The New Home Buyer Protection Act came into effect in February 2014. The legislation was developed to improve construction quality, builder accountability and consumer protection in the province. The Government of Alberta's New Home Buyer Protection Office promotes compliance with the legislation through education and awareness. When necessary, the Government of Alberta will enforce the Act and its regulations through compliance orders, administrative penalties, and convictions through the courts.

Compliance Orders

The Government of Alberta may issue a Compliance Order if a person fails to comply with the Act or its regulations. Failure to comply with a compliance order may result in fines or prosecution. A person may request the Registrar review a Compliance Order or may appeal the order to the New Home Buyer Protection Board.

Administrative Penalties

The Government of Alberta may issue administrative penalties for a single infraction of between $250 and $10,000 and up to $1,000 per day for continuing or repeated contraventions, up to a combined maximum of $100,000. A person may appeal the administrative penalty to the New Home Buyer Protection Board.