The forestry sector in Alberta contributes to the economic well-being of more than 90 communities across the province.

The industry provides forestry jobs to over 18,000 Albertans and also supports an additional 25,000 jobs across the province.

Our blueprint for jobs

As part of A Blueprint for Jobs, we are working to increase the number and security of forestry jobs through a number of initiatives, such as:

  • Fighting against mountain pine beetle, for a total of $30 million annually.
  • Evaluating forested lands to ensure economic opportunities and better forest management.
  • Managing forests on all lands through timber harvesting to provide short-term economic opportunities for industry, while also helping to protect neighbouring communities.
  • Exploring potential opportunities to enhance the supply of fibre in Alberta’s White Area, which has historically supported municipal development, agriculture and other industries, but could also provide additional harvesting opportunities for Alberta foresters.
  • Evaluating constraints on industry’s access to fibre to ensure we are getting the most out of this important natural resource and supporting forest industry jobs. There is potential to harvest up to one-third more of the current annual allowable cut, which could mean hundreds of millions of dollars more in timber value.
  • Applying the government-wide red-tape reduction effort in the forestry sector, for example, by promising forestry companies greater certainty around long-term tenure and Forest Management Agreements.
  • Increasing efforts to expand and diversify international markets for Alberta forestry products.

Key sectors

We are focusing our efforts in areas where the potential for growth is the greatest: