After years of overspending, debts and deficits are crowding out spending on the programs and services we all rely on.

Alberta spends more on interest payments to big banks than we do on 17 of 21 government ministries.

$1.9B spent on interest payments more than 17 ministry budgets

Our spending outpaces our growth

Our debt is the result of unrestrained and unnecessary increases in government spending.

Between 2008 and 2018 Alberta's population grew 20% while government spending grew 44%. Despite the increased spending, Albertans aren't getting better services.

Alberta government spending has increased
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Alberta debt servicing costs 9x over 2008
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Our debt adds up to lost opportunities

each day
is spent on interest instead of on projects Albertans care about
Each day, that's enough to buy 30 ambulances
Each week, that's enough to build a new school
Each month, that's enough to pave the QEII from Calgary to Red Deer

We need to fix this

After years of multi-billion dollar deficits, previously debt-free Alberta is now buried in $80 billion of debt.

If we don’t take action now to fix our budget, our debt problem will only get worse.

Growing debt and interest payments will crowd out spending on essential services. Our children will be stuck paying the bill for the services we use today – for the rest of their lives.

As we prepare for Budget 2019, we want to hear your suggestions to balance Alberta's budget by 2022-23.

in debt
That's nearly $20,000 for every man, woman and child in Alberta.

Our next steps

We’re making the necessary decisions in the upcoming provincial budget to get Alberta back on track and protect the programs and services Albertans rely on.

We have:

  • directed all departments and agencies to restrict employee expenses, out-of-province travel and discretionary spending
  • appointed a panel of experts to dive into the government's fiscal situation – the MacKinnon Report on Alberta's Finances was released on September 3
  • started preparing the 2019-20 budget, to be introduced in late October

Keep up to date on our actions to
bring Alberta back to balance

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