The Government of Alberta’s Household Hazardous Waste Program provides funding to encourage municipalities to separate household hazardous waste from the overall municipal waste stream and to ensure appropriate disposal in accordance with hazardous waste regulations. Flammable, corrosive, reactive and toxic household products are eligible for program funding.

Most of the material collected through the program is transported to the Swan Hills Treatment Centre for disposal. Aerosols are sent to an Alberta-based recycling facility.


The Household Hazardous Waste Program is funded by three entities:

  • Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) provides funding towards two aspects of the program:
    • Material collection from municipalities and transportation to the Swan Hills Treatment Centre ($1.5 million in 2016-17)
    • Material disposal at Swan Hills Treatment Centre ($480,000 in 2016-17)
  • Alberta Infrastructure subsidizes the cost of material disposal at Swan Hills Treatment Centre (about $1.5 million in 2016-17)
  • Participating municipalities fund a significant portion of material collection and often a portion of material transportation

Program Administration

Alberta Recycling Management Authority (Alberta Recycling) is contracted by AEP to administer the program.

To be eligible for program funding, brokers register with Alberta Recycling and submit claims for the eligible materials in accordance with program requirements.


To register with the program and become eligible to receive program funding, a broker (service providers that enter into agreements with municipalities to collect and transport Household Hazardous Waste Program material) must demonstrate to Alberta Recycling that they meet a standard list of requirements. Examples of requirements include, but are not limited to, appropriate insurance, transportation permits, and Workers’ Compensation Board certification.

The broker must also remain in good standing with the program by submitting all required documentation. Brokers can register with the program at any time during the year.

Alberta Recycling distributes funds to registered brokers as claims are submitted in accordance with the program requirements and until funding is expended. Funding is established at the beginning of the year. As the amount of material collected is variable, it is possible that funding will be exhausted prior to the end of the year.

Alberta Recycling provides an update of unexpended funds monthly to brokers. Municipalities can request this update directly from Alberta Recycling.

For non-aerosol material, brokers are paid a per kilogram rate for eligible material delivered to the Swan Hills Treatment Centre for disposal. Material collected from areas other than Edmonton and Calgary receive additional per kilogram funding to offset additional collection costs. For aerosol containers, brokers are paid on a per unit basis.

Program Participation

Participation in the program is voluntary. Municipalities that choose to participate are responsible for collection and transportation costs not funded by the program. Municipalities select a registered broker to deliver the material to the Swan Hills Treatment Centre or, in the case of aerosols, to the appropriate recycling facilities.

Municipalities and registered brokers determine their own contractual arrangements. Alberta Recycling can provide a list of current registered program brokers.

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