Skin can absorb chemicals from inadequately cleaned clothing and equipment. Safe removal of pesticide demands special care in handling and washing of contaminated clothes:

  • Handle soiled clothing with unlined, nitrile gloves
  • Remove pesticide granules from cuffs and pockets outdoors
  • Discard any garment saturated with chemical concentrate
  • To discard disposables, place in a plastic bag and take to an approved landfill site
  • Wash the clothing daily
  • Wash separately from regular laundry
  • Pre-treat with a stain removal product or pre-rinse on pre-soak cycle of washer if an emulsifiable formulation is used
  • Avoid overcrowding washer
  • Use hot water setting
  • Use full water level and normal cycle
  • Use extra heavy duty detergent
  • Repeat wash
  • After use, clean washer (run empty washer through full cycle with hot water and detergent)
Drying tip:
Line dry to prevent contamination of dryer. Line drying also increases the chemical breakdown of pesticide residues.

Alberta Farm Safety Program
or toll-free: 310-FARM (3276)