Competition status for jobs with the Alberta Public Service

Check the competition status of recent job postings.


The competition status page displays a list of Alberta Public Service job postings and their stage in the hiring (competition) process.

The list includes the Job ID number, job title and status. If a job posting included a position profile, a link to the profile will be included next to the job title.

Job postings will be listed for 30 days after the competition status (filled, closed or cancelled) is set.

Job ID numbers noted as "Limited" reference job postings for current Alberta Public Service employees.

For questions regarding the status of a competition, please contact the ministry or department's Human Resource office advertising the job posting.

Competition status definitions

Active requisition
Applications are being accepted until the closing date.
Screening requisition
Applications are being reviewed to determine who will be invited for an interview.
Interview requisition
Interviews are underway with selected applicants.
Offer in progress
An offer has been extended to an applicant for this position.
Filled requisition
The most suitable candidate has been hired to fill the position.
Closed requisition
The candidate has been hired and the recruitment process is complete.
Requisition on hold
The competition has been delayed.
Cancelled requisition
The competition has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Competition status listing

View job postings by ministry/department

Job ID Number Job Title Status
01053381 AISH Adjudicator (HSW 5) (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01055577 AISH GeneralistRequisition on Hold
01056689 AISH GeneralistScreening Requisition
01053760 AISH Generalist (HSW3)Offer in Progress
01054980 AISH Generalist (Human Services Worker 3)Interview Requisition
01053337 - Limited ASCC Supervisor (Administration 2) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01056002 Access and Privacy AdvisorInterview Requisition
01054188 - Limited Accommodation, Telecom and Fleet Administrator (Position Profile)Requisition on Hold
01056548 Accounts Payable AdministratorScreening Requisition
01056210 Accounts Receivable/Billings AdministratorInterview Requisition
01056380 Addictions CounsellorInterview Requisition
01053494 Adjudicator (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01054643 Admin AssistantOffer in Progress
01053800 - Limited Admin Supervisor-CI (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051344 Administrative AssistantScreening Requisition
01051420 Administrative AssistantScreening Requisition
01051424 Administrative AssistantScreening Requisition
01056421 Administrative AssistantScreening Requisition
01055682 Administrative Assistant ( Duration of 6 Months to 1 Year)Screening Requisition
01053907 Administrative Assistant (AS 3)Interview Requisition
01055200 Administrative Assistant (AS 3)Offer in Progress
01052652 Administrative Assistant (AS3)Offer in Progress
01055960 Administrative Assistant - Child Intervention (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01055270 Administrative Supervisor 5 - Brooks & TaberRequisition on Hold
01056556 Administrative SupportClosed Requisition
01052425 Administrative SupportOffer in Progress
01052631 Administrative SupportOffer in Progress
01053186 Administrative SupportOffer in Progress
01056141 - Limited Administrative SupportOffer in Progress
01056322 Administrative SupportOffer in Progress
01056230 - Limited Administrative Support SupervisorClosed Requisition
01047992 - Limited Administrative Team LeadOffer in Progress
01053858 - Limited Administrative Team Lead (AS6)Screening Requisition
01053898 Administrator, Policy and Project ManagementInterview Requisition
01048377 Adoptions Caseworker (HSW5)Offer in Progress
01056595 Advisor, Prudential SupervisionScreening Requisition
01054302 - Limited Air Management Planner (Position Profile)Requisition on Hold
01053618 Alberrta Supports Coordinator (Temporary)Requisition on Hold
01056589 Alberta Student Ministerial InternsScreening Requisition
01056350 - Limited Alberta Supports Contact Centre CoordinatorOffer in Progress
01056642 - Limited Alberta Supports CoordinatorInterview Requisition
01053763 Alberta Supports Coordinator (PS1)Offer in Progress
01053955 Alberta Supports Coordinator (PS1)Interview Requisition
01055166 Alberta Supports Coordinator (PS1)Interview Requisition
01056036 AnalystFilled Requisition
01052843 AnalystScreening Requisition
01050902 Analyst, Advisory, Engagement and Advocacy (PS3)Offer in Progress
01055997 Application AnalystScreening Requisition
01056451 Archaeological Information Coordinator (Position Profile)Requisition on Hold
01055972 Area ForesterFilled Requisition
01054599 Area Manager (Position Profile)Requisition on Hold
01056561 Assessment Advisor (6 Positions) (Updated)Screening Requisition
01052933 AssessorScreening Requisition
01053924 - Limited AssessorScreening Requisition
01055233 AssessorOffer in Progress
01053382 Assessor (HSW6)Interview Requisition
01054019 Assessor (HSW6)Screening Requisition
01047753 Assessor (Human Services Worker 6)Offer in Progress
01055465 Assistant Chief Medical Examiners (2) (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01056529 - Limited Assistant Deputy Minister, Accountability, Governance and Fiscal Oversight (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01056562 Assistant Deputy Minister, Regulatory Assurance (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01056469 Assistant Deputy Minister, Safe, Fair and Healthy Workplaces (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01056678 - Limited Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Services and Governance (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01056590 - Limited Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategy, Planning and Governance (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01054321 - Limited Assistant Investigator (PS2)Screening Requisition
01056632 Assistant to the DirectorScreening Requisition
01055575 Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) SupervisorOffer in Progress
01054203 Audio Video Systems SpecialistInterview Requisition
01056317 Audit Manager (Permanent Position - Calgary, AB)Screening Requisition
01049804 Audit ScientistRequisition on Hold
01056524 Bail Litigation AssistantScreening Requisition
01056531 Bail Litigation AssistantScreening Requisition
01056771 Bear Technician (2 Seasonal Wage Positions)Active Requisition
01045074 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health Scientists (4 Positions)Requisition on Hold
01056508 - Limited Board Administrator - 1 Year Temporary PositionScreening Requisition
01045562 Branch AdministratorInterview Requisition
01053255 - Limited Branch Administrator (Temporary/Secondment for approximately 1 year) (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01053181 - Limited Budget Analyst (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01054553 Budget OfficerScreening Requisition
01054357 Budget Officer (2 Positions)Requisition on Hold
01056616 Bursary Program Assistant Award AdministratorScreening Requisition
01051289 Business Analyst (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01053112 Business Improvement Coordinator (Position Profile)Requisition on Hold
01055614 Business Process Analyst (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01054050 Business Program AnalystScreening Requisition
01055923 - Limited Business Program AnalystOffer in Progress
01056064 - Limited Business SpecialistOffer in Progress
01055683 - Limited CCDA Secretariat AdvisorOffer in Progress
01055053 CYC CounsellorOffer in Progress
01051317 CYC CounselorOffer in Progress
01046297 CYC Team LeadInterview Requisition
01056008 - Limited Capital PlannerInterview Requisition
01056617 - Limited Capital Planning AnalystScreening Requisition
01053856 Career and Employment Consultant (PS3)Screening Requisition
01055372 Case AideOffer in Progress
01046926 Case Aide (Human Services Worker 3)Interview Requisition
01056509 Case Coordinator (4 Temporary Positions)Screening Requisition
01054530 Case Officer, Client Services CentreRequisition on Hold
01047939 Casework Summer Interns (Northwest Alberta) - 4 PositionsInterview Requisition
01052940 Casework SupervisorInterview Requisition
01055922 - Limited Casework SupervisorClosed Requisition
01046984 Casework Supervisor (Human Services Worker 7)Interview Requisition
01051143 Casework Supervisor (Northwest Alberta)Interview Requisition
01055514 CaseworkerOffer in Progress
01055995 CaseworkerCancelled Requisition
01053081 Caseworker (HSW5)Offer in Progress
01046923 Caseworker (Human Services Worker 5)Interview Requisition
01054653 Caseworker - Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Blairmore, Fort Macleod, Taber, BrooksScreening Requisition
01054441 Caseworker TraineeClosed Requisition
01044329 Caseworker [HSW5]Screening Requisition
01054651 Caseworker-Child Intervention (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01055160 Caseworker-Child InterventionClosed Requisition
01053341 Caseworker-Permanency (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01054644 Caseworker/AssessorInterview Requisition
01054216 Central ReceptionistScreening Requisition
01056731 Centre DirectorScreening Requisition
01056339 - Limited Chief of StaffClosed Requisition
01056650 - Limited Chief of Staff, Deputy Minister's OfficeCancelled Requisition
01055146 Child & Youth Care CounsellorInterview Requisition
01055667 Child & Youth Care Team LeadOffer in Progress
01055638 Child Intervention Practice SpecialistOffer in Progress
01056360 - Limited Child Intervention Research AnalystInterview Requisition
01054364 Child Support Services Worker (PS 3)Screening Requisition
01056378 Child and Youth Care CounsellorScreening Requisition
01056214 Child and Youth Care Counselor (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01056130 Child and Youth Care Counselor - Indigenous UnitRequisition on Hold
01056450 Child and Youth Care WorkerScreening Requisition
01056460 Child and Youth Care WorkerScreening Requisition
01056462 Child and Youth Care WorkerScreening Requisition
01055967 Clinical AdvisorOffer in Progress
01055876 - Limited Collections AssessorScreening Requisition
01055324 Communication OfficerInterview Requisition
01051687 - Limited Communications Team LeadScreening Requisition
01056241 Community Development OfficerInterview Requisition
01051180 Community Engagement Analyst (PS2)Interview Requisition
01056352 Community Rehabilitation WorkerScreening Requisition
01055486 Compensation and Data Analytics SpecialistScreening Requisition
01056532 - Limited Compliance OfficerScreening Requisition
01056621 Content Collaboration Systems Analyst (2 positions - SA1, SA2)Screening Requisition
01056093 Contract and Procurement SpecialistClosed Requisition
01053125 Contract and Procurement Specialist (PS4)Offer in Progress
01054239 - Limited Contract and Procurement Specialist(PS4) - Medicine HatRequisition on Hold
01055781 Correctional Peace OfficerFilled Requisition
01055896 Correctional Peace OfficerFilled Requisition
01056404 Correctional Peace Officer (CASUAL ON-CALL)Screening Requisition
01056135 Correctional Peace Officer (Casual On-Call)Offer in Progress
01055955 Correctional Peace Officer (Casual/On-Call)Offer in Progress
01052731 Correctional Peace Officer 1 - 2 Wage (Casual/ On- Call)Interview Requisition
01052761 Correctional Peace Officer 1-2 ( Wage Position, Casual- On- Call)Screening Requisition
01051508 Correctional Peace Officer 1-2 (Casual on-call)Interview Requisition
01056047 Correctional Peace Officer 1-2 (Multiple Locations and Positions)Active Requisition
01056513 Correctional Service Worker (part-time /on call)Screening Requisition
01052730 Correctional Service Worker 1 - 2 Wage (Casual/ On- Call)Interview Requisition
01051634 Cross-Divisional Financial AnalystInterview Requisition
01054566 - Limited Crown ProsecutorOffer in Progress
01055309 Crown ProsecutorActive Requisition
01055311 Crown ProsecutorClosed Requisition
01056846 Crown ProsecutorActive Requisition
01055310 Crown Prosecutor - Updated requirementsActive Requisition
01056166 Crown Prosecutor- REPOSTActive Requisition
01056174 Curator, Indigenous StudiesRequisition on Hold
01052093 Data Analytics Lead (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01050122 Data Management Analyst (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01056238 Database Business Analyst (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01056152 - Limited Delegation TrainerOffer in Progress
01045865 - Limited Delivery Project LeadInterview Requisition
01044754 - Limited Delivery Services Supervisor (PS4)Screening Requisition
01050787 - Limited Delivery Services Supervisor (PS4) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01055507 Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01056567 Deputy Minister, Economic Development, Trade and Tourism (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01055337 Digital Print SpecialistInterview Requisition
01056014 Director of OperationsClosed Requisition
01056018 - Limited Director, Capital PlanningInterview Requisition
01054748 - Limited Director, Civil Forfeiture OfficeRequisition on Hold
01052553 - Limited Director, ER Servcies PSC (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01056260 Director, Indigenous Health PolicyScreening Requisition
01042658 Director, Operations & CommunicationsInterview Requisition
01056849 - Limited Director, Project Delivery Calgary CancerActive Requisition
01054413 Director, Regional Planning (Position Profile)Requisition on Hold
01056240 - Limited Director, Regional and Community Program DeliveryClosed Requisition
01056309 Director, Registration ServicesFilled Requisition
01056725 Director, Regulatory AffairsScreening Requisition
01056721 - Limited Director, Strategic OperationsScreening Requisition
01052961 Disability Management Consultant (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01056667 - Limited Disclosure ClerkScreening Requisition
01054287 - Limited District Team Leader (Position Profile)Requisition on Hold
01056333 - Limited Divisional Issues CoordinatorScreening Requisition
01051630 - Limited Early Childhood Education AssessorOffer in Progress
01056625 Early Childhood Education AssessorScreening Requisition
01056659 Economic & Statistical Analyst (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01051336 Election ClerkScreening Requisition
01053320 Employment Standards Contact Centre Advisor (AS 5) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01056536 Environmental Public Health AnalystScreening Requisition
01056054 - Limited Executive Advisor / Issues Manager (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01051920 Executive Assistant (1 year temporary position)Screening Requisition
01056755 - Limited Executive Director, Aboriginal Consultation Office (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01053193 Executive Director, Courts Information Management and Technology (IMT) (Position Profile)Requisition on Hold
01053571 Executive Director, Energy Information and Analysis (Position Profile)Cancelled Requisition
01056236 - Limited Executive Director, Environmental Emergency Response (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01053870 Executive Director, Health Facilities (Position Profile)Cancelled Requisition
01056470 - Limited Executive Director, Health and Wellness Promotion (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01056239 - Limited Executive Director, Lands Delivery and Coordination South (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01056265 Executive Director, Mediation Services (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01056237 - Limited Executive Director, Oil Sands Monitoring (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01056016 - Limited Executive Director, Planning and Program Management (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01056046 - Limited Executive Director, Prevention, Early Intervention and Youth (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01056525 - Limited Executive Director, Procurement and Technical Services (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01056648 - Limited Executive Director, Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01056228 - Limited Executive Director, Strategic Procurement (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01056623 - Limited Executive SupportScreening Requisition
01054382 - Limited Executive Support - Temporary, 7-month OpportunityScreening Requisition
01056001 FOIP Analyst and FOIP AdvisorInterview Requisition
01055332 Family Connection Worker (HSW4)Requisition on Hold
01055562 Family Court CounsellorRequisition on Hold
01045002 Family Violence Initiative Coordinator (HSW6)Offer in Progress
01056288 - Limited Financial AnalystClosed Requisition
01049232 Financial AnalystActive Requisition
01056229 - Limited Financial And Systems Manager (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01056493 Financial Assurance AnalystScreening Requisition
01053120 Financial Policy Analyst (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01055691 Floater - GeneralistClosed Requisition
01055354 - Limited Foreign Ownership of Land, Team LeadInterview Requisition
01056387 Forest Area ManagerInterview Requisition
01048172 Foster Care CaseworkerOffer in Progress
01046316 Foster Care Caseworker (Human Services Worker 5)Interview Requisition
01043859 - Limited Foster and Kinship Care Caseworker (HSW5)Screening Requisition
01052703 GeneralistOffer in Progress
01055568 GeneralistInterview Requisition
01055664 GeneralistInterview Requisition
01054217 Generalist (Temporary)Screening Requisition
01048121 Generalist - Northwest Alberta (HSW6)Offer in Progress
01053430 Generalist / Assessor (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01054491 Guest Services Specialist (Temporary Position) (Position Profile)Requisition on Hold
01056346 Head, ArchaeologyInterview Requisition
01056432 Health Facilities Planner (Temporary 2 Years)Closed Requisition
01054898 Hearing Office ClerkInterview Requisition
01056564 Hearing Office Judicial ClerkScreening Requisition
01056690 - Limited Help Desk AdministratorScreening Requisition
01049296 Human Resource Consultant (Multiple positions in Edmonton and Calgary)Interview Requisition
01052383 Indigenous Case Specialist (HSW6) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01054646 - Limited Indigenous Connections AnalystInterview Requisition
01056153 Indigenous Program CoordinatorInterview Requisition
01056146 Individual Support WorkerInterview Requisition
01044657 Individual Support Worker (IS 1)Offer in Progress
01056089 Individual Support Worker - WAGESOffer in Progress
01040405 Individual Support Workers (IS 1)Offer in Progress
01054649 - Limited Information CoordinatorScreening Requisition
01056258 Information OfficerScreening Requisition
01056622 Information Officer/Booth - Wage - Northwest Region LocationsClosed Requisition
01056189 Information Security Officer 2Interview Requisition
01056190 Information Security Officer 3Interview Requisition
01056864 Information Security Officer 3 (3 Positions)Active Requisition
01054743 Infrastructure Manager (Position Profile)Requisition on Hold
01056283 Infrastructure Support and Delivery ManagerScreening Requisition
01055125 Intake WorkerOffer in Progress
01053452 Intake Worker (HSW5)Interview Requisition
01055438 - Limited Intake Worker-PermanentInterview Requisition
01052275 - Limited Internal Comms AdvisorScreening Requisition
01047101 - Limited Internal Communications Consultant (PS 3)Interview Requisition
01056740 - Limited InvestigatorScreening Requisition
01056372 Investigator (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01054394 - Limited Issues Coordinator (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01056772 - Limited Issues and Correspondence CoordinatorScreening Requisition
01055536 Judicial AssistantClosed Requisition
01056202 Judicial AssistantInterview Requisition
01055534 Judicial Assistant Supervisor/ Bilingual Judicial Assistant SupervisorClosed Requisition
01054125 Judicial ClerkInterview Requisition
01056134 Judicial ClerkOffer in Progress
01055501 Judicial Clerk - French BilingualRequisition on Hold
01054334 Judicial Clerk / Senior Judicial ClerkInterview Requisition
01055449 Judicial Clerk / Senior Judicial ClerkRequisition on Hold
01055490 Judicial Clerk / Senior Judicial ClerkInterview Requisition
01056132 Judicial Clerk / Senior Judicial ClerkClosed Requisition
01056133 Judicial Clerk / Senior Judicial ClerkClosed Requisition
01056177 Judicial Clerk / Senior Judicial ClerkOffer in Progress
01056351 Judicial Clerk / Senior Judicial ClerkFilled Requisition
01056358 Judicial Clerk / Senior Judicial ClerkOffer in Progress
01056446 Judicial Clerk / Senior Judicial ClerkScreening Requisition
01056465 Judicial Clerk / Senior Judicial ClerkScreening Requisition
01056581 Judicial Clerk / Senior Judicial ClerkScreening Requisition
01052148 Judicial Clerk/Senior Judicial ClerkOffer in Progress
01052682 Judicial Clerk/Senior Judicial ClerkInterview Requisition
01052786 Judicial Clerk/Senior Judicial ClerkScreening Requisition
01056560 Judicial Clerk/Senior Judicial ClerkScreening Requisition
01054516 Judicial Clerk/Sr. Judicial ClerkOffer in Progress
01056456 Judicial Orders Production ClerkScreening Requisition
