Bend the curve

Due to Alberta’s continued high case numbers, aggressive action is still required to protect our health system from being overwhelmed. We need to be careful not to remove restrictions too quickly.

Restriction changes to outdoor gatherings, funerals and personal and wellness services came into effect January 18. All other mandatory restrictions remain in place until further notice.

Provincial and regional health trends will continue to be monitored and assessed over the coming weeks to determine if further easing of restrictions may be considered.

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Gathering restrictions

Alberta declared a State of Public Health Emergency to reduce cases and protect the health care system. Social gatherings are the top source of transmission of COVID-19.

All indoor social gatherings are prohibited. Outdoor social gatherings can have up to 10 people (as of Jan. 18). This will be enforced with $1,000 fines.

  • Indoor social gatherings

    Mandatory restriction – Provincewide – Effective Dec. 8

    All indoor social gatherings – public and private – are prohibited.

    • Close contacts are limited to household members only
    • People who live alone can have up to 2 close contacts:
      • must be the same two contacts throughout the duration of the restriction
      • if the close contacts do not live alone, visits cannot be held at their home
      • single parents who only live with their children under 18 are permitted to have up to 2 close contacts

    This does not apply to:

    • co-parenting arrangements
    • service visits from caregivers, health or childcare providers
    • home maintenance and repairs
    • mutual support group meetings
  • Outdoor social gatherings

    Mandatory restriction – Provincewide – Effective Jan. 18

    Outdoor social gatherings are limited to 10 people maximum and must not have an indoor component.

    • Backyard gatherings that require movement in/out of homes are not permitted.
    • Attendees should remain distanced at all times and follow all public health measures.

    See sport and physical activities for information on outdoor recreation.

  • Out-of-town travel and visitors

    Returning home

    • If the individual belongs to the household (e.g., a such as a child returning home from post-secondary), then they would be permitted to return to the home.
    • If you do not have a household in Alberta, you must not stay in other people’s homes while these restrictions are in place. 


    • Out-of-town visitors cannot stay in other people's homes while these restrictions are in place, regardless of where they are coming from.

    While we appreciate this may affect your travel plans as you may wish to visit or stay with family, the increase in COVID cases is being taken very seriously and these enhanced public health measures are required to stop the spread of COVID-19. 


  • Weddings and funerals

    Mandatory restriction – Provincewide – Revised Jan. 18

    Wedding and funeral receptions are not permitted.

    Wedding ceremony and funeral service attendance is limited to:

    • 10 people maximum for wedding ceremonies
    • 20 people maximum for funeral services (as of Jan. 18), with mandatory masking and 2 metre physical distancing between households

    The maximum limit:

    • includes the officiant, bride/groom and witnesses
    • does not include funeral service or facility staff, funeral clergy or event organizers who are not considered an invited guest
    • applies to any facility, including places of worship and funeral homes
    • applies to services held indoors or outdoors, seated or non-seated

    This measure will help limit exposure, reduce outbreaks and protect vulnerable attendees.

  • Places of worship

    Mandatory restriction – Provincewide – Effective Dec. 13

    Faith services are limited to 15% of fire code occupancy for in-person attendance:

    • Physical distancing between households must be maintained
    • Mask use is mandatory


    • Virtual or online services are recommended
    • Drive-in services where people do not leave their vehicles and adhere to guidance are allowed

    Additional safety measures:

    • In-person faith group meetings and other religious gatherings are:
      • not permitted in private homes while these measures are in effect
      • permitted when conducted at a place of worship as long as physical distancing and public health measures are followed
    • Faith leaders and other speakers can remove their masks while speaking if there is a distance of 2 metres. The mask must be put on again once finished speaking.
    • Group performance activities, such as choir singing and playing music, are permitted if they are normal worship practices and not for the purpose of entertainment. Performers must wear masks at all times.

Masks, workplaces, schools and child care

  • Masks are mandatory in all indoor public spaces and workplaces.
  • Working from home is mandatory when physical presence is not required.
  • Current child care and K-12 learning measures remain in effect.
  • Mandatory mask requirements

    Mandatory restriction – Provincewide – Effective Dec. 8

    Masks are mandatory in all:

    • indoor public places
    • places of worship
    • indoor workplaces and facilities outside the home, except:
      • when working alone in an office or a safely distanced cubicle or a barrier is in place
      • rental accommodations used solely for the purposes of a private residence
      • farm operations (exempt)

    This workplace requirement:

    • applies to all employees, customers, visitors, delivery personnel and contractors
    • includes any location where employees are present in-person
    • includes all workplace locations where masks won’t pose a safety risk
    • does not change current student mask requirements in schools

    Learn more about wearing a mask to help prevent COVID-19.


    There may be situations where some people are unable to wear a mask.

    If you are unable to wear a mask:

    • you don’t need to provide proof
    • consider contacting the business to learn more about options and requirements
    • you must follow all other public health measures, such as keeping 2 metres apart from other people

    Private businesses may set their own policies as long as they also meet the minimum provincial requirements. This can include requiring individuals to wear masks while attending their business.

    Businesses and public places are encouraged to provide alternatives for patrons unable to wear masks, such as offering online orders, delivery or curbside pickup.

  • Working from home

    Mandatory - Provincewide - Effective Dec. 13

    Working from home is mandatory unless the employer requires a physical presence for operational effectiveness.

  • K-12 Schools

    January 2021 return to school

    Students in grades K-12, as well as children in early childhood services programs, returned to in-person learning on January 11, 2021.

    We are working closely with health experts and education partners to make sure schools are safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Information to help parents and students have a safe school year can be found at K-12 learning during COVID-19.

  • Child care

    No change to current measures

    Licensed daycare, out-of-school and preschool program can continue operating as long as providers follow all public health orders and guidance for child care programs.

Business and service restrictions

Some businesses are required to temporarily close, reduce capacity or limit in-person access.

Effective January 18, personal and wellness services can open by appointment only. All other restrictions remain in effect.

  • Retail

    Mandatory restriction – Provincewide – Effective Dec. 13

    Retail services must reduce customer capacity to 15% of fire code occupancy (not including staff) or a minimum of 5 customers:

    • Curbside pick up, delivery and online services are encouraged
    • Shop alone if possible or only with the people you live with
    • Shopping mall:
      • capacity limits of 15% include common areas and individual stores
        for information on how to assess capacity limits, see calculating occupancy limits
      • food courts open for grab and go only

    Retail services include but are not limited to:

    • Retail businesses operating within a shopping centre or mall
    • Shopping centres and malls
    • Pet supply stores
    • Grocery stores
    • Pharmacies
    • Clothing stores
    • Computer and technology stores
    • Hardware
    • Automotive
    • Sporting goods
    • Liquor and cannabis
    • Gift shops
    • Markets
  • Restaurants, bars, pubs, lounges and cafes

    Mandatory restriction – Provincewide – Effective Dec. 13

    • All restaurants, pubs, bars, lounges and cafes are closed to in-person service.
    • Take out, curbside pickup and delivery services are allowed.
  • Entertainment and recreation facilities

    Mandatory restriction – Provincewide – Effective Dec. 13

    All entertainment businesses and entities must close, including:

    • Casinos, bingo halls, gaming centres
    • Racing centres, horse tracks, raceways
    • Bowling alleys, pool halls
    • Legions and private clubs (nightclubs must remain closed)
    • Art galleries, libraries and museums
    • Science and interpretive centres
    • Amusement and water parks
    • Children’s play centres and indoor playgrounds
    • Movie theatres, auditoria and concert halls
    • Banquet halls, conference centres and trade shows

    All indoor recreation facilities must close, including:

    • Gyms and studios
    • Fitness and recreation centres
    • Spas, pools, indoor rinks and arenas
    • Day and overnight camps
    • Community halls and centres

    Outdoor recreation is permitted, but facilities with indoor spaces except for washrooms will be closed.

  • Personal and wellness services

    Mandatory restriction – Provincewide – Effective Jan. 18

    All personal and wellness services can open by appointment only.

    • Walk-in services are not permitted.
    • Appointments should be limited to one-on-one services.
    • Businesses must follow all current public health guidance.
    • Home-based businesses must follow the restrictions for the type of service they provide.

    Personal services include:

    • esthetics, manicure, pedicure, body waxing, make-up
    • body, nose and ear piercing, and tattoos
    • artificial tanning and spray tanning
    • facial, eyebrow and eyelash treatments
    • cosmetic skin and body treatments
    • laser hair and tattoo removal
    • hairstyling and barbering

    Wellness services include:

    • floatation tanks
    • reflexology
    • colonic irrigation
  • Health, social and professional services

    Mandatory - Provincewide - Revised Jan. 18

    Regulated health services can remain open by appointment only as long as public health orders and sector guidance is followed. Appointments should be limited to one-on-one services.

    • physicians, dentists
    • physical therapists
    • optometrists
    • chiropractors
    • hearing aid practitioners
    • acupuncturists
    • naturopaths

    Professional services can remain open by appointment only:

    • lawyers
    • mediators
    • accountants
    • photographers

    Social services can remain open for in-person services including:

    • social, protective or emergency services
    • shelters for vulnerable persons
    • not-for-profit community kitchens, religious kitchens and soup kitchens

    Effective January 18, 2021, non-regulated health care providers can open by appointment only as long as public health orders and sector guidance is followed. Appointments should be limited to one-on-one services. This includes:

    • Massage therapists (a prescription or referral is no longer required to access massage therapy services)
    • Manual osteopaths
    • Kinesiologists
    • Athletic therapists

    Home-based businesses should follow the restrictions for the type of service they provide.

