Through a combination of expertise, specialized facilities, product development, applied research, and interim processing, the Food Processing Development Centre (FPDC) fosters growth and commercialization of food, beverage and ingredient manufacturing companies. Working with industry stakeholders and companies of all sizes, the FPDC helps build Alberta value-added processing capacity and supports industry as it pursues new and existing opportunities.

The FPDC is a modern, 65,000 square foot pilot plant and product development laboratory equipped with more than $20,000,000 in equipment that supports food product innovation along the full development and commercialization continuum. Clients can access technical consultation, benchtop development, pilot plant development, scale-up, business development, applied research and interim processing services.


Product and process development and scale-up

The FPDC, a centre of excellence, offers access to expertise, knowledge and facilities as companies strive to develop and introduce new value-added products to market. Whether a company is a startup with an exciting idea, has a prototype ready for optimization, is reformulating in response to consumer demand or is at any stage along the development continuum, the FPDCs established product and process development and scale-up process is a pathway to commercialization.

Benchtop development refers to the use of the laboratory or test kitchen for product development. Clients may use the facility on their own, or with assistance from a centre scientist or technologist (note the difference in fees).

Pilot plant development refers to the use of the pilot plant for the commercialization of products under development or the production of products for test market purposes. The assistance of technologists skilled in the use of the centre's equipment is included in the fee. The FPDC’s pilot plant is licensed and inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

The facility works with clients to attain CFIA licenses under the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations as required for their processing. The FPDC has various capabilities in the areas of meat, dairy, fruit, vegetable and grain processing.

Laboratory support

The FPDC lab provides on-site food safety, quality, and analytical testing in support of product development and interim processing activities. The lab is not accredited therefore does not provide accredited analysis or other commercially available lab services. Additionally, shelf life or market testing services are not offered.

Applied research

FPDC food scientists engage in applied research collaborations with industry clients and other stakeholders to support:

  • individual companies as they pursue opportunities and respond to challenges through the development of new products or adoption of innovative process and technologies
  • industry stakeholders to realize their own research agenda by accessing FPDC scientific expertise and facilities

Consultation services

FPDC scientists provide consultation services to clients. The related charges for this service are based on the time spent at the FPDC and at the client facility.

Interim processing

Interim processing is a short-term processing solution where companies can access the FPDC pilot plant to produce their product for sale. This service assists businesses in introducing their product(s) to market until they are able to graduate to their own facility, enter into an arrangement with a co-packer, or potentially move into the Agrivalue Processing Business Incubator (APBI). The FPDC works with clients to attain CFIA licenses under the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations as required for their processing. The FPDC has various capabilities in the areas of meat, dairy, fruit, vegetable and grain processing. Product produced can be exported, however export eligibility is dependent upon country and product category requirements.

The daily fee will depend upon the complexity of the process and the amount and kind of space utilized. All costs related to the manufacture, packaging and distribution of products produced in the pilot plant, including cleaning and sanitation, are the responsibility of the client. FPDC is not a co-packer or toll processor so clients are responsible for securing production staff for all interim processing work.

Interim processing requires a client company representative to be part of the processing day to oversee activities, supervise company staff, and make decisions on behalf of the company.

Post processing cleaning

A trained third party conducts all post processing sanitation at FPDC and the cost of the sanitation related to a project is billed to the client.

Handling and storage

Incoming ingredients and finished products can be stored short term at FPDC. However, due to space limitations, long-term storage of client materials is not permitted.

Business development

Clients with Service Agreements have access to Business Development Officers (BDOs). BDOs provide business development coaching and assist with identifying programs, services, resources and connections to help grow and expand your business. Connect with a BDO.

Application process

Complete the application for technical assistance form and save it to your computer or print it off. Email it to [email protected] or mail it to:

Food Processing Development Centre
6309 45 Street
Leduc, Alberta   T9E 7C5

For more information regarding the application form, call 780-986-4793 or email [email protected].

Upon receipt of your application you will be contacted by a Business Development Officer or a Food Scientist to further understand the technical requirements and business readiness of the project.

Fee schedule

Engineering services $ 350 per day
Technical consultations $ 350 per day
Benchtop development by Agriculture and Forestry staff $ 350 per day
Benchtop development by client staff $ 200 per day
Pilot plant development $ 500 per day
Interim processing $ 500 to $1,200 per day
Post processing cleaning $25 per person per hour
Handling and storage $0.10 per kilogram per day
Seminars and demonstrations Cost plus 10%

Daily rates are based upon a 7.25 hour day.

These fees apply to Alberta companies or companies that have processing facilities in Alberta. Fees for out-of-province clients will be negotiated prior to signing a contract, but in most cases will be double those quoted above.

Start Up Visa inquiries

FPDC and APBI engage with clients and tenants in the development of food products, food manufacturing processes, pilot plant development, interim processing and food processing business incubation. In addition, the facilities are considered a 'designated incubator' under the Start Up Visa (SUV) Program with the Government of Canada.

We may choose to certify those for SUV consideration provided they have already qualified for one of the programmes offered at the FPDC and APBI. We do not consider ourselves as a means to get a start up visa. Rather, we use our status as a designated incubator to assist our clients and tenants with projects related to food manufacturing.

If you have any questions, email: [email protected]


Dry processing

Extruder – Coperion Twin Screw ZSK 26
image of dry processing equipment
Extruder operating in pilot plant
image 2 of dry processing equipment
Pin Mill and Air Classifier
image of dry processing equipment
Proctor and Schwartz Tray Dryer
Blender/Mixer, Day & O'Hare Ribbon Blender, 6 & 20 ft3 Anhydryo Spray Dryer - Pilot 55
Niro Fluidized Bed Dryer Ro-Tap Test Sieve Shaker, Model B
Fine Grind Mill - Hosokawa Hammer Mill - Fitzpatrick D-6
Dehullers – Forsberg, Satake Sweco Screen Separators (18 & 30")

Wet processing

Decanter Centrifuge
image 1 of wet processing equipment
Sam – 400 L Agitated Steam Jacketed Kettle
image 2 of wet processing equipment
APV Pasteurizer-High Temperature Short Time
image 3 of wet processing equipment
Kettle Line
image 4 of wet processing equipment
Berkel Universal Food Cutter Rheon 207SS, Encrusting Machine
Brown Pulper/Finisher - Screw & Paddle Filter Press, Star System
Gaulin M3 Homogenizer Hamilton 80 L Kettle
Crepaco 1200 L Multi Purpose Processing Vat Processing Vessels, Alfa Laval, 200 and 400 L, Jacketed
2500L CB Processing Tank Seprotech Reverse Osmosis Membrane Separation System
Wiped Film Evaporator Pfaudler - 4 ft2 Zip Cryogenic Batch Freezer
Hamilton SA, 200 L Steam Jacketed Kettle Decanter Centrifuge
Hamilton Steam Jacketed 600 L Pressure Kettle Disc-stack centrifuge
Powder Disperser Blentech Kettle (CO2 and Oil jacketed)
Paddle mixers, various sizes Basket centrifuge
All-Fill Auger Filler Lee 20 L Agitated Kettles

Size reduction

Seydelmann K64-AC8-VA Bowl Cutter
image of wet processing equipment
Weber® CCS 305 UB Slicer
image of wet processing equipment
Urschel Labs 3600 w/ Feed Screw Comitrol Size Reducer
image of wet processing equipment
Biro 3334 Band Saw
Baader 694 Deboner/Desinewer
Carruthers Table Top Shredder
Stephan Microcut MC15 Meat Emulsifying Machine
Rotoclaw Jr Block Breaker
Holac® 21 Dicer , TREIF Husky-CE Dicer for portion-cutting operations Hobart MG1532-1 Meat Mixer / Grinder
Grote GR713 Meat Slicer K & G Wetter AW 114 Grinder

Injection and tenderizing

Biro Rotary Blade Tenderizer Hand Pickle Injector
Multi-needle brine injector Günther, versatile for injection Bone-In/Boneless products with optional tenderizing needles
image of terderizer equipment
Tenderstar Needle/Blade Tenderizer

Mixing and tumbling

AMFEC Double Paddle Vacuum Mixer/Blender AMFEC 175 Vacuum Tumbler
Challenge® RMF MM-03 Vacuum Meat Massager
image of meat massager
Custom Stainless CDB-1232 Double Paddle Blender / Cooker
image of meat blender
Daniels DVS 250 Röschermatic TU-250 Vacuum Tumbler
Daniels DMX-QUAD 100 Mixer  

Forming and stuffing

Handtmann VF80 Stuffer
image of stuffer
Formax PFM-6 Former
image of former
Bridge Titan Croquette & Meatball Former Hollymatic Super Patty Machine
Piston Stuffer Ross Uniform 914 Meat Press
Vemag HP 25 E Stuffer and bar forming unit Z-linker

Batter, pre-dust, bread application

Koppens ERT 400 Batter
image 1 of bread equipment
Koppens PR 400C Breader
image 2 of bread equipment
Stein DB-4 Drum Breader
image 3 of bread equipment

Koppens PRM 400 MEG Pre-Duster

Nothum BA-14 Tempura Batter

Thermal processing

Blentech Steamtherm Blending Cooker Enviro-Pak MP-2000 Meat Fermentation Chamber
Enviro-Pak CVU-650E Smokehouse
image 1 of thermal equipment
Fessmann T1900 HD 629 Smokehouse
image 2 of thermal equipment
Koppens BR300/600 Continuous Deep Fryer
image 3 of thermal equipment
Koppens HLT 6000/600 Continuous Oven
image 4 of thermal equipment

High pressure processing – non-thermal

Hyperbaric 135 HPP unit
image of high pressure equipment


Aerofreeze Spiral Freezer
image 1 of freezer equipment
CES CO2 freezer
image 2 of freezer equipment


Multivac T200 Semi-automatic Tray Sealer
image 1 of packaging equipment
Multivac R126 Thermoforming Rollstock unit (for raw product only)
image 2 of packaging equipment
Sipromac 620A Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine
image 3 of packaging equipment
ULMA TR Supra 420x300 Thermoforming Rollstock unit (for ready-to-eat product only)
image 4 of packaging equipment
VS Snorkel Vacuum Bag Sealer Komet 620A Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine
Matrix Mercury ADW-5105V Verticle Bagging Conveyor & Radial Scale System
Multivac AG500 Vacuum Packager L-Bar Sealer
Pre-made pouch packaging machine (Swifty Jr)
image 5 of packaging equipment
XTRAVAC 450A Flow Wrapper
image 6 of packaging equipment
In-Line Filling System with Labeler
image 7 of packaging equipment
Carousel scale and vertical-flow wrapper (Yamato and Matrix)
Visual Thermoforming Semi-auto Tray Sealer

Benchtop processing equipment

Buchi B-290 Spray Dryer
Buchi B-290 (Bencht-Top) Spray Dryer
Bulk Tray Freeze Dryer
Bulk Tray Freeze Dryer
UF RO Membrane Filtration System
image 1 of benchtop processing equipment
Groen 20 L Steam-Jacketed Vacuum Kettle
image 2 of benchtop processing equipment
Cold Press (Carver Model C) Label Makers (Toshiba SX5 Thermal)
Moffat Batch Griddle, Grill and Fryer Bench Hollymatic Tumbler Gaulin 15MR Laboratory Homogenizer
Stephan Emulsion Mill
image 3 of benchtop processing equipment
Italgi Model P9A Pasta Machine
image 4 of benchtop processing equipment
Doughpro – dough press
image 5 of benchtop processing equipment
Ohtake Noodle Machine
Hobart Mixers
Bag sealer (Multivac C200, BOSCH HS-BII)
Hand Stuffer Hallde VCM-61 Food Processor Taylor 110 Batch Ice Cream Freezer
Tube Broiler Environmental Chamber LHU-113

Laboratory analytical equipment

Dough Rheological Analyzer-Chopin Mixolab 2
image 1 of lab equipment
Particle Size Analyzer (Cilas 1180)
image 2 of lab equipment
Protein/Nitrogen Analyzer (LECO FP528)
image 3 of lab equipment
Rapid Visco Analyzer (Perten 4500)
image 4 of lab equipment
Brookfield DU-III Ultra Rheometer Centrifuges (Damon CRU-500, Ross MPW-530)
Colorimeters (Minolta CR-440 & CM-2500C) Dough Sheeter Bench-top (Rondo Econom)
Drying Ovens Fat Analyzer (FOSS SOXTEC 2043)
Flat bread crust/tortilla press (EDSS DP200BP) High Performance Liquid Chromatograph with Photodiode and Refractive Index Detectors (Agilent 1100)
Homogenizers (Brinkman PT 10/35 Polytron, Buchi mixer B-400) Incubators (Mocon)
Instron Universal Testing Instrument (Instron 5565) Membrane Filtration System (Satorius, 142mm/293mm)
Microscopes (Zeiss 475057) Moisture Analyzers (Satorius MA35 & MA37)
Muffle Furnace (Thermolyne 1500) NearInfrared Analyser (FOSS FoodScan Lab)
Oxygen/Co2 Permeation Analyzer (Mocon) pH Meters
Pope 2" Wiped Film Evaporator Refractometer (ABBE Mark II, Fisher handheld)
Rotary Evaporator (Buchi 463) Spectrophotometer (Agilent 8453)
Texture Analyzer (Texture Technologies and Stable Micro Systems TA.HD Plus) Viscometer (Brookfield DV-III Ultra Rheometer, Brookfield Synchro-Lectric)
Volume Scanner (VolScan profiler 600) Water Activity Meters (Aqua Lab series 3 & 4TE)
Water Purification System (Millipor Direct-Q3UV) Tecmaq Bar Former


Tecmaq Bar Former: full unit
image 1 of bakery equipment
Bar former in pilot plant
image 2 of bakery equipment
Dough Sheeter - Rhondo Ecostar Reversible
image 4 of bakery equipment
Baxter Rotating Rack Oven
image 5 of bakery equipment
image 6 of bakery equipment
Despatch BPA 2-125, Proofer Blakeslee DB-80 QT Mixer, American Eagle
Dough Sheeter – Simplex Cookie Forming Machine

Staff and specializations


  • Ken Gossen, Executive Director, Food and Bio Processing Branch, 780-980-4860
  • Dan Graham, Director, Operations, 780-980-4866
  • Michelle Sigvaldson, Director, Food Science and Development, 780-980-4820
  • Elizabeth Melnichuk, Food Safety Manager, 780-980-4872
  • Sasa Subasic, Facilities Manager, 780-980-4886
  • Cody Cunningham, Manager, Business Development, 403-340-7089

Scientists and specialists

Technical and support

  • Mohannad Badawi, Processing Technologist, 780-980-4876
  • Milan Bozic, Maintenance Technologist, 780-980-4889
  • Amanda Buchko, Food Science and Development Technologist, 780-980-4893
  • Marie Corriveau, Shipper Receiver, 780-980-4377
  • Jason (Yiiheng) En, Shipper Receiver
  • Gibson Hewlett, Processing Technologist, 780-980-6625
  • Wilf Hewlett, Processing Technologist, 780-980-4877
  • Marius Iordache, Processing Technologist, 780-980-4875
  • Vacant, Branch Administrator
  • Vacant, Maintenance Technologist
  • Stuart Lindsay, Maintenance Technologist, 780-980-4720
  • Patti-Jo Middlebrough, Financial Coordinator, 780-644-3314
  • Dindo Quiambao, Maintenance Technologist, 780-980-4223
  • Vacant, Section Administrator, Operations
  • Vacant, Food Science and Development Technologist
  • Vacant, Administrative Support
  • Alden Worobec, Processing Technologist, 780-980-4865

Business development


Connect with the Food Processing Development Centre:

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Phone: 780-986-4793
Fax: 780-986-5138
Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta)

Ken Gossen, Executive Director
Phone: 780-980-4860
Email: [email protected]

Dan Graham, Director, Operations
Phone: 780-980-4866
Email: [email protected]

Michelle Sigvaldson, Director, Food Science and Development
Phone: 780-980-4820
Email: [email protected]

Food Processing Development Centre
6309 45 Street
Leduc, Alberta T9E 7C5

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