24-hour help

Call 911 if you or someone you know is in immediate danger. Family violence is a crime.

Family Violence Information Line: 310-1818 to get help anonymously in more than 170 languages.

Family violence includes physical, verbal, emotional, financial and sexual abuse, neglect, stalking or being kept from seeing other people or forced to stay in one place.


Online chat

Talk anonymously with trained staff.

Hours: 8 am to 8 pm MST daily

How it works:

  1. Enter your information and click Start.
  2. Watch for a pop-up window to know when the next chat staff is free.
  3. Begin entering your chat when you see a message in the chat window.

What you need to know:

  • the average chat session is 30 minutes
  • chat is in English only
  • for a more secure chat, set your internet browser to private mode
  • there may be long wait times for the service
  • for a faster and more stable connection use a desktop computer
  • if you lose your chat connection, log in again or call 310-1818 (Family Violence Information Line)
  • after you finish, click ‘End chat’ instead of closing your browser

Begin online chat

Reporting helplines

If you suspect someone is experiencing family violence or abuse:

  • Alberta provincial abuse helpline: 1-855-4HELPAB (1-855-443-5722) for assistance in more than 100 languages from 7:30 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday
  • Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-387-KIDS (5437) for help 24/7
  • Protection for Persons in Care Reporting Line: 1-888-357-9339 to report the abuse of an adult receiving care or support services from public funded service providers such as:
    • hospitals
    • seniors’ lodges
    • nursing homes
    • mental health facilities
    • shelters
    • group homes
    • addictions treatment centres
    • other supportive living settings

Health helplines

  • Mental Health Helpline: 1-877-303-2642 for mental health advice 24/7
  • HealthLink: Call 811 to find health care and get health advice 24/7

Financial supports

Other supports


Sexual assault services

  • Alberta’s One Line for Sexual Violence if you need help finding sexual assault support services (9 am – 9 pm daily) :

Victim services and legal supports

Indigenous supports

Pet safety

The law and your rights

Alberta’s Protection Against Family Violence Act protects abused family members of all ages, whether they live together or apart. This includes:

  • couples who are married, common-law, separated or divorced who may have children together, or not
  • parents who have not resided together
  • birth, adopted, foster and step-children
  • adults who live together and one person has legal care and custody over the other

A victim of family violence and abuse has a right to:

  • be free and safe from violence
  • be treated with courtesy, compassion and respect
  • get information about their legal rights
  • press charges for criminal actions
  • have the maximum protection from abuse permitted by law including restraining or protection orders
  • get help from community resources