  • Hotels, motels, hunting and fishing lodges

    Mandatory - Provincewide - Effective Dec. 13

    Hotels, motels, hunting and fishing lodges may remain open but must follow restrictions:

    • No spa, pool or gym access
    • No in-person dining (room service only)
  • Performance activities

    Mandatory restriction – Provincewide – Effective Dec. 13

    Performance activities include dancing, singing, theatre and playing wind instruments.

    Outdoor settings

    • Rehearsals and practices are permitted up to a maximum of 10 participants. Physical distancing and other relevant guidelines must be followed.
    • Performances with audiences are not permitted.

    Indoor settings

    • No group performances in indoor settings are permitted.
    • Rehearsals, practices and lessons involving 2 or more are not permitted unless it is 1-to-1 with a coach or instructor.


    • 1-to-1 in-person lessons are permitted.
    • Virtual lessons are strongly encouraged where possible.
    • Lessons can’t occur in facilities that are closed under the current measures

    School settings

    • Phys Ed., band and drama classes are permitted to continue
    • Assemblies, performances, concerts, and inter-school games, activities and competitions are not permitted.

    Places of worship

    • Indoor group performance activities conducted in a place of worship, such as choir singing and playing music, are permitted provided these are normal activities conducted as part of worship practices and not for the purpose of entertainment.
  • Sport and physical activities

    Mandatory restriction – Provincewide – Effective Dec. 13

    Group activities

    Group physical activities, including team sports, fitness classes and training sessions, are prohibited or restricted across Alberta.

    • Outdoor group physical activity must be limited to 10 people or fewer.
      • It is strongly recommended that the activity is kept to members of the same household.
      • Members of different households must maintain 2 metre distancing at all times.
      • See guidance for outdoor winter recreation.
    • Outdoor group activities where 2 metre distancing cannot be maintained are prohibited.
      • Shinny, tag and pick-up hockey are prohibited.
    • Outdoor recreation amenities can be open to public access unless specifically closed by public health order.
      • This includes outdoor skating rinks, sledding hills and Nordic ski areas.
      • More than 10 people may use an outdoor recreation amenity at the same time (for example, public access to a local rink) as long as physical distancing is maintained between households.
    • Outdoor team sports must also be limited to 10 people or fewer and 2 metre distancing must be maintained at all times.
    • Indoor group physical activities are prohibited unless:
      • the activity involves students at a school or post-secondary institution as part of an education program
      • the activity involves students at a post-secondary institution

    One-on-one training

    • One-on-one training, such as personal training with a fitness trainer or coach, can continue virtually or in-person at a client's home or at an outdoor location as outlined under Part 7 of Order 42-2020.
      • One-on-one training is not permitted inside a fitness studio, gym, rec centre or other facility prohibited to public access.
      • A fitness facility can be accessed by staff for the purposes of producing a video or livestreamed class, but it cannot be opened for clients, even one-on-one.
  • Exemptions

Public health orders

Orders issued by Alberta's chief medical officer of health:

  • Order 01-2021 (relaxing restrictions on outdoor social gatherings, funeral attendance and personal and wellness services)
  • Order 42-2020 (masks, gatherings, business restrictions)
  • Order 44-2020 (counselling services, end of life visits and group physical activities)

Financial support

Canada’s COVID-19 economic response plan

Financial support programs are available to help people, families and businesses facing hardship as a result of COVID-19.

Find a program

Small- and medium-enterprise relaunch grant

Funding is available for small- and medium-sized businesses, co-ops and non-profits impacted by COVID-19 to offset a portion of their costs.

Learn more

Why these measures are needed

Albertans have a responsibility to slow the virus's spread and make sure the health system can continue supporting patients with COVID-19, influenza and many other needs.

There is a time lag between when people get infected and when new cases are identified. This means the cases we see today were infected up to 2 weeks ago.

We must work together to protect each other. The greater the community spread, the more likely it will infect our loved ones most at-risk of severe outcomes, including death.

What else you should do

Albertans must continue following existing public health measures to keep everyone safe:


If you violate a public health order, you may be subject to a $1,000 fine. Additionally, you can be prosecuted for up to $100,000 for a first offense.

If you are concerned someone is not following public health orders, you can:

  • remind them that not following orders is against the law and puts people at risk
  • request service from AHS public health inspectors online or call 1-833-415-9179

Submit a request online