It has been a little over a month since the Alberta Forage Industry (AFIN) launched the website Farming the Web. AFIN’s Kristen Hall says that they have received a huge response since the agriculture-specific buy-sell site has gone live.

‘We now have over 200 people who have created profiles and almost 100 different listings,’ she explains. ‘As well, some successful transactions have already gone through, which means that the site is working. When we started this process, we wanted to make sure that it was a very user friendly site. We have received very few calls needing help using the site, so we are going to take that as a win.’

AFIN received funding from the Governments of Canada and Alberta through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership to create and maintain the online ag marketplace. It replaces the general store on Alberta Agriculture and Forestry’s old website, Ropin’ the Web.

She says that so far, the reviews of Farming the Web are mostly positive. She has found that people across the province are using the site to buy and sell products and offer services, and she expects that will continue to expand as time goes on.

Farming the Web features products and services listed under 6 categories:

  • hay, straw and other feeds
  • livestock and working animals
  • pasture and land for lease or sale
  • farm equipment
  • services and contracting
  • other

‘We are working with the website developers to add a few more functions to the site, such as the ability to boost your listings to get a better spot on the website,’ Hall adds. ‘We are also working on having limited advertising spots for companies to showcase their businesses and products.’


Connect with the Alberta Forage Industry Network:

Phone: 403-819-1746
Email: [email protected]

For more information about the Canadian Agricultural Partnership:
Phone: 310-FARM (3276)