“Herbicides have become an integral part of modern agricultural production,” says Harry Brook, crop specialist at the Alberta Ag-Info Centre.

“They, along with fertilizers, have allowed us to increase crop yields dramatically. Use of herbicides has also resulted in circumstances where applied herbicides have travelled and damaged non-target plants and crops.”

He adds that this comprehensive guide should be useful for the initial diagnosis of plant injury and a guide for further investigation into the causes of crop damage from herbicides.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, this document is very verbose,” he explains. “There are extensive photos of the injury symptoms of most of the commonly used herbicides. Photos have been collected over the years from Keith Topinka, Valerie Sowiak, Linda Hall, Nolan Kowalchuk, Keith Gabert, Eric Johnson, Dr. Bob Blackshaw and myself.”

The guide is a work in progress as there are still new herbicides being found although most are in existing herbicide groups. Therefore, symptoms on plants will be the same, based on the herbicide group.

“Our hopes are that this document can be a useful addition to an agronomist’s toolbox and will help to diagnose herbicide injury and off-target damage from herbicide application,” he adds.

“If you have photographs of some of the newer herbicide injury symptoms, please forward them so they can be added to this guide.”

Download Herbicide Action and Injury.


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