Status: Bill 13 passed June 7, Bill 14 passed May 31
Ministry responsible: Energy and Service Alberta


The Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA) provides education and mediation services to natural gas and electricity consumers. Its role will now include water utilities as they routinely received calls from consumers asking for help with billing, metering, disconnection and customer service issues.

Natural gas and electricity consumers continue to issue complaints about inaccurate bills and poor service. New tools will allow the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) to better enforce customer service quality standards. Previously, the only tool was a formal hearing process, which could be lengthy and costly.

Natural gas and electricity consumers

Bill 13: An Act to Secure Alberta's Electricity Future will allow the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) to issue specified penalities for minor infractions.

To better protect consumers from poor service, the specified penalities will:

  • give AUC the ability to issue fines up to $10,000 daily per infraction to enforce minor breaches of its rules, orders and decisions in a more timely, efficient and effective manner
  • help hold natural gas and electricity providers more accountable to their customers
  • improve the level of service customers receive from their electric and natural gas providers

Fact sheet: Specified penalties (PDF, 49 KB)

Next steps: The AUC will consult with consumers and utility providers to develop rules and penalties that are clear and fair.

About the AUC

The Alberta Utilities Commission is an independent utility regulator responsible for:

  • ensuring Alberta‚Äôs utility services are delivered fairly, responsibly and in the public interest
  • providing regulatory oversight related to the development and operation of the retail gas and electricity markets in the province

Water consumers

Bill 14: An Act to Empower Utility Consumers will expand and clarify the role of the Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA) to include water utilities such as drinking water, sewage disposal and drainage.

To better protect water consumers, the UCA will:

  • provide mediation services to help Albertans resolve concerns with their water utility providers
  • educate consumers about water utilities through its website, consumer contact centre and at trade shows and other community events
  • be allowed to collect and disseminate information about the performance of electricity and natural gas utility providers in areas such as:
    • customer service
    • compliance with laws and standards
    • history of enforcement actions
    • history of complaints and major issues

How UCA helps

Water, electricity and natural gas are the main utilities in most homes. The Utilities Consumer Advocate helps utility customers by providing:

  • Consumer resources
    • UCA serves as a one-stop shop for utility consumers for help and information.
    • UCA received 24,435 calls and conducted 5,290 mediations in the 2017-18 fiscal year.
    • Advocates for consumers during regulatory proceedings of the Alberta Utilities Commission.
  • Mediation services
    • UCA's mediation officers act as a neutral third party to identify the source of the issue and address the concern when the consumer is unable to obtain a resolution from the utility provider directly.
    • Solutions provided by the UCA help protect consumers while remaining balanced between both parties.
  • Consumer education
    • UCA helps Albertans make informed energy decisions by posting tools and information on, participating in trade shows and community events, as well as speaking to community groups, trade associations and not-for-profit organizations.
  • Information to consumers
    • UCA provides objective information about the customer service performance of utility companies on its website, including mediation summaries, average resolution time and compliance levels.
    • Bill 14 would allow the UCA to collect and share more of this information publicly.
    • Information could be obtained from the Alberta Utilities Commission or Service Alberta's Director of Fair Trading.


Further information will be announced soon.