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Alberta Child Benefit

Lower-income families with children may be eligible to get financial aid to help provide a better quality of life for their children.

Alberta Family Employment Tax Credit

The enhanced AFETC provides more financial benefits to working families in Alberta while encouraging self-reliance and stability.

Alberta Works

Helps unemployed and low-income Albertans meet their basic needs and find jobs.

Appeal an Income Support decision

You can file an appeal if you disagree with a decision about your Income Support benefits.

Canada Child Benefit

Support to families with low income and children. (Government of Canada program)

Disability services and support

Find supports and services to help people with disabilities.

Emergency financial assistance

Financial assistance for unexpected emergencies is available through the Emergency Needs Allowance.

Financial support for workforce training

Assistance for low-income Albertans in providing full-time or part-time training for job placement, job retention or job improvement.

Health insurance, benefits and funding

See "Health insurance, benefits and funding" under "Health and wellness".

Housing and rent assistance

Assistance for low-income Albertans to find a safe, affordable place to live.

Income Support

Apply for money to pay for basic expenses like food, clothing and shelter.

Income Support overpayments

What to do if the Income Support program gives you more money than you are eligible to receive.

Income Support service standards

Albertans will receive timely assistance when they visit an Alberta Supports or Alberta Works Centre to inquire about Income Support.

Payday loan laws in Alberta

Alberta has the lowest payday loans rates in Canada, and rules are in place to protect consumers who use these lenders.

Report a change to Income Support

Report changes to your finances, health or living situation to ensure that you get the support you need and avoid overpayments.

Seniors financial assistance programs

Financial assistance programs offered by Alberta government.