Built in 1957, the Highway 15 bridge over the North Saskatchewan River into Fort Saskatchewan is a vital river crossing that connects Fort Saskatchewan and Strathcona County with Sturgeon County and Edmonton.

This section of Highway 15 is an important service and trade corridor through the Industrial Heartland, and a commuter route for thousands of Albertans. It is the only river crossing into Fort Saskatchewan, with one lane of traffic in both directions.

Traffic volume is causing a number of issues:

  • since 2009, traffic volumes on the 2-lane Highway 15 bridge have increased by 50% and continue to grow
  • vehicles cross the Highway 15 bridge more than 23,000 times a day, which creates congestion, especially during peak periods
  • collisions often result in the bridge being completely closed to traffic for hours

The twinning of the Highway 15 bridge over the North Saskatchewan River and the completion of twinning on Highway 15 into Fort Saskatchewan is therefore a major priority.

Project details

Highway 15 twinning work will be completed through 2 separate projects:

Project A

This project will consist of construction east of the Highway 15 and Highway 28A intersection, to west of the Highway 15 and Highway 37 intersection, including:

  • building approximately 3km of new lanes south of the existing highway, which will become the eastbound lanes
  • converting existing undivided highway to future westbound lanes
  • extending the Pilon Creek culvert to accommodate the new lanes

The construction tender has been awarded to Wells Construction, Division of Lafarge Canada Inc. Construction is expected to get underway in summer 2019 and be open to traffic by fall 2019.

Project B

This project will consist of construction east of the Highway 15 and Highway 37 intersection, crossing the North Saskatchewan River, to east of the 99 Avenue overpass in the City of Fort Saskatchewan, including:

  • twinning and building a new eastbound 2-lane Highway 15 bridge with a pedestrian bridge underneath
  • keeping the existing bridge in service during construction and converting it to a westbound only bridge when construction is complete
  • completing twinning on Highway 15 from east of the Highway 15 and Highway 37 intersection to east of the 99 Avenue overpass in the City of Fort Saskatchewan
  • CN overpass modifications
  • building a retaining wall near 99 Avenue in the City of Fort Saskatchewan

The construction tender has been advertised. Construction is expected to begin in summer 2019 and take about 3 years (as is typical for a project of this size).


Overall timelines

Design work for this multi-year project began in 2017.

Tree-clearing work should be complete by spring 2019.

Construction could start as early as summer 2019, contingent on:

  • railway crossing improvements
  • utility relocation
  • land acquisition
  • environmental approvals


The twinning project will improve access for:

  • existing industries
  • agricultural producers
  • businesses

This project supports 2 multi-billion dollar petrochemical facilities planned for development in Sturgeon and Strathcona Counties.

The twinning project and bridge expansion will also:

  • alleviate congestion on the Highway 15 bridge
  • improve drive times for local commuters
  • support economic development by improving the connection between Fort Saskatchewan, Sturgeon County and the Industrial Heartland
  • support hundreds of jobs over the next few years
  • provide infrastructure the province needs to ensure future economic growth and sustained job opportunities
  • allow for efficient movement of goods and people throughout the Capital Region and beyond



For more information, please contact Alberta Transportation’s North Central Region Office:

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Phone: 780-968-4240
Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta)
Email: jeff.zhang@gov.ab.ca