01053497 LINKED TO 1050320 AS4 commonActive Requisition
01055455 Labour Relations Officer (2 positions) (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01056076 Labour Relations Officer (2 positions) (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01055987 Law Court Sheriff ***updated closing dateInterview Requisition
01055990 Law Court Sheriff ***updated closing dateInterview Requisition
01056619 Lead Information Officer - Wage - Northwest Region LocationsClosed Requisition
01053475 - Limited Learning Management System Coordinator (PS 2)Screening Requisition
01054122 Legal AssistantRequisition on Hold
01054167 Legal AssistantOffer in Progress
01054993 Legal AssistantOffer in Progress
01055659 Legal AssistantScreening Requisition
01056464 Legal Assistant, Specialized ProsecutionsInterview Requisition
01055819 Legal CounselFilled Requisition
01052102 Legislative Auditor (Senior Staff Auditor)Offer in Progress
01054212 Licensing InspectorScreening Requisition
01056117 Licensing OfficerClosed Requisition
01056252 Licensing OfficerOffer in Progress
01056526 Licensing OfficerInterview Requisition
01056610 - Limited Licensing Officer SupervisorScreening Requisition
01056546 Licensing SpecialistScreening Requisition
01054169 - Limited Licensing and Revenue Services (Position Profile)Requisition on Hold
01055684 Litigation AssistantOffer in Progress
01056613 Maintenance Service Worker - Wage - Northwest Region LocationsClosed Requisition
01056343 - Limited Manager - Executive Correspondence Unit (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01055957 Manager of OperationsInterview Requisition
01049528 - Limited Manager, Communications (two positions)Interview Requisition
01056139 Manager, Financial Accounting and StandardsClosed Requisition
01053855 - Limited Manager, Financial PlanningInterview Requisition
01056259 - Limited Manager, Indigenous Health PolicyScreening Requisition
01054309 Manager, Negotiations and PolicyScreening Requisition
01056395 - Limited Manager, Prevention Early Intervention Family Resource NetworksOffer in Progress
01051750 - Limited Manager,Strategic Initiatives (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01053789 Managing Director, Alberta Mexico Office (Position Profile)Cancelled Requisition
01056325 Managing Director, Communications and Public Engagement (Position Profile)Filled Requisition
01056101 Meat InspectorFilled Requisition
01056377 Meat Inspector(Grande Prairie)Interview Requisition
01056382 Meat Inspector/Trainees(Various Locations)Active Requisition
01054199 Medical Examiner InvestigatorInterview Requisition
01053238 - Limited Mgr, Inclusion & AccessibilityInterview Requisition
01055784 - Limited Ministry ARTS Administrator (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01056436 Municipal Approvals Engineer - Closing Date Extended (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01056497 Municipal Approvals Engineer - Extended Closing DateScreening Requisition
01056558 Municipal Financial Advisor (2 Positions)Screening Requisition
01055965 Nurse (Wage)Offer in Progress
01056605 Nurse (Wage)Screening Requisition
01056665 Nurse Consultant, ImmunizationScreening Requisition
01055203 OSM Surface Water Science Data AnalystScreening Requisition
01053135 Occupational Health & Safety Contact Centre Advisor (PS2) WAGEInterview Requisition
01055644 Occupational Health and Safety Contact Centre SupervisorOffer in Progress
01056477 Occupational Health and Safety Crown ProsecutorInterview Requisition
01053949 - Limited Office CoordinatorScreening Requisition
01056555 - Limited Office/ERA AdministratorScreening Requisition
01053847 Oil Sands Monitoring Science Product Developer (3 Year Temporary) (Position Profile)Requisition on Hold
01055978 Operational Services SupportOffer in Progress
01056476 Organized Crime Crown ProsecutorInterview Requisition
01056081 P-Card AdministratorInterview Requisition
01056246 Parks Interpreters and Communicators - Seasonal Wage OpportunitiesScreening Requisition
01052587 Payroll Administrator (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01053829 Permanency CaseworkerInterview Requisition
01056250 Policy Advisor/Senior Policy AdvisorOffer in Progress
