About Alberta Farm Safety

The Alberta Farm Safety team works hard to create farm safety awareness and prevention of farm injuries through their mission to motivate farm owners, their families and farm employees to work and play safe on Alberta farms. We work with rural communities to promote farm safety events, provide information and safety resources and to develop and deliver effective injury prevention programs.

Ordering information
To order or for more information on any of these resources, please contact Raelyn Peterson at 780-538-5633, or email at raelyn.d.peterson@gov.ab.ca, or fax 780-538-5288.

A reminder regarding our resources...

The Farm Safety team at Alberta Agriculture and Forestry is happy to create exciting and interactive items to promote rural health and safety in Alberta. The displays and resources we offer are free of charge; we will ship them to you but you are responsible for their return (Example: postage, bus, courier etc.). Please don't drop them off at an AFSC (Agriculture Financial Services Corporation) office as they will not always ship them to us. We ask that you return our displays within three days of your event. By sending them back early you can free them up for the next farm safety event.

Each year we get increasing requests for resources. This is wonderful! However, this means there is a higher demand for our items. The damage to some of our displays has been costly to repair; consequently these items will no longer be available for general public use. (Example: Farm Safety Star display and the Safety Up display) When borrowing our displays please take care of them. They need supervision at all times. If displays have been damaged please tell us.

When booking our resources please keep in mind that there are other people requesting them as well so try and book only one or two items per event. Resources are booked on a first come, first serve basis so please get your orders in early. Sometimes due to circumstances, booked resources become unavailable (this happens when people do not promptly return them or when damages occur). We will try to accommodate your request as best we can.

In order for our free displays to continue being used we need to take responsibility for them and protect them against damage.

Thank you and be safe!

Farm Safety Team

Interactive and Static Displays

Displays—available on loan

  • Available for use by community groups, schools, etc
  • Staff may be available on a limited basis for presentation with the displays. Call early to make bookings.
  • Displays must be returned to Alberta Agriculture and Forestry no more than three days after your event. It is the responsibility of the borrower to return the displays in the same condition they were sent out.

Chemical Display

  • This display shows the shocking similarity between poisonous chemicals and non-poisonous substances. Can you tell the difference between ammonia and water? Fertilizer and candy? Antifreeze and juice?

Magnetic Board with Storyboard

  • Colourful magnetic farm scene that comes with magnets of people, animals and objects.
  • Move the magnets around to create different safety and hazard scenarios.
  • Leader's guide included.
  • Great for use in the classroom.
  • Approximately 3' x 3' or 34" x 28".

Gravity Flow Wagon

  • Miniature working grain wagon that demonstrates the danger of flowing grain using a toy person and real grain.
  • Great visual resource that engages children of all ages.
  • Make Your Own Gravity Flow Wagon instruction sheet also available.

Cartoon Posters

  • Choose from 37 different colourful cartoon posters depicting various farm safety messages.
  • Cartoons are engaging for both adults and children.
  • Topics covered include: equipment safety, animal safety, protective gear and the human factor.
  • All posters are also available as black and white colouring sheets. Available on CD or online.
  • Laminated 24 x 36 posters are available for loan for community events.

Helmet Display

  • Designed to encourage people to wear a helmet while riding a horse.
  • Comes with different sizes and styles of helmets to try on.
  • Shows the difference between equestrian helmets, bicycle and ATV helmets.

Standard Hand Signals Display

  • tabletop display
  • fun and interactive way to learn the standard hand signals
  • laminated poster (8.5 x 11)
  • fact sheet
  • flashcards game

Hazard Hunt

  • Hazard hunt has three interactive farm scenes with farm toys and presenter instructions.
  • Farm scenes include: farm yard, corral and dugout, fields.
  • Youth learn to spot common hazards found on the farm and discuss ways to fix the hazards.

Hearing Display

  • comes with various interactive resources, games and activities
  • includes sound meters, ear muffs and hearing loss facts
  • includes a display board

Alberta Farm Safety Program
Email: farm.safety@gov.ab.ca
Toll free: 310-FARM (3276)