Table of contents

Bush fruit in Alberta
Jams, jellies and preserves processed from home-grown bush fruit provide personal satisfaction and great eating. Bush fruit production requires careful planning and lots of work, but the rewards are well worth it.

Commercial strawberry/raspberry industry
The purpose of this fact sheet is to introduce strawberry and raspberry enterprises as potential business opportunities. The focus is on the key management issues involved in producing and marketing fresh raspberries and strawberries.

Currants and gooseberries in Alberta
This fact sheet looks at home garden options for growing gooseberries and currents. For small yards, where larger fruit trees are not practical, currants and gooseberries provide a good fruit substitute. The berries have high levels of vitamin C (especially black currants) and are used fresh and preserved.

Raspberries in Alberta
This fact sheet addresses some of the common, and some not-so-common, questions asked by farmers about the legal implications of debt. More detailed information on the laws governing debt is available in the publications Farm Debt: The Legal Implications Including the Personal Property Security Act, Agdex 817-12, and Alberta Personal Property Security Act, Agdex 817-13. This fact sheet is not a substitute for legal advice because farm debt can have complex tax and legal implications. Readers are advised to seek professional assistance with their specific concerns about farm debt.

Saskatoon berry production manual
This manual represents a comprehensive resource for new and existing Saskatoon berry growers. It delves into the biology of the plant, both from a basic, whole plant level through to a detailed examination of how the plant will respond to practices such as pruning. The process of propagation is outlined, including a comparison of seedling versus vegetatively propagated material. The manual compares the various commonly grown cultivars for various characteristics and takes growers through orchard establishment and cultural practices for the maintenance of a healthy orchard. There is also a comprehensive outline of pruning techniques, including how pruning affects an orchard and when pruning should be carried out.

Saskatoons in Alberta
Saskatoon berries are native to Alberta. The Plains Indians ate the fruit both fresh and dried in their dietary staple, pemmican. Today, the berry is valued for its fruit and as an ornamental shrub or hedge. Thousands of acres are now commercially produced on the Canadian prairies, but this fact sheet will focus on home garden Saskatoon berry production.

Strawberries in Alberta
The strawberry is one of the first of the Alberta fresh fruits on the market. It is a very popular plant in home and market gardens because it produces large amounts of fruit. Commercial strawberry production in Alberta covers hundreds of acres; however, this fact sheet will focus on home garden strawberry production.