01056161 - Limited Policy Analyst (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01056459 Policy Analyst (2 Positions Available) - Position Profiles have been updatedScreening Requisition
01056542 - Limited Policy Analyst (PS3) / Senior Policy Analyst (PS4)Screening Requisition
01056687 Policy and Planning Analyst(2 Years)Screening Requisition
01056143 Policy and Research Analyst (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01055073 Practice Specialist - Placement (HSW 7)Offer in Progress
01055941 - Limited Practitioner Services AdjudicatorOffer in Progress
01055327 Probation OfficerFilled Requisition
01055355 Probation OfficerClosed Requisition
01055394 Probation OfficerOffer in Progress
01055418 Probation OfficerRequisition on Hold
01055443 - Limited Probation OfficerRequisition on Hold
01055763 Probation OfficerScreening Requisition
01056427 - Limited Probation OfficerOffer in Progress
01056851 Probation OfficerActive Requisition
01056124 Probation Officer *** extendedFilled Requisition
01053771 Procurement and Contracts SpecialistScreening Requisition
01052421 - Limited Program & Policy Analyst (PS3)Screening Requisition
01054550 - Limited Program Advisor (PS4)Screening Requisition
01050204 Program Consultant (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01056305 Program ConsultantOffer in Progress
01055959 Program CoordinatorOffer in Progress
01056088 Program Delivery SupervisorClosed Requisition
01056578 Program Manager, Mobility and EquipmentScreening Requisition
01056461 - Limited Program Officer (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01047642 - Limited Program SupervisorOffer in Progress
01056053 - Limited Program Support Coordinator (Position Profile)Active Requisition
01055678 - Limited Program Support Coordinator - Extended Closing Date (Position Profile)Requisition on Hold
01056388 - Limited Project Administrative SupportInterview Requisition
01054171 - Limited Project Contracting ManagerInterview Requisition
01056492 Project CoordinatorScreening Requisition
01055599 - Limited Prosecution Business StrategistOffer in Progress
01055930 Provincial Vaccine Depot TechnicianOffer in Progress
01056629 Provincial Vaccine Depot Technician, Part Time (50%)Screening Requisition
01052576 - Limited Provincial eHealth Policy Advisor (Temporary) (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01055429 Psychometrician (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01056374 - Limited Public GuardianScreening Requisition
01055396 - Limited Public Guardian RepresentativeOffer in Progress
01056376 - Limited Public Guardian SouthInterview Requisition
01056828 Public Health VeterinarianActive Requisition
01055483 - Limited Public Trustee RepresentativeClosed Requisition
01055698 Public Trustee RepresentativeScreening Requisition
01056037 Public Trustee RepresentativeScreening Requisition
01056823 Radio OperatorActive Requisition
01055058 Radio Operator (AS5)Interview Requisition
01052353 Rangeland Agrologist - Temporary Position - EXTENDED CLOSING DATE (Position Profile)Requisition on Hold
01054307 Reception ClerkRequisition on Hold
01056172 ReceptionistScreening Requisition
01055155 Receptionist/Office AssistantClosed Requisition
01054587 Recognition Consultant (Temporary Opportunity)Screening Requisition
01056285 Reconcilation CoordinatorInterview Requisition
01054208 Reconciliation CoordinatorScreening Requisition
01056557 - Limited Records Management/Mailroom ClerkInterview Requisition
01056511 Records Technician / Receptionist (Various Temporary Positions)Interview Requisition
01054110 - Limited Regional Administrative SupervisorCancelled Requisition
01056624 Regional Administrative Support - Wage (2 Positions)Closed Requisition
01056390 Registrar, Alberta Human Rights Tribunal (Edmonton OR Calgary)Interview Requisition
01055971 - Limited Registration SpecialistOffer in Progress
01056685 Regulatory Compliance OfficerInterview Requisition
01056334 Relief Nurse (Wage)Screening Requisition
01044554 Research Officer (PS2)Screening Requisition
01052719 Resident Key WorkerOffer in Progress
01055549 Residential Key WorkerRequisition on Hold
01056235 Revenue AdministratorInterview Requisition
01056149 SM, Capital PlanningOffer in Progress
01056468 Safety & Security Program CoorOffer in Progress
01056044 - Limited Scholarship Program Specialist (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01056653 - Limited Security SupervisorRequisition on Hold
01054468 - Limited Senior Accommodation Planner (PS3)Screening Requisition
01056144 Senior Analyst (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01056618 Senior Business Analyst - PetrinexScreening Requisition
01055419 - Limited Senior Deputy ClerkInterview Requisition
01047373 Senior Employee Relations AdvisorScreening Requisition
01054351 Senior Employee Relations ConsultantScreening Requisition
01053662 Senior Enterprise Architect (SA3)Interview Requisition
01056219 Senior Information & Privacy Manager (Position Profile)Closed Requisition
01056165 Senior Judicial ClerkInterview Requisition
01056222 Senior Judicial ClerkOffer in Progress
01056745 - Limited Senior Labour Relations Officer (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01053080 - Limited Senior Network Analyst (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01056329 - Limited Senior Policy AdvisorScreening Requisition
01047490 - Limited Senior Policy AdvisorRequisition on Hold
01053309 Senior Program and Policy ProfessionalScreening Requisition
01055601 Senior Purchasing OfficerInterview Requisition
01056488 Senior Regulatory Analyst(Full-Time)ExtendedScreening Requisition
01056433 Senior Security AnalystScreening Requisition
01056304 Senior Support TechnicianFilled Requisition
01056457 - Limited Seniors Financial Assistance ProcessorScreening Requisition
01056577 Seniors Financial Assistance ProcessorInterview Requisition
01055713 Sentence AdministratorClosed Requisition
01055573 Service CoordinatorInterview Requisition
01055730 Shop Superintendent / Manager - Equipment & FacilitiesClosed Requisition
01056247 Site Supervisor & Travel Counsellor (Multiple Summer Wage Positions)Closed Requisition
01053412 Site Supervisor (PS4)Screening Requisition
01053755 Solution ArchitectInterview Requisition
01056602 - Limited Sr. Business Analyst & Planning Advisor/Sr. Business Analyst - Motor Vehicles (2 positions)Screening Requisition
01056342 Sr. Info & Privacy Manager (Position Profile)Offer in Progress
01056692 Sr. Policy Analyst (2 Permanent)/ Sr. Policy & Planning Analyst (1 Temporary)Screening Requisition
01055975 Stock KeeperRequisition on Hold
01056043 StockkeeperClosed Requisition
01056739 StockkeeperScreening Requisition
01056019 Student-at-Law, RegionalOffer in Progress
01056122 Summer Law Student (First Year Law Students)Interview Requisition
01056700 Summer Program AssistantActive Requisition
01055435 Summer StudentOffer in Progress
01056541 - Limited Supplier Enablement AnalystScreening Requisition
01045133 Supports & Financial Services Coordinator (PS1)Offer in Progress
01054318 Systems AdministratorInterview Requisition
01053469 - Limited Systems AnalystInterview Requisition
01052084 Systems Analyst - DeploymentInterview Requisition
01053504 Team LeadRequisition on Hold
01056410 Team Lead Collections, Royalty Accounting (Position Profile)Interview Requisition
01056521 - Limited Team Lead, Application Processing - 1 Year Temporary PositionScreening Requisition
01053761 Team Lead, Business Operations and Modernization (PS4)Screening Requisition
01055512 Team Lead, North- Alberta Law LibrariesOffer in Progress
01056827 - Limited Team Lead, Senior InvestigatorActive Requisition
01056471 Tech Crown ProsecutorInterview Requisition
01056084 Tenancy Dispute OfficerScreening Requisition
01056090 Tenancy Dispute OfficerScreening Requisition
01052247 Tester (Position Profile)Screening Requisition
01055702 Threat Assessor (UPDATED)Closed Requisition
01056379 Toxicology TechnologistScreening Requisition
01056371 Traffic Court Data Production ClerkInterview Requisition
01051351 TrainerScreening Requisition
01056679 - Limited Transportation Management Centre OfficerScreening Requisition
01055529 - Limited Unit Hub Administrator (Position Profile)Requisition on Hold
01055558 Unit Hub AdministratorRequisition on Hold
01055762 Victim and Witness AssistantClosed Requisition
01053805 - Limited Wellness Health and Safety ConsultantScreening Requisition
01053449 Wetland Scientist (Position Profile)Requisition on Hold
01055176 Wildfire Science AssistantScreening Requisition
01056424 Youth in Transition (YIT) Employment Program CoordinatorScreening Requisition
Updated: 2020-03-27