Ministry of Environment and Parks

Supports environmental conservation and protection, sustainable economic prosperity, quality of life and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Key services

  • Discover more about Alberta’s air quality, air quality measurements and how it is affected by natural and human sources
  • Provincial park locations, recreational opportunities and information for visitors.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions management and reduction, climate change legislation, and climate change action planning.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) and other approvals processes.
  • Information, regulations and legislation on fish and wildlife species and management in Alberta.
  • Programs that deal with land management, development and consultations in Alberta.
  • Fishing, boating, hunting, trapping, wildlife viewing, and recreation on public and agricultural land.
  • Waste reduction and management in Alberta.
  • Strict rules are in place to protect the quality of water in Alberta, one of the province’s most important resources.

In Focus

  • Photo of a Brook Trout
    Provide input about fisheries management, towards increasing recreational fishing opportunities across the province.
  • two people at a cabin in the winter
    Make your next holiday a snow day! Book your winter outdoor adventure today.

Our responsibilities

Alberta Environment and Parks:

  • works to protect and enhance Alberta’s environment and ecosystems to ensure a sustainable future, making life better for Albertans
  • works with Albertans, Indigenous communities and stakeholders to ensure the province’s environmental, social and economic outcomes for the future are met
  • engages Albertans to understand the challenges in ensuring Alberta’s natural resources are managed using innovative and responsible approaches

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