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Build, renovate and upgrades to homes

Safety codes, permits, home warranties and other information and resources for building, renovating or upgrading your home.

Condominiums and renting homes

Condominiums, landlords and tenants, and rent and rental properties.

Emergency shelters

Safe and supportive places for people to stay when fleeing domestic violence.

Find property titles, documents or plans

Information on types of titles, documents and plans and how to get copies.


Learn about initiatives to prevent and reduce homelessness and youth homelessness in Alberta.

Housing and rent assistance

See "Housing and rent assistance" under "Financial assistance, health benefits and disability services".

Property Rights Advocate Office

This advocate office listens to Albertans’ concerns about property rights, and communicates these concerns to government.

Property taxes and utilities

Find information related to the services your house needs, such as electricity, water, heat, waste management, and internet.

Register land title documents and plans

Types of documents and how to register land title documents and plans in Alberta.