Add your community event to the Culture Days calendar. The deadline to submit your event is September 16, 2019.

Anyone can host an Alberta Culture Days celebration.

It can be something simple like a neighbourhood block party or a behind-the-scene tour of an arts facility. Or it can be as elaborate as a community concert. The opportunities are endless.

The following resources can help you plan and promote your Alberta Culture Days celebration.


  • Event Planning Guide
    Event Planning Guide

    A step-by-step guide for planning your own Culture Days event.

    Download: Event Planning Guide (PDF, 397 KB)

  • Event Planning Quick Guide
    Event Planning Quick Guide

    Download: Event Planning Quick Guide (PDF, 177 KB)

  • Idea File for Schools
    Idea File for Schools

    There are hundreds of ways to celebrate Alberta Culture Days. The ideas contained in this guide will help your school get started.

    Download: Idea File for Schools (PDF, 147 KB)

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Media templates

Download the following templates to promote through your local media outlets.