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Dr. Deena Hinshaw


August 12, 2020



I recommend against foregoing a vacation this year. I think it's important for people to take a break, recharge, relax. We're going to be living with COVID for months to come, so there's no use saving up vacation time for the end of COVID because that's quite a ways away.

This year, summer vacation may look very different from years past, but it can still be as meaningful.

Instead of travelling during the pandemic, I recommend exploring places you've heard about, but not visited. Not going out of province or country to vacation means having an opportunity to visit hidden local gems.

Staying home also is a good vacation. Having time with a limited number of people, or time alone, is actually very refreshing. Spending time in the backyard or garden, just kind of hanging out, there's nothing wrong with that. This also could be a time to cross off a few items of the To Do list. I know I have lists of things I'd love to get done around the house, and maybe this is the time to do that.

Wherever you go, or don’t go, I urge you to keep yourself and your family safe:

  • limit the number of new and different people you will be in close contact with wherever you go
  • adhere to the basics to help prevent the spread:
    • stay two metres away from people
    • wear a mask when you can't physically distance
    • wash hands regularly
    • ​stay home when you're sick and get tested for COVID-19
  • download and use the ABTraceTogether app

I believe it is safe to vacation with people in your cohort as long as no one in the cohort is part of any other cohort group.

My final piece of advice: We have such a short summer here in Alberta. Enjoy it, but take care to protect yourself and everyone around you.

  • Dr. Deena Hinshaw

    Dr. Deena Hinshaw

    Dr. Deena Hinshaw was Alberta's Chief Medical Officer of Health from January 28, 2019 to November 14, 2022.