The OPGT application processes and their forms are complicated. We recommend getting help with them through:

  • the OPGT or another organization that provides free assistance
  • a lawyer

OPGT forms are legally-binding and normally filed through the court.

You can use a lawyer for any personal or financial matter. They can:

  • help you complete any OPGT application process
  • give you legal advice and discuss options with you

Find legal assistance in Alberta

OPGT offices

If you need help with OPGT application processes or forms

Contact your local OPGT office.

If you booked a guardian or trustee application review appointment

Bring everything on this checklist to your appointment:

Checklist: What to bring to your appointment – Guardianship or Trusteeship Application/Review (PDF, 379 KB)

Find a community group

The map below includes the organizations that can help you with OPGT application processes and forms. This includes applications for:

  • personal directives
  • adult guardianship
  • trusteeship
  • co-decision-making

Search by location to find a community group near you.