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Emissions management and reduction programs

Carbon capture and storage, energy innovation and coal transition funding.

Services and information

This program offers financial support to small and medium conventional oil and gas operators to assess and reduce on-site methane emissions.

The Bioenergy Producer Program (BPP) provides grants to dedicated bioenergy facilities.

Two commercial-scale projects should reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2.76 million tonnes each year.

Information for industry on Alberta's approach to reduce emissions from large industrial emitters.

Read about the largest transportation sources of greenhouse gas emissions and how climate change is impacting the transportation sector.

An initiative to support municipalities and First Nations impacted by the phase-out of coal in Alberta.

Agreements that encourage emission reduction and climate change adaptation for transportation construction and maintenance activities.

The IEE CCUS Grant Program offers funding support for industrial energy efficiency and carbon capture, utilization and storage projects.

Methane emissions in Alberta will be reduced by 45% by 2025.

The SIEE Grant Program offers support funding for energy efficiency projects in Alberta’s emissions-intensive and trade-exposed facilities.

Alberta’s approach to reducing emissions from large industrial emitters and keeping industry competitive.