This historical map series consists of the Phase 2 Detailed Forest Inventory printed monochrome maps by Alberta Township System (ATS) tiles within Alberta. The series is now available as a fee free download in Adobe PDF and Tif formats under the Open Government Licence – Alberta.

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The Phase 2, or Detailed, Forest Inventory is the second provincial level forest inventory conducted in the province of Alberta. The Phase 1 (Broad Scale) Forest Inventory (initiated in 1949 and completed by 1956) preceded the Detailed Inventory. The Phase 2 (Detailed) Forest Inventory was undertaken to cover lands where commercial timber commitments existed that were not inventoried as part of the Phase 1 (Broad Scale) Forest Inventory.

The Phase 2 (Detailed) Forest Inventory utilized aerial photography from 1956 to 1966 to capture attribution similar to the Phase 1 (Broad Scale) Forest Inventory but at a more detailed level. A minimum stand size of 16.2 ha (40 acres) was used and the information was largely mapped at a scale of 1:31 680. Detailed information collected through the Phase 2 Inventory included species composition, stand density, stand heights, site class and the maturity or year of stand establishment.

The inventory information and maps were updated for burned areas greater than 65 ha and included all fires from 1951 to 1971. Cover type volume tables (CTVT) were developed, each applicable to different regions of the inventory area. Volume estimates were available by:

  • cover type,
  • species, and
  • diameter class.

The eastern slopes portion of the province from Township 2 to Township 47 that had never been captured by the Phase 1 (Broad Scale) Forest Inventory was mapped at the scale of 1:15 840.

In the mid-1960s, new timber quota areas were established and the areas of concern that were not covered by the Phase 2 (Detailed) Forest Inventory were supplemented by the Quota Reconnaissance Survey.

The Phase 2 (Detailed) Forest Inventory contains the following three different types of inventory:

  • Detailed Forest Inventory (403 mapsheets, four townships / mapsheet at a scale of 31 680)
  • Detailed Forest Inventory - Eastern Slopes (668 mapsheets, one township / mapsheet at a scale of 15 840)
  • Quota Reconnaissance Survey (139 mapsheets, four townships / mapsheet at a scale of 31 680)

These maps are not available as geo-referenced rectified images or GIS-ready data.

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This maps series has been organized by Alberta Township System (ATS) meridians, designated as being west of the 4th, 5th, or 6th meridians.

Map Sheets by ATS Meridian

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