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Please complete the following documents before filling out the nomination form.

Nominee description (1 to 2 Pages, written by nominator)

In a separate document, please tell us why you feel the young person you are nominating is a Great Kid. What great things has he or she achieved in the face of life’s challenges?

Two additional letters of support (1 page each)

In addition to the Nominee Description, please include two letters of support from others - teachers, classmates, coaches, community leaders, family members - who know this Great Kid. Each letter must include the full name and phone number of the individual providing the letter. If more than two letters are submitted, two will randomly be selected and the others discarded.

Consent of parent or legal guardian

The child's or youth's parent or legal guardian must agree to allow their child to be nominated for this award. Please have the parent or guardian review the content of the nomination and sign the statement. Submit the consent form as a scanned PDF or JPG.

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Nominee (Child or Youth being nominated)
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How did you learn about the Great Kids Award?

The information you provide is being submitted to the Government of Alberta so that recipients can be selected for the Great Kids Award presented by the Government of Alberta through the Prevention and Early Intervention Branch of Children’s Services. If you choose to nominate, the personal information you provide will be used and disclosed in the selection process.

Information provided to the Prevention and Early Intervention Branch is collected, used and disclosed as per the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

If you have questions about the award, please read our FAQs. For other information, please contact the Great Kids Award Team by email or by phone at 780-644-2600.

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