PS4) AND Policy Analyst (PS3)Screening Requisition
01050711 Senior Policy Analyst (Updated) (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051587 Senior Policy Analyst, Retail and Distribution Policy (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051762 - Limited Senior Policy Analyst-PCR Section (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051637 - Limited Senior Policy Manager/Policy Manager, Policy Coordination OfficeActive Requisition
01050105 - Limited Senior Policy Planner (PS 4)Interview Requisition
01042835 - Limited Senior Procurement AnalystRequisition on Hold
01050768 - Limited Senior Procurement Officer (Temp FT)Screening Requisition
01049482 Senior Program AssistantClosed Requisition
01049676 - Limited Senior Program Planner (14 month Temp.) (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050059 - Limited Senior Program Planner (PS4)Interview Requisition
01045429 Senior Project Coordinator (2 two year temporary positions)Interview Requisition
01049757 Senior Project Lead (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01050080 Senior Project ManagerClosed Requisition
01047592 Senior Project Manager (Housing Capital Projects)Interview Requisition
01048948 Senior Project Manager (Housing Capital Projects) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050348 Senior Project Manager (Housing Capital Projects) (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051046 - Limited Senior Project Manager (Temporary 1 year)Interview Requisition
01040958 Senior Project OfficerCancelled Requisition
01044308 - Limited Senior Records Information Management AnalystInterview Requisition
01049490 Senior Regulatory Analyst (Position Profile)Requisition on Hold
01051455 Senior Staff AuditorInterview Requisition
01051136 Senior Treasury Analyst (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051515 Senior Water Management TechnologistScreening Requisition
01051384 Senior Water Technologist (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050369 Senior Water Technologist (Tech 6) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01048229 Senior Wildlife BiologistClosed Requisition
01051988 - Limited Senior Workforce Analyst (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01048906 Sentence AdministratorScreening Requisition
01051428 Sentence Administrator (AS5)Offer in Progress
01051658 Sentence Administrator (AS5) (Permanent, Temporary and Wage Opportunities)Screening Requisition
01050312 Sentence Administrator (On-Call Position)Interview Requisition
01051139 - Limited Service Delivery Manager (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051792 Service Designer (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050988 - Limited Service Development Manager (MGR2) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051939 - Limited Service Request CoordinatorScreening Requisition
01046674 - Limited Shelter Advisor (PS4)Offer in Progress
01048275 - Limited Shelter Advisor (PS4)Screening Requisition
01047818 Sheriff, Civil EnforcementClosed Requisition
01052014 - Limited Site Supervisor, File Room Management (AS6) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01047624 - Limited Snr.Policy Advi, Viol Agns W/GInterview Requisition
01050288 Social Data Scientist (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051590 Soil and Water Research ScientistScreening Requisition
01048457 - Limited Source Emissions Technologist (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051734 - Limited Sport Consultant (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01049773 Sr Bus Case Anlst (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050848 Sr InvestigatorClosed Requisition
01051338 - Limited Sr. Advisor, Access to Capital (PS4) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050756 Sr. Geospatial Scientist, OSM (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050042 Sr. Industry Devel. Officer (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051550 Sr. Industry Development Officer - Downstream Oil and Gas (PS4) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051497 - Limited Sr. Intergovernmental Officer (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050274 - Limited Sr. Investment Capital Analyst (PS4) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01043124 Sr. Mgr, Revenue & ReportingInterview Requisition
01050767 Sr. Watershed Scientist (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01049194 Staff AuditorFilled Requisition
01050791 - Limited Stakeholder Engagement Advisor (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051091 - Limited Stakeholder Engagement Advisor (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01052140 Stakeholder Engagement AdvisorActive Requisition
01050471 - Limited Stakeholder Relations AdvisorInterview Requisition
01050852 Stockkeeper/Store ClerkScreening Requisition
01051386 - Limited Strategic AdvisorInterview Requisition
01051950 - Limited Strategic Advisor (Temporary/Secondment for 1 year) (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051280 Strategic Engagement AnalystInterview Requisition
01052149 - Limited Strategic Initiatives AdvisorActive Requisition
01049051 Strategic Initiatives AdvisorScreening Requisition
01050098 Strategic Initiatives Analyst (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051804 Strategic Initiatives AnalystScreening Requisition
01050035 - Limited Strategic Initiatives Development Specialist (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051976 - Limited Strategic Initiatives Development Specialist (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01049135 - Limited Strategic Issues Manager - ADM's Office, Creative & Community Development (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050858 Strategic Negotiations Lead (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051970 Student Records Business Analyst (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01050168 Student Records Representative (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01047974 Student-at-LawInterview Requisition
01050741 Summer Law Student (2nd Year Students)Screening Requisition
01047763 Summer Program SupportClosed Requisition
01050728 SuperNet Admin (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01052017 Supervisor Prevention ProgramsActive Requisition
01050844 Support & Financial Services Coordinator (PS1) Temp - March 31,2019 (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050566 Support Staff (1Temporary - 1 year / 1 Permanent)Interview Requisition
01051527 Support and Financial Services Coordinator (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01046792 Supports & Financial Services Coordinator (PS 1)Interview Requisition
01045133 Supports & Financial Services Coordinator (PS1)Offer in Progress
01049652 Supports and Financial Services Coordinator (PS 1)Closed Requisition
01050482 Supports and Financial Services Coordinator (PS 1)Offer in Progress
01049569 Surrogate ClerkOffer in Progress
01050873 - Limited Surveillance AnalystInterview Requisition
01050153 Survey Technologist (Tech 3) (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01050620 - Limited Svc Development Analyst (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01042154 Systems AnalystScreening Requisition
01047040 Systems AnalystClosed Requisition
01052084 Systems Analyst - DeploymentActive Requisition
01052063 Systems Analyst Level 2Active Requisition
01051558 Systems Assurance Analyst - Fair Practices Office (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051668 Systems Support Clerk (2 Positions)Screening Requisition
01050503 TL-Municipal Recovery (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051967 Tax Assessor (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01040645 - Limited Team AdministratorScreening Requisition
01050292 - Limited Team LeadClosed Requisition
01051874 Team Lead - Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) Approvals - EXTENDED CLOSING DATE (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051007 - Limited Team Lead Service Integration (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051103 - Limited Team Lead, Registries Investigations (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01049909 Team Lead, Residential Services (Temp for 1 year)Screening Requisition
01044913 Team Lead, Residential Services (Temporary)Interview Requisition
01051985 - Limited Team Lead, Trans Store & Disp (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051406 Team Lead/Senior InvestigatorInterview Requisition
01050177 Team Leader - Child & Youth Care Worker 2Offer in Progress
01046170 - Limited Technical Project Manager ( Manager 2)Offer in Progress
01051131 Technical Specialist (SA1) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050141 - Limited Technical Trades Advisor (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01051820 - Limited Technology and Innovation Analyst (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050672 Telephony Support Specialist (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050633 - Limited Tender AdministratorScreening Requisition
01051276 Tester (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01047644 Toxicology ScientistClosed Requisition
01051982 Toxicology TechnologistScreening Requisition
01051397 Trade & Relations Officer - Japan/Korea (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01049694 - Limited Trade Policy Officer (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01049069 Trader, Cash and Derivatives, Capital Markets (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051484 Traffic Operatiions EngineerScreening Requisition
01051351 TrainerScreening Requisition
01050370 Training Assistant (AS4)Closed Requisition
01051421 Training Sergeant (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051426 Training Standards CoordinatorInterview Requisition
01050700 - Limited Training Technical Support (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050995 Transformation Support Specialist (Temporary, 2 Year) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01045794 - Limited Transition Coordinator - (HSW6)Offer in Progress
01051053 Translators (Spanish and Arabic)Interview Requisition
01051677 Transport OfficerScreening Requisition
01051584 Treasury Analyst, Settlements (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051541 - Limited Treasury Board Coordination Analyst (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01043375 UNIX Server Support Team LeadOffer in Progress
01051015 Unit ClerkInterview Requisition
01050871 Urban and Special Projects Coordinator (2-year Temporary Position)Filled Requisition
01051938 Veterinary Pathologist (Anatomic)Active Requisition
01049301 Vetting Legal AssistantFilled Requisition
01048669 Visitor Services Supervisor (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050301 - Limited Vital Statistics Specialist (PS2) (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01033044 W5 CoordinatorScreening Requisition
01050210 WD. Sr. Lab Tech Accreditation (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01051986 Warehouse Stock Keeper (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01049760 Warehouse SupervisorInterview Requisition
01051659 - Limited Warrant/File Control Sup.Interview Requisition
01051503 Water Engineer (Temporary 1 Year Position) - EXTENDED CLOSING DATE (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01050879 Water Quality Data Analyst (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01048435 Water Quality Specialist / Water Quality Technician (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050941 Water Technologist (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01051897 Water Technologist - EXTENDED CLOSING DATE (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01050775 Watershed Scientist (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01041885 Web AnalystRequisition on Hold
01042868 Web AnalystFilled Requisition
01049483 Wetland Scientist (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01050823 Wetland Scientist, OSMScreening Requisition
01047751 - Limited Whirling Disease Fish BiologistClosed Requisition
01047056 Whirling Disease Molecular Biology SpecialistClosed Requisition
01049583 Whirling Disease Specialist (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01048074 - Limited Whirling Disease Sr. Lab Tech - AccreditationClosed Requisition
01047263 Whirling Disease Sr. Lab Technician - Lab ManagementClosed Requisition
01051504 Wildfire Dispatch SupervisorScreening Requisition
01050395 Wildfire Logistics Coordinator (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01050248 Wildfire Management SpecialistOffer in Progress
01042914 Wildfire RangerOffer in Progress
01051903 Wildfire Ranger (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01048197 Wildlife BiologistClosed Requisition
01048822 Wildlife Monitoring BiologistClosed Requisition
01046478 Wildlife Recovery BiologistScreening Requisition
01048880 Wildlife Recovery Biologist (Peace River Location) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051150 - Limited Workload Analyst (Workload Assessment Model) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051975 Workload Data Analyst (PS 3)Active Requisition
01047227 - Limited Workplace Health & Safety Con.Offer in Progress
01051545 - Limited Writer/EditorOffer in Progress
01052092 Writer/Editor (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01051318 Writer/EditorClosed Requisition
01049795 Writer/Editor (PS2)Offer in Progress
01050352 - Limited Writer/Editor (PS3)Closed Requisition
01050047 Writer/Editor (PS3)Closed Requisition
01051819 Youth Suicide Prevention Policy AnalystScreening Requisition
Updated: 2018-11-14