The series is available as a fee free download in Adobe PDF and Tif formats under the Open Government Licence – Alberta.

The Alberta Resource Atlas series was originally created to provide a snapshot of various geographical, cultural, and economic characteristics of Alberta. The Alberta Resource Atlas series is categorized by the following themes:

  • Administrative regions
  • Agricultural processing and manufacturing
  • Agricultural production
  • Natural resources
  • Physical features
  • Population
  • Service and recreational facilities

These maps are not available as geo-referenced rectified images or GIS-ready data.

How to view

This product can be viewed on a computer, printed or be plotted in part or in whole. To maintain the original map scale (1:5 000 000), generally these maps are printed on 22.00 x 28.00 cm (8.5" x 11") paper size.

Map series updates

This series is not updated and contains a range of publication dates.

Map sheet download: Open Government

The map series is available as a free download under the Open Government Licence.

To download Historical Alberta Resource Atlas Series Maps, click the desired theme category. Each map sheet is provided in Adobe PDF or Tif format within a downloadable WinZip file. Please note: each zipped map sheet package varies in size.

Your use of the information will be governed by the terms of the Open Government Licence - Alberta, in force as of the date you accessed the information.

Map sheet theme

Administrative regions

  • PDF (ZIP, 24.1 MB)
  • TIFF (ZIP, 273 MB)

Agricultural processing and manufacturing

  • PDF (ZIP, 25.9 MB)
  • TIFF (ZIP, 358 MB)

Agricultural production

  • PDF (ZIP, 30.6 MB)
  • TIFF (ZIP, 438 MB)

Natural resources

  • PDF (ZIP, 42.9 MB)
  • TIFF (ZIP, 531 MB)

Physical features

  • PDF (ZIP, 41.9 MB)
  • TIFF (ZIP, 536 MB)


  • PDF (ZIP, 27.5 MB)
  • TIFF (ZIP, 289 MB)

Service and recreational facilities

  • PDF (ZIP, 32.3 MB)
  • TIFF (ZIP, 399 MB)


You can forward your questions and concerns regarding our map products via email to aep.maps-alberta@gov.ab.ca.