Sustainable forest management, wildfire prevention and management, and forest tenure, trade and market access.

Services and information

Alberta Forest Week is celebrated each year during the first full week in May.

Contact information for government offices related to forestry, including the Provincial Forest Fire Centre.

Information on forest and bioenergy products, markets and trade.

Alberta supports sustainable forest management through controlled timber harvesting and efficient harvesting techniques.

How Alberta manages forest health, adaptation and threats.

View publications, reports and newsletters related to Alberta's forest health and adaptation.

Plans, management, compliance and statistics related to the protection, conservation and sustainable management of forests.

Forms related to forestry businesses.

About the invasive mountain pine beetle, its impact on forests, and how Alberta is responding to this threat.

Alberta government dues, rates and fees for the use of publicly-owned forest resources.

How to get a non-commercial tree cutting permit, and rules and maps for harvesting firewood, transplants and Christmas trees.

Data and other resources related to Alberta's vegetation inventory.

Information on fire bans, fire permits and wildfire hazards as well as wildfire prevention and response activities.