Alberta operates within one of the strongest financial services sectors in the world, comprised of banks, trust and loan companies, insurance companies, credit unions, securities dealers, finance and leasing companies, pension fund managers, mutual-fund companies and independent insurance agents and brokers.

Combined with prudent regulatory oversight, this stable, diversified and well-funded base means significant growth opportunities for investors.

Institutional finance and investment has been key to Alberta’s success in the past, and must be a priority in the future.

Alberta has a significant value proposition for this sector – we are the lowest-tax jurisdiction in Canada and have significant cost-of-living advantages, abundant skills and real estate, and a vast capital foundation.

Our blueprint for jobs

We want to build a capital market in Alberta and will be developing a strategy to achieve that goal.

As part of A Blueprint for Jobs, we will take the following steps to take this Alberta strength to the next level:

  • Premier and ministerial engagement with institutional investors, and the broader financial community, to promote the advantages of Alberta’s business environment.
  • Leverage the long-term viability and strength of the other pillars of the economy to project opportunity for expansion within the finance community.
  • Effectively promote the significant financial and social benefits of locating in Alberta, and work closely with sector representatives to monetize all of Alberta’s advantages.
  • Support Alberta’s credit union sector through the Job Creation Tax Cut, as well as implementation of regulatory powers that expand their scope of business.

Key sectors

We are focusing our efforts in areas where the potential for growth is the greatest: