Alberta and Canada recently extended the Agreement on French-language Services for 2018-20. With this agreement in place, the Francophone Secretariat is now able to accept grant funding applications for 2019-20.


Eligible projects

Submitted projects must comply with the eligibility and evaluation criteria listed in the Canada-Alberta Agreement on French-Language Services – Application Guidelines, and have the following objectives:

  • to inform French-speaking Albertans about government resources, services and programs available in French
  • to raise awareness of francophone heritage and to encourage its preservation and promotion
  • to help francophone organizations obtain and use resources (including governance training and feasibility studies) that will enable them to provide services on behalf of the provincial government
  • to provide services in priority areas on behalf of the provincial government (contact the Francophone Secretariat for current priority areas)
  • to ensure key Government of Alberta resources and documents are translated into French

In addition:

  • priority will be given to projects that aim at supporting the implementation of Alberta’s French Policy
  • projects must start after April 1, 2019, and end before March 20, 2020

Eligible Organizations

The following organizations may apply for funding:

  • Government of Alberta ministries and agencies
  • Alberta municipalities and local administrations, and their agencies
  • non-profit organizations located in Alberta


  • under the agreement, funding is provided for start-up and for one year
  • under the agreement, up to 50% of the budget can be provided for each project
  • funding must be matched by one of the following provincial revenue sources:
    • funding from a Government of Alberta entity or agency
    • funding from Alberta municipalities or local administrations
    • revenues generated in the province by the organization (sponsorships, donations, etc.)
    • tangible in-kind contributions
  • due to the large volume of applications and limited funds available, not all eligible projects may receive funding

How to apply

Step 1. Before you apply

Read the Canada-Alberta Agreement of French-Language Services – Application Guidelines.

Step 2. Submit an Intent to Apply form (optional)

Fill out an Intent to Apply form (DOC, 30 KB) and email it to

The Intent to Apply form allows the Francophone Secretariat to let you know whether your project is eligible and to offer you recommendations to strengthen your application at the submission stage. The Secretariat may also suggest other sources of funding that would be more suitable for your project.

Please note that eligibility confirmation does not guarantee funding. This depends on the quality of the application, current priorities as well as the number of requests received and their relevance.

The Francophone Secretariat accepts Intent to Apply forms at any time during the year. However, feedback will only be sent to those who have sent their completed forms at least one month before the application deadline.

Step 3. Submit your application form

Fill out an application form (DOC, 160 KB) and send it by email, along with support letters (if applicable) to: francosec@gov.ab.

Support letters: It is recommended you obtain support letters from your local community partners and include them in your application. In these letters, your partners may list the benefits they will receive from the project and indicate how they plan to participate in these projects. Support letters are sometimes required at the proposal evaluation stage.

After you apply

1. Evaluation

All applications will be reviewed. Incomplete applications will be returned to applicants.

The Francophone Secretariat will contact applicants four to six months after their submissions, depending on the volume of applications received.

If your application is successful, you will receive a grant agreement that you will need to sign and return to the Francophone Secretariat. Funding will be available once this step is complete.

2. Release of funding

A payment schedule is included in Appendix B of the grant agreement. Details vary from project to project.

3. Reports

All successful applicants must submit a progress report no later than March 20 of the fiscal year in which the project is conducted.

Details on these reports are provided in Appendix C of the grant agreement.

4. Condition

The funds awarded must be spent by March 20 of the fiscal year in which the project is taking place.

5. Recognition

Grant recipients must make an effort to acknowledge publicly the source of funding received for the project. To obtain the appropriate logos and statements, please contact the Francophone Secretariat.

Previous grant recipients


Connect with the Francophone Secretariat:

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Phone: 780-415-3348 (Edmonton and area)
Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta)
Other contact options

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