Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+)

An internationally used policy and research tool that helps to identify who benefits and who is excluded from an organization’s decisions.

Status of Women uses GBA+ to review policies, programs and legislation across government. This tool shines a light on how different populations are affected by government work. It helps us make sure that we can clearly see if any group benefits more than others.

This is the lens we use to review our decision-making, so we can keep striving for equality. It is a standard for all government to use.

Gender is only one of ways Albertans will experience what we do. The plus in GBA+ expands our scope by helping us think about other identity factors. These factors  include sexual orientation, ethnicity, geography, faith, income, gender identity and gender expression. A person’s economic status might be the identity factor she uses to decide if a child care option will suit her family. She might think of her physical disability first when dealing with transit issues. Knowing Albertans can be affected in different ways helps us develop better policies and programs.

Training is currently available inside the Government of Alberta, and may later be available to outside organizations.

Organizations interested in learning more can visit the Government of Canada’s website for details.

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