The Food Science and Technology Centre operates out of the Crop Diversification Centre South. It is located on the Trans-Canada Highway, approximately 1 kilometre east of Brooks.


Entrepreneurs work to develop, perfect and process their pet-food products with the following staff:

  • an experienced feed scientist
  • a laboratory scientist
  • technologists

The centre also provides interim processing of pet food and pet treats for businesses to make product for local and domestic markets. The centre is not a co-packer / toll processor.

Laboratory equipment

Agilent 1100 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph w/ Photodiode and Fluorescence Detectors Instron 1132 Food Testing Instrument
Agilent 6890 Gas Chromatograph w/ Flame Ionization and
Thermal Conductivity Detectors
Lab Mills
Aqua Lab Water Activity Meter Melting Point Apparatus
Blue M Muffle Furnace pH Apparatus
Brookfield DV-II+ Viscometer Refractometers
Electronic Balances Rotary Evaporator
Fisher Forced Air Vacuum Ovens Soxlet Extractor
Hewlett-Packard 1090 HPLC w/ UV and Refractive Index
Spectronic 1201 UV/VIS Spectrophotometer
Hunterlab ColorQuest Colorimeter Water Baths
Hunterlab D25 Colorimeter  

Fee schedule

Sensory Evaluation $ 350.00 per day, plus Planelist Compensation
Engineering services $ 350.00 per day
Technical consultations $ 350.00 per day
Benchtop development by AF Staff $ 350.00 per day
Benchtop development by Client Staff $ 200.00 per day
Pilot plant development $ 500.00 per day
Interim processing $ 500.00 - $ 1,200 per day
Post processing cleaning $ 25.00 per person per hour
Handling and storage $ 0.10 per Kg per day
Seminars and demonstrations Cost plus 10%

Daily rates are based upon a 7.25 hour day.

These fees apply to Alberta companies or companies that have processing facilities in Alberta. Fees for out-of-province clients will be negotiated prior to signing a contract, but in most cases will be double those quoted above.

Sensory Evaluation

In-house, trained panels are used for quality assurance, shelf life and research studies while consumer panels are used to gauge the acceptability relative to competing products on the market. Consumer panels generally involve 75 consumers and take place in targeted market areas. Panel costs are based upon the amount of time Centre scientists spend on each project.

Consultation Services

Centre Scientists or Engineers may provide these services. The charges relate to the time spent on a contracted project and can apply to work done at the Centre or at the client's facility. Consultation outside of the Centre seldom occurs due to the preponderance of work to be done on-site.

Benchtop Development

This refers to the use of the laboratory or test kitchen for product development. Clients may use the facility on their own, or with assistance from a Centre Scientist or Engineer (note the difference in fees).

Pilot Plant Development

This refers to the use of the pilot plant for the commercialization of products under development or the production of products for test market purposes. The assistance of Technologists skilled in the use of the Centre's equipment ifs included in this fee. The Food Processing Development Centre's pilot plant is licensed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as a meat processing facility, as a dairy plant, and under the Canada Processed Foods Act / Processed Fruit and Vegetable Regulations.

Interim Processing

This refers to pilot plant use for a specified period of time beyond the developmental period. Clients may contract the use of the pilot plant to manufacture their products for the market while their own facilities are being upgraded or constructed. The daily fee will depend upon the complexity of the process and the amount and kind of space utilized. All costs related to the manufacture, packaging and distribution of the products produced in the pilot plant, including cleaning and sanitation, are the responsibility of the client.

Post Processing Cleaning

Fees are charged to recover the Centre's cost of contracted cleaning services required to meet regulatory requirements. These fees apply only when the contracting of outside cleaners is necessary.

Handling / Storage

Storage of finished products in a controlled temperature environmental and of dry good is limited by the space available. Fees will be applied only when excessive amounts or lengths of storage occur.


To connect with the Food Science and Technology Centre:

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Phone: 403-362-1339
Fax: 403-362-1326
Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta)

To contact Colette Jako, manager:
Phone: 403-362-1346
Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta)
Email: [email protected]

Food Science and Technology Centre
Crop Diversification Centre South
301 Horticultural Station Road East
Brooks, Alberta  T1R 1E6