Alberta Irrigation Management Manual

Irrigation management of crops is a complex and multifaceted process that ensures that the agronomic (e.g., soil fertility, pest control), technical (irrigation systems and associated technology), human (manager's skills, knowledge, and decision making), and water factors that control plant growth do not limit the achievement of optimal and profitable crop production. Proper irrigation management depends on accurate irrigation scheduling that minimizes problems related to the misapplication of water.

Land Classification for Irrigation in Alberta

Land classification for irrigation in Alberta is a multifaceted process: begins with the systematic examination, description, appraisal, and grouping of land; grouping is based on the physical and chemical characteristics affecting its suitability for sustained production under irrigated agriculture; land selection for irrigation also involves predicting how land will respond after development and the application of irrigation water.

Alberta Irrigation Information

Irrigation in Alberta is evolving constantly. Alberta Agriculture and Forestry prepares an annual statistical overview of irrigation information and data relating primarily to the 13 irrigation districts of Alberta, but also includes information about irrigation across the whole province.