Alberta Transportation hires engineering consultants for the planning, design, and/or construction management of a variety of projects. To procure these consultants, one of three following methodologies is used:

1. Pre-Qualification » Request for Expression of Interest » Request For Proposals

For the majority of consulting assignments, Alberta Transportation uses an industry-driven three-stage procurement process. First, consultants are encouraged to obtain pre-qualification status at any time. Next, lists of potential projects within a pre-qualification category are created and advertised several times per year. Pre-qualified firms are requested to indicate their interest on projects and provide a brief rationale of their related experience. The result of this stage is a short-list of approximately 3 consultants.

At a later date, the 3 short-listed consultants will be invited to respond to a Request for Proposal (RFP). The successful respondent to the RFP will be awarded the contract for the project.

2. Open Call for Proposals

For specialized or unique projects, an open request for proposals will be advertised for any interested vendor or consultant directly on the Alberta Purchasing Connection website, as described on the consulting and tendering opportunities page. Any interested consultant or vendor is invited to submit on these projects without the requirement of being pre-qualified.

3. Direct Award

In emergency or special circumstances (in accordance with trade agreement requirements), assignments may be directly awarded to a consulting company or vendor. The project is not publicly advertised. A contract is created with a consultant based on their ability to meet the special or emergency circumstances.

In all situations, the Consultant obligations for the project will be contained in the RFP and/or in the terms of the consulting contract that will be created. Often, the details will be supplemented by processes outlined in consultant guidelines and manuals.