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International Travel Expenses

On May 5, 2004 the Alberta government adopted a new policy on the mandatory publication of international travel expenses for Ministers, MLAs and Ministers' office staff.

International Travel Expenses --

International mission/travel:

International Travel Expenses

Ministry of :

Name of international mission/travel :

Mission to Oslo, Norway and London, England

Names of participants travelling :
Hon. Rob Renner, Minister of the Environment, MLA Medicine Hat
Roger Ramcharita, Minister's Executive Assistant

Dates of travel :
October 25, 2008 to November 02, 2008

Places visited :
Oslo, Norway and London, England

Purpose of travel :
Minister Renner travelled to Norway and the United Kingdom to share ideas on how technology and innovation can reduce the environmental footprint of energy production and also talk about Alberta's efforts to balance environmental protection with development in the oil sands. As part of his itinerary, Minister Renner participated in environmental round tables in Oslo and London and delivered a presentation at the London School of Economics.

News release :
Final report :


Expenditures by Participants
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Travel (airfare, airport service fees, ground transportation costs, including taxis, car rentals, parking, trains, buses)
Accommodation (room charges and related taxes only)
Meals (includes restaurant bills and tips, meals on hotel bills, per diem meal claims, share of group meals or working sessions)
Incidental & Miscellaneous (includes cell phone rental and usage charges, conference/registration fees, fax and internet charges, passport and visa fees, medical and inoculation fees, laundry and dry cleaning, baggage handling, meeting rooms, and other sundry expenditures)
Total $10,706.07
General Mission Expenditures
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Receptions and Hosting (receptions, luncheons, dinners, and events that are hosted by the Government of Alberta (includes reception related costs for room rental, food, beverages, catering staff, service charges, entertainment, flowers))
Incidental & Miscellaneous (includes translator and interpreter fees, publications, shipping charges, gifts)
Total $1,150.49
Total Costs $11,856.56

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