Map of locations where medians will be removed
Map of locations where medians will be removed

Foothills County and Okotoks continue to develop. Increased traffic accessing Highway 2 requires adjustments at some intersections to enhance safety:

  • Township Road 212 and 306 Avenue
  • Township Road 210 and 338 Avenue
  • Township Road 204 and 370 Avenue

Collisions in this area are often related to left turns onto and off Highway 2. The following movements will be restricted at these intersections:

  • left turns to and from Highway 2
  • straight-through movements crossing Highway 2 from intersecting municipal roads

Eliminating these medians will reduce collisions. Widening the shoulders will improve turning radius and provide sufficient distance for right turns.

Existing intersection layout
Existing intersection layout

These intersections currently permit left turns, through movements, and right turns from all approaches.

Revised intersection layout
Amended intersection layout

These intersections will be reconfigured to restrict those movements.

Emergency vehicle, maintenance equipment and oversized load access

Specialized median crossings will be built to accommodate emergency vehicles, maintenance equipment. When necessary, oversized and high load vehicles may be permitted to use the specialized medians with pilot vehicles if they cannot safely navigate existing interchanges.


Significant improvements to traffic flow and safety, including fewer collisions, will result from eliminating left turns and east/west through movements.

Timelines (estimated)

This project will be completed in 2023.


For more information regarding the decision to revise the median crossings, contact:

Jerry Lau
Infrastructure Manager
Alberta Transportation and Economic Corridors
Phone: 403-297-8633
Email: [email protected]

Kim Biddle
Engineering Consultant
Eagle Engineering Corp
Phone: 403-949-9116
Email: [email protected]

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