To protect our universally accessible, publicly funded health care system, we need to take meaningful action to improve key components of our system.

As part of the consultations, the Government of Alberta has made 11 proposals to the AMA to help build a stronger and more sustainable health system while managing physician spending growth.

Proposal 11: Stop accepting good-faith claims

Alberta physicians can currently submit claims for services provided to Alberta residents who they believe have coverage under the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan, but cannot prove it.

By proposing to end this practice, we can ensure health services are provided to eligible Alberta residents, while reducing the number of unpaid billing claims, saving the system money and ensuring accurate physician billing. However, anyone in Alberta, homeless or otherwise, will receive the emergency or urgent care that they may need.

For non-emergency care, our service providers, like the Boyle McCauley Health Centre in Edmonton, have technology and systems to confirm identity and eligibility of patients who may not carry their health cards or other identification.

Provinces such as Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Saskatchewan do not provide good faith claims.

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