The Innovative Energy Technologies Program (IETP) supports technology that leads to additional recoverable reserves and royalties while improving environmental performance over current processes. The program was announced in 2004 is fully subscribed and is no longer accepting new applications.

The following table lists approved IETP projects reports are available through the project name link to the non-license section of open government. Files requiring specialized software (identified in the annual report table of contents) are only available upon request. All reporting requirements under the program have been completed.

The Government of Alberta does not endorse, authorize, certify, maintain or control the content of the reports. The Government of Alberta is not liable for any direct, indirect, special, punitive, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use of this information. Users must contact the operator for terms of use.

IETP approved project reports

Operator Project name Targeted resource Final report
ARC resources Ltd. 03-050 Redwater Immiscile CO2 vertical pilot Oil 2012
Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. 01-022 Brintell Field Horsetail polymer flood Oil sands 2007
  06-098 Water management through water treatment technologies Oil sands 2013
  02-033 Brintell Field Horsetail polymer flood Oil sands 2009
Cenovus Energy Inc. 06-101 Suffield main Sand Alkali surfactant associative polymer flood Oil 2017
Cenovus FCCL Ltd. 05-075 Air injection and displacement for recovery with oil horizontal Oil sands 2016
Conoco Phillips Canada Ltd. 01-013 Surmount SAGD pilot Oil sands 2008
Deer Creek Energy Ltd./Total E&P Joslyn Ltd. 01-025 Joslyn LP SAGD project phase 1 Oil sands 2009
Encana Corporation 3-063 Deep Basin dev. and measurement of marginal zones phase 1 Gas 2010
  03-064 Basin dev tight gas horizontal well stimulations Gas 2009
  04-074 Horseshoe Canyon CBM high well density Gas 2012
  05-081 Deep Basin dev and measurement marginal zones phase 2 Gas 2012
  01-003 Air injection and gas displacement solution Gas 2011
  01-006 LP SAGD artificial lift bench scale testing Oil sands 2005
  03-053 Suffield conventional heavy oil chemical flood Oil 2011
Encana/Cenovus FCCL Ltd. 02-034 Air repressuring at Christina Lake SAGD bitumen Oil sands 2011
Husky Oil Operations Ltd. 01-023 Taber S alkaline-surfactant-polymer flood Oil 2011
  03-055 Advanced  alkali-surfactant-polymer process Oil 2012
  03-059 Rainbow Keg River O pool enhanced gas recovery Gas 2010
Imperial Oil Resources 03-047 Cold Lake solvent assisted SAGD pilot Oil sands 2014
  06-094 Cyclic solvent test pilot Oil sands 2018
Laricina Energy Ltd. 03-061 Saleski oil sands pilot phase 1 Oil sands 2009
  05-077 Saleski SAGD Oil sands 2013
MGV Energy Inc. 01-024 Horizontal MGS project   cancelled
MGV/Quicksilver Resources Canada Inc. 01-014 Mannville horizontal NGC project Gas 2007
Paramount/MEG Energy Corp. 01-001 Gas re-injection and production experiment (GRIPE) Gas 2011
Paramount Resources Ltd. 01-004 Bitumen de-methanization Gas 2005
  01-005 Gas Pool prod and shut in pressure data analysis Gas 2005
Pengrowth Corporation 03-056 Quaternary acid gas injection Judy Creek BHL "A" Oil 2010
  05-085 Bodo East associative polymer pilot flood Oil 2013
Penn West Petroleum Ltd. 02-030 South Swan Hills unit CO2 enhanced oil recovery Oil 2010
  05-088 Horizontal multi-state fracturing low perm sandstone Oil 2013
Perpetual Energy Inc. 06-095 Low-pressure electro-thermally assisted drive Oil sands 2017
Petrobank Energy Resources Ltd. 01-019 Whitesands experimental project Oil sands 2009
Petro-Canada 02-041 SAGP process for bitumen prod using prod gas and an ejector Oil sands 2007
Suncor Energy Inc. 01-018 Low Pressure SAGD artificial lift pilot Oil sands 2006
CO2 Royalty Credit
Programs (4)*
See Alberta Innovates for more or see
Fundamental Geochemical Processes Between CO2, Water and Minerals (PDF, 363 KB)
Oil 2004-07

*The objective of the CO2 Projects Royalty Credit Program was to encourage projects and application of technology that would lead to the expanded production of Alberta’s oil and gas resources through use of CO2 (carbon dioxide) injection into geological formations. The demonstration projects injected a mixture consisting mainly of CO2 for enhanced recovery of oil, natural gas, or coal bed methane.


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