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GeoDiscover products

Metadata and details for the following products can now be found in GeoDiscover.

Alberta ArcHydro Phase 2

This data was developed to support the delineation of catchment areas in the province of Alberta. It was generated using a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) which had the Base Stream and Flow Representation (Single Line Hydrography Network) burned (excavated) into it.

Base watersheds

This collection of 4 integrated geospatial datasets intended to represent hydrologically corrected DEM, Strahler Order coded simplified hydrography and watersheds, and hydrocoded routes at a scale of 1:20 000.

Digital flood hazard mapping

Flood hazard mapping delineates areas that would be inundated during the 100-year design flood under encroached conditions and provides design flood levels along study cross sections. The digital flood hazard mapping data is created to increase public safety and awareness of flood hazards, and be used as a planning tool by all levels of government and the public to mitigate future flood damages.

Fish and Wildlife Management Information System (FWMIS) Hydrology Arcs and Polygons

FWMIS Hydrology Arcs and Polygons are derived from the Base Features Derived Simplified Linear Network, which is a derivative of the Single Line Hydrography Network (Base Stream and Flow Representation) dataset and Base Features Waterbody Polygon (Base Waterbody Polygon) dataset.

Groundwater vulnerability

These maps were prepared for the Red Deer and the South and North Saskatchewan planning areas. They rank the relative risk to groundwater quality from land-based activities.

Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) Watersheds of Alberta

HUC Watersheds of Alberta represents a collection of 4 nested hierarchically structured drainage basin feature classes that have been created using the HUC system of classification developed by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) with accommodation to reflect the pre-existing Canadian classification system. The HUC Watersheds of Alberta consist of successively smaller hydrologic units that nest within larger hydrologic units, resulting in a hierarchal grouping of alphanumerically-coded watersheds feature classes.

Wet areas mapping

This data collection contains wet areas map data derived from one metre spatial resolution digital terrain models, which were in turn interpolated from light detection and ranging (lidar) ground returns. This product was developed primarily to assist Alberta's forest sector in ensuring the sustainability of these sensitive areas that are threatened by the mountain pine beetle infestation.

Watersheds of Alberta (Government of Alberta)

This digital spatial database depicts various classification levels of watersheds and drainage basins within the province of Alberta as interpreted by Environment and Parks.

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