Before a real estate professional lists a newly constructed home for sale, they should confirm with the builder if the home has warranty coverage. All new homes built in Alberta with building permits issued after February 1, 2014 are required by the New Home Buyer Protection Act to have home warranty coverage.

The New Home Buyer Protection Act prohibits a person from selling or offering to sell a home without warranty coverage where the building permits were issued after February 1, 2014.

Real estate professionals and all Albertans can use the Public Registry to find warranty information on homes. The registry provides information on the status of the warranty, contact information for the warranty provider, and key warranty dates, including how much coverage remains. The registry can be searched using the street address, legal description, lot/block/plan, or Land Identification Numeric Code. Real estate professionals can contact their local municipality to find more information on the date a building permit was issued.

Failure to Comply

If a real estate professional engages in sales activity on a home without home warranty coverage, the New Home Buyer Protection Office can issue a Compliance Order requiring that the real estate professional remove the listing from the Internet, remove "For Sale" signs from the home, and cease any sales activities until the home has warranty coverage and is registered in the New Home Buyer Protection System. Non-compliance with such an order would be an offence under the Act and may result in prosecution, and or administrative penalties